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17 Apr 2014
With the increasing problem of insurance scams like “cash for crash” and the newer “flash for crash” many motorists in the UK are catching on to the advantages of having a dash-cam. The trend, which started with cyclists’ helmet-cams, has been used... Read more

09 Apr 2014
A survey commissioned by the AA has found some worrying statistics about how car drivers view horses on the road. Nearly a tenth of motorists don’t seem to know what to do when they encounter these four-legged road users.More shockingly almost a... Read more

08 Apr 2014
Many drivers in the UK get behind the wheel when tired or sick because they have to be somewhere. However, this could be contributing to more road accidents and near misses than previously realised.According to a news report in the Daily Mail the... Read more

07 Apr 2014
Road safety charity Brake, in conjunction with insurance group Allianz, recently asked a number of drivers what they think about lowering speed limits in built up areas. The results suggest that most people agree with lowering the speed limit in... Read more

02 Apr 2014
Some interesting results have surfaced from the 2011 Census showing people are working from home more often, but that those who do commute have to travel a longer distance. The figures have been highlighted in a news report by MSN Cars:“Figures show... Read more

31 Mar 2014
Although the Government is claiming the recession is nearly over many UK drivers are still feeling the pinch at the pump. While the price of fuel has dropped to around around 10p less per litre than this time last year many households are still... Read more

27 Mar 2014
It is the dream of many UK car drivers to one day own a luxury make like Bentley or Rolls Royce. The plush interior, the ultra smooth ride and all the latest electronic gadgets to make driving effortless is what these high-end vehicles are all about... Read more

10 Mar 2014
More women are buying their own cars – and registering them too! While women have historically taken a back seat in motor ownership statistics that might soon change.In the last 20 years or so the numbers of women as the registered keeper of a car... Read more

06 Mar 2014
Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is both a hated and sainted phrase at the moment. On the one hand many savers have managed to claim back thousands in compensation from the mis-selling of PPI. And on the other hand we are bombarded daily by... Read more

05 Mar 2014
Traffic jams – a daily nuisance for almost every driver in the UK. Whether there has been an accident up ahead or road works or even just a high number of cars heavy traffic can cause untold stress to the country’s drivers.Unfortunately, it seems... Read more

03 Mar 2014
It seems that around a tenth of drivers on the road are not concentrating. A new survey commissioned by a leading motoring organisation has revealed worrying statistics about how many motorists in the UK are not focused on the road ahead.Most... Read more

26 Feb 2014
Many UK drivers will remember the mantra “mirror, signal, manoeuvre” or MSM. It has stood us in good stead and is just as relevant today as it was 30 years ago.However, a new phrase has been infiltrating driving instructors’ jargon - IPSGA.... Read more

24 Feb 2014
With many of the children in the country starting back at school today, we can expect phenomenal traffic again. And after the lull of half-term it can seem doubly irritating to some. One of the biggest bug bears to drivers is the inconsiderate... Read more

20 Feb 2014
Car crashes happen on the country’s road every day; most will be efficiently sorted out by the insurance companies but a considerable number will end up revealed as fake. Recent figures released by a leading insurance company have shown that there... Read more

19 Feb 2014
Britain is considered a pretty geologically stable country with perhaps the odd minor tremor every few years. However, in the last month alone there have been more than a few incidences of sinkholes opening up in highly populated areas of the... Read more

17 Feb 2014
In many UK drivers’ minds there is little doubt that the recent storms and huge downpours are unprecedented. And some would go further and say that Climate Change is to blame and we should be doing everything in our power to slow or stop Global... Read more

12 Feb 2014
After a vote in the House of Commons on Monday it looks like a law will be passed to completely ban smoking in cars where children are present. This issue has neatly divided the country. However, with smoking banned in workplaces and many enclosed... Read more

10 Feb 2014
Following a handful of other concerned countries, like Australia, Canada and a few countries in Europe, smoking in a car with children present could soon become illegal. MP’s will be voting today on this issue and the outcome could have a serious... Read more

06 Feb 2014
The news is filled with stories of woe at the moment; the increasing rainfall and flooding are leaving householders and drivers in the wet. Unfortunately, many drivers are taking chances with flooded roads and becoming stuck. When this happens... Read more

05 Feb 2014
While many Britons would agree having a car nowadays is essential for trips like the school run, shopping and getting to work. However, there is a significant number of car owners who only drive a few times a month so why not cash in on this spare... Read more

03 Feb 2014
There have been few parts of the UK not affected by the intense rainfall this winter. December and January have been two of the wettest months in years with an estimated rainfall double that of the norm. Meteorologists are warning that this... Read more

29 Jan 2014
Car manufacturers are coming up with new ways to help drivers on the road and the dashboard in many new cars are stuffed with high tech gadgets like built in sat nav, blue tooth and even dual air conditioning controls. Smart Cats Eyes Originally... Read more

29 Jan 2014
It's impossible not to notice the increasing size of the average car on British roads. Do our cars need to go on a diet? Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments: "Over the past few years the size of the average car has increased... Read more

28 Jan 2014
Two Thirds (67%) of British drivers have used their breakdown cover at some point - so why do some motorists persist in not having annual breakdown cover? Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments: "It's easy to think of breakdown... Read more

27 Jan 2014
We have all heard of Road Rage, now it seems in the USA there is a new category of road rage called “Charge Rage”. Electric and hybrid cars are increasingly popular with environmentalist consumers across the Atlantic and access to public charging... Read more

22 Jan 2014
UK Drivers have plenty to worry about already with ever increasing fuel prices, garage bills and road tax hikes but now it seems there is another big bill to add to the list. A recent report by a major news paper has shown that in recent years the... Read more

20 Jan 2014
While this winter so far, for much of the country, has been relatively mild, the roads are still taking the brunt of the weather. In addition, after a couple of pretty bad winters in recent years there are still many, many potholes that should... Read more

15 Jan 2014
Winter is not generally a favourite time of year for many UK motorists; what with the darker mornings and evenings plus more hazardous road conditions. Motorists across the country find themselves trapped in side streets or in queues at roundabouts... Read more

13 Jan 2014
With the weather heading into a big freeze this month it is vital that UK motorists know how to cope on the road in icy conditions. Here are some tips on how to keep safe on the road in the cold weather: 1. Allow more time – probably the most... Read more

09 Jan 2014
The weather forecasters are predicting a big freeze next week so we have put together some tips on how to stay safe when the roads are icy: 1. Starting the car – turn off any electrical items in the car before attempting to start the engine. Things... Read more

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