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14 Sep 2015
The Queen - BeWiser
With last week marking our Queen as being the longest reigning monarch in history, we thought we’d take a look at her majesty’s cars over the years, to see which cars are considered ‘fit for a Queen’.Ian Jones, The Telegraph, reports:..Read more

11 Sep 2015
Tyres - BeWiser
When it comes to car tyres, it is massively important regularly ensure they meet more than the legal requirements...Read more

10 Sep 2015
Police - BeWiser
It seems that the police force have been met with a slightly frustrating situation due to budget cuts, causing them to attend crime scenes in less than capable vehicles, without sirens to aid their journeys...Read more

10 Sep 2015
Learning To Drive - BeWiser
Passing your driving test is normally a race against time for most 17 years, with the allure of freedom and a set of wheels being more than enough to put in the time, money and effort to pass first, or perhaps, second time...Read more

04 Sep 2015
Check Your Eyesight - BeWiser
Your eyesight is one of those things that is ever so easy to overlook. Despite the reminders through the post saying you’re due for a check-up, it’s easy to prioritise other things and eventually forget...Read more

02 Sep 2015
Baby on Board sign - BeWiser
Sometimes nipping into the shop to grab some groceries would be so much easier to do solo, rather than dragging the whole family along...Read more

01 Sep 2015
Flower Power - BeWiser
Japanese and American companies have been researching the rubber produced from cultivated Russian dandelions, and it seems these could be used to make your next set of tyres...Read more

28 Aug 2015
James Bond Car - BeWiser
The cars that James Bond drives in each of his iconic films will always get attention. He’s driven Alfa Romeos, Jaguars and Bentleys, amongst others, with perhaps the most famous being the Aston Martin DB5...Read more

27 Aug 2015
Smart Phone - BeWiser
It is most definitely illegal to use your phone whilst you are driving, but downloading particular apps before your journey and implementing them before you turn the ignition could add to your driving experience...Read more

26 Aug 2015
Driving Abroad - BeWiser
Driving abroad can be tricky at the best of times, without the need to worry about different driving laws...Read more

24 Aug 2015
Exercises for Drivers - BeWiser
Motorists who drive for work, such as lorry, bus, and delivery drivers - or those who drive to clients or between sites - are exposed to the health risks of prolonged driving...Read more

21 Aug 2015
McLaren 570S - BeWiser
There has been a lot of talk of ‘the purple one’, otherwise known as the McLaren 570S MSO. The unusual colour has most probably been chosen to grab the attention of its viewers, which it certainly has!..Read more

20 Aug 2015
Chris Evans - BeWiser
Chris Evans is selling 13 of his prized cars, arguing that you never truly ‘own’ a classic car, instead you enjoy it, look after it, and the pass it on for others to appreciate...Read more

19 Aug 2015
Good Driving - BeWiser
"Spirited" driving and music booming out of your make-shift music system may have been the tactic of choice for wooing  a potential romantic partner when you were 17, but it seems that opposite is true in a more mature dating scenari..Read more

18 Aug 2015
Roads - BeWiser
Over 35% of motorists believe their local roads have gotten worse since the government investment last year. ..Read more

14 Aug 2015
Fuel Prices - BeWiser
It may be tempting to get carried away in the moment and take immediate advantage of diesel prices being lower than petrol.  However, as with any new car purchase you should take more than the cost of fuel into account...Read more

12 Aug 2015
Cardrobe - BeWiser
Have you ever considered keeping some of clothes in your car?..Read more

11 Aug 2015
The Stig - BeWiser
With the changes surrounding the popular television programme ‘Top Gear’, the question of the show’s content and how the new hosts will handle the pressure has been on everybody’s lips.  The media has been keeping a watchful eye on any development..Read more

06 Aug 2015
Flying Car - BeWiser
The promise of a flying car seems too good to be true…Sam Phillip at Top Gear News reports:..Read more

05 Aug 2015
Parents - BeWiser
So the question has been put to children, who is a better driver – mum or dad? This is clearly going to stimulate an interesting debate, with parking skills to consider as well dubious musical taste.   Yahoo Cars reports:..Read more

03 Aug 2015
Ferrari 488 Spider - BeWiser
The Ferrari 488 Spider will undoubtedly come with a hefty price tag, but considering how it stands up against other convertibles, it seems to make sense...Read more

30 Jul 2015
Driving Anthems - BeWiser
We all have a favourite playlist, or the best ‘driving’ CD that we kept hidden until we’re alone on the open road – windows slightly open, sun high in the sky and (hopefully) little or no traffic.  Or maybe you have a particular song that when it ..Read more

28 Jul 2015
Tesla Roadster - BeWiser
The emphasis on eco-friendly cars has long been a popular topic in the world of motoring.  Yet it continues to carry the stigma of slow and slightly unreliable vehicles that simply can’t live up to the petrol head’s dream of ‘fast and furious’.  W..Read more

27 Jul 2015
Lake District Road - BeWiser
The UK is packed full of beautiful beaches, countryside, lakes, villages and other tourist destinations for you to visit on four (or two) wheels this summer...Read more

23 Jul 2015
McLaren - BeWiser
Despite signing a two year contract, the future for Button on the McLaren team is looking a little uncertain.  It is thought he will still be racing for the team in 2016, and that they won’t be looking for any alternative drivers, bu..Read more

22 Jul 2015
Common Motoring Issues - BeWiser
In a recent survey of motorists living in UK summer holiday hotspots, nearly 40% said the biggest motoring problem in their area is tourists not driving appropriately for the local roads...Read more

22 Jul 2015
Men in the Road, Delays - BeWiser
Despite the improvements to our roads, more than half of 2,000 motorists polled feel that the state of British roads are declining.  It has been shown that a third of all journeys are being delayed by roadworks.  This is a catch 22, as the reason ..Read more

20 Jul 2015
Supercar - BeWiser
Fiat Chrysler’s SRT engineering team have created an astonishing car based on their predictions for future racing – sadly you're not likely to have the chance to drive it in the flesh any time soon!  Fiat are calling it a ‘concept’ car because the..Read more

16 Jul 2015
Union Flag - BeWiser
This month has seen the introduction of a Union Flag, in addition to the existing European Union emblem, on UK driving licenses.  A more patriotic approach has been welcomed by Brits, hopefully demonstrating that we are proud of our country, and p..Read more

13 Jul 2015
Vauxhall - BeWiser
The different options available with car finance can seem a little overwhelming, and it seems the majority of the population feels just as confused and a little unsure, despite 75% of Brits buying cars on Finance...Read more

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