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07 Dec 2015
Up to 750K motorists risk accidents this Christmas, as a shock survey reveals complacency on drink driving.
The temptation to have a drink with family and friends over the festive period is often a difficult one to refuse. However, if you’re the designated driver you need to think twice...Read more

02 Dec 2015
Scrapping of paper tax discs leads to more unlicensed car on UK roads
Even though the paper tax disc was scrapped, there is an electronic record. Claire Evans, Motoring Research, reports: The number of untaxed cars on Britain’s roads has more than doubled since the p..Read more

30 Nov 2015
Car Headlights - BeWiser
Knowing whether your headlights are on should be quite a simple task, but with newer cars having automatic headlights, and daytime running lights, this can be a little trickier than it used to be!Alex Robbins, The Telegraph, reports:..Read more

27 Nov 2015
Switzerland Road - BeWiser
A bus in Switzerland, albeit a small one, has been designed to be completely driverless. Its nine passengers will be taken to places that are not served by public transport, opening up transport links in a technically triumphant way...Read more

25 Nov 2015
Parking Fine - Be Wiser
Anyone who has been subjected to a parking fine should be able to relate to their seemingly high pricing strategy.  One particular man took the matter to court to contest his £85 fine, although the court eventually ruled against him...Read more

23 Nov 2015
BeWiser - Teen Learner Driver
Are driving tests getting easier?..Read more

20 Nov 2015
Happy Driver - Be Wiser
Are you content with the car you drive?  It seems you location and age has a direct impact on how happy you are as a driver, according to recent research.Ed Wiseman, Yahoo! News, reports:..Read more

18 Nov 2015
Heavy Traffic Problems - BeWiser
With lower fuel costs comes more traffic, as more people choose to travel to work by car.  This is a little counterproductive, as the money saved when filling up the tank, is perhaps then wasted sitting in heavy traffic. So what’s the answer?..Read more

16 Nov 2015
Road Safety - Be Wiser
Sometimes road safety campaigns can come from unusual sources, like this farmer in Eggleston who launched a road safety campaign...with his sheep.  This was centred around the risks of driving on country roads, and has been described as being ‘a l..Read more

13 Nov 2015
Frustrated Driver BeWiser
We all have to put up with other drivers' little quirks when we're behind the wheel.  But what is particularly blood boiling is when those quirks are actually dangerous.  Fortunately, some of the most frustrating driving habits aren’t..Read more

11 Nov 2015
Petrol Prices Be Wiser
The cost of petrol fluctuates so frequently, it’s something every petrol powered motorist keeps a close eye on.  With petrol prices falling, we can only hope the trend continues, at least until the New Year...Read more

09 Nov 2015
Speed Limit - Be Wiser
Breaking the speed limit is most definitely against the law, but are there some instances where going above the national speed limit would actually be recommended?..Read more

05 Nov 2015
James Bond - Be Wiser
Being able to drive like James Bond is undoubtedly an art, and a skill most of us would love to possess.  But does the reality match what we see on the screens?..Read more

04 Nov 2015
Driving in the rain - Be Wiser
With the unpredictability of British weather, the idea that it might impact on your day-to-day insurance costs is a worrying one!..Read more

03 Nov 2015
Cozy Coupe - Be Wiser
Many of us remember the red and yellow "Cozy Coupe" cars of our childhood...Read more

30 Oct 2015
Range Rover Evoque - BeWiser
When a rare car comes up for auction, it always garners attention.  Next month, the Range Rover Evoque is going to be available, but you’ll need deep pockets if you stand a chance of making that successful bid...Read more

29 Oct 2015
Clocking Cars - Be Wiser
We all remember the stories of untrustworthy garages winding back the clocks on cars to make their mileage seem lower – think back to the 1996 film of Matilda and you see her Father doing just this.  This was tackled and was left behind in the las..Read more

28 Oct 2015
London Taxi - Be Wiser
Our beloved black cabs of London, arguably as appreciated as our red London buses, have been under threat with the new Uber taxi service.  Uber offers an internet alternative to booking cabs, using location software to pick up a person from their ..Read more

23 Oct 2015
Dirty Car Interiors - BeWiser
With a shockingly high percentage of Brits refusing to clean the inside of their cars, it’s no wonder people have become embarrassed to offer lifts to their friends or colleagues.Yahoo! News reports:..Read more

21 Oct 2015
Angry Driver - Be Wiser
Getting out of bed and joining the other commuters on our over-crowed roads and contributing to the morning rush hour fills most of us with dread, especially now the mornings are darker and noticeably colder.  Add to that troubles with parking at ..Read more

19 Oct 2015
Lexus - BeWiser
Making a car made entirely out of cardboard may seem as little counterproductive, especially considering our British weather is under the constant threat of rain.  This cardboard car is "fully functional" and powered by an electric motor...Read more

13 Oct 2015
Using Phone Whilst Driving - Be Wiser
Driving whilst using a mobile phone is a legal offence.  It causes so many accidents and can be a huge distraction.  Hands free technology and the increased popularity of smart phones to support it, has meant drivers can make calls using their con..Read more

12 Oct 2015
Neighbours Street Parking - Be Wiser
Having somewhere to park your car at the end of a long working day is something almost every road-weary Brit wants to come home to.  Pesky neighbours parking outside your front door can be a nuisance, particularly if it’s a residential street wher..Read more

07 Oct 2015
Tractor - BeWiser
Tractors have rarely been considering anything other than a nuisance on the roads due to taking up so much space and travelling significantly below the speed limits...Read more

06 Oct 2015
Couple Driving - BeWiser
Having time together with your significant other can be a little more difficult in practicality than initially thought...Read more

05 Oct 2015
Smoking Ban in cars - Be Wiser
The smoking ban was initially met with a mixed response by the British public, but over time the consensus seems to be positive...Read more

02 Oct 2015
Beige Car - Be Wiser Cars
History has a tendency to repeat itself, and it seems the colours of the cars we choose is no exception. Colour schemes favoured by drivers looking to buy a second-hand car show tastes are going retro...Read more

01 Oct 2015
MOTs - BeWiser
MOT’s are a standard and legal hoop that all motorists have to put their vehicles through. What’s confusing is that an MOT is arguably useless as soon as you leave the garage in the sense that anything could happen to your car immediately after...Read more

30 Sep 2015
New Car for Sale - Be Wiser
Buying a new car is a decision that’s rarely taken lightly. We often spend a lot of time thinking about the make and model, but do we really research the price ranges of our chosen vehicle?..Read more

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