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03 Jun 2015
A seriously desirable Bentley was discovered in a garage in Surrey and estimated to be worth £300,000 – to the surprise of the owner! The car was built in 1929, was taken off the road in 1985 and left in a garage for the past 30 years...Read more

28 May 2015
Takata Faulty Airbag Recall Reaches 34 Million
Takata, the Japanese airbag maker, has revealed that over 34 million cars have defective airbags installed; causing  safety concerns, and the biggest recall in US automotive history...Read more

26 May 2015
Tax Disc Reminder Entrepreneur Saves Your Tax Disc Holder
Now that tax discs are abolished, some are forgetting to renew their car tax. Schoolboy Harvey Millington, aged 13, decided this was the opportunity to start a business selling tax disc reminders that fit into your old tax disc holder...Read more

19 May 2015
Survive the Stress of Bank Holiday Driving
Stress-free driving is safe driving, and there’s one time of year that can make a road trip particularly stressful – bank holidays...Read more

18 May 2015
Is The Front Passenger Seat Essential?
In China Volvo has unveiled a concept car featuring no front passenger seats but instead a mobile office. The idea has been met with enthusiasm in Asia but may not be appreciated by European consumers.The Telegraph reports:..Read more

12 May 2015
Petrol Prices Hit Six-Month High
Petrol prices have risen to a six-month high. While the price at the pump isn't anywhere near the dizzy heights of 2014, fluctuations like this can put an extra burden back on the motorist that many could do without...Read more

08 May 2015
30 Year Old Motoring Festival In Danger
A 30 year old motoring festival is in danger of getting cancelled. Three years ago the Festival of Motoring event got moved from Coventry’s war memorial park to Stoneleigh park...Read more

05 May 2015
Car Theft Is At Lowest Since 1968
Tracker, the tracking device company, has reported that car theft in 2014 was lower than any other year since 1968. Thankfully car theft is becoming less common, with a 70% decline in the last ten years...Read more

01 May 2015
Car Trackers To Be Installed For "Safety"
Tracking devices have been in mobile technology for a while now. With GPS tracking and people ‘checking in’ on social media it’s easy to know where your friends may be...Read more

29 Apr 2015
Car Registrations 16 Year Hit High
There were 492,774 cars registered in March 2015 -  the most ever since 1999, when the twice-a-year number plate changes were first introduced...Read more

28 Apr 2015
"Carbon Neutral"  Fuel May Be Making Its Way to the Consumer
Audi have made a renewable, sustainable fuel that is in effect a synthetic diesel. The synthetic diesel is made up of water, carbon dioxide and renewable energy sources – and is considered "carbon neutral"...Read more

27 Apr 2015
Will Driverless Cars Give You Travel Sickness?
Driverless cars are developing fast and may soon be seen on UK roads. But, they don’t come without a price. Yes they can be more efficient and environmentally friendly, but what about for the humans inside of the cars?..Read more

23 Apr 2015
New Car Sales Soar In March
When buying a car many motorists tend to steer clear of new cars simply because of the higher costs and potential depreciation. Yet, every March we see a boom in new car sales to coincide with the new number plate registrations...Read more

22 Apr 2015
Top Gear Presenter Bidding War At Britain’s Biggest Private Car Collection Auction
As Britain’s biggest private car collection goes to auction it's going to be a hard fought battle between ex-Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, and his possible replacement, Chris Evans...Read more

10 Apr 2015
World Record UV Paint Image
Sixty litres of glow-in-the-dark paint were involved in breaking a Guinness world record last month...Read more

09 Apr 2015
Petty Price To Pay
Motorists have been informed that a £20 fine will be presented to them if they are sat in a stationary car with the engine running...Read more

07 Apr 2015
Car Splashing Pedestrian
Across the country some drivers might be getting a little too big for their boots when it comes to road courtesy. Drivers are being fined for offences such as splashing pedestrians and risking their lives to jump a few cars ahead...Read more

02 Apr 2015
Super Car Crash
It was an expensive slip up for one test driver, not only for his pocket but nearly for his life! Luckily, one quick thinking salesman acted bravely to save the life of the driver using the McLaren 650S’s door as a fire shield...Read more

01 Apr 2015
Volkswagen have announced there will be a new Golf GTI specially for the 2015’s 34th Wörthersee meeting being held in the middle of May. The car has been kept secret for a while and will very much stay a secret until the day...Read more

26 Mar 2015
US motoring mammoth General Motors (GM) have avoided potential friction with key shareholders by mentioning the fact they will be buying back their own shares.The story was reported by the BBC:..Read more

25 Mar 2015
Government To Go Electric
Government ministers are to be catapulted into the future with the first fleet of electric cars to replace their old fuel run motors...Read more

24 Mar 2015
With the release of new car registrations this month, many motorists will be visiting the forecourt to pick up a new vehicle, and many of those will also be using their new car to drive in Europe...Read more

23 Mar 2015
We are sure everyone is aware of our favourite car programme’s situation at the moment. Jeremy Clarkson is once again getting media attention after a “fracas” with producer Oisin Tymon...Read more

18 Mar 2015
Small Relief For Pet Owners
It can be devastating when your beloved pet goes missing, especially if, as happens occasionally, no trace of the animal is ever found...Read more

16 Mar 2015
If more UK drivers decide to buy an electric car then the country could save billions in fuel costs. While it requires a massive investment in infrastructure by the Government, the added health benefits and costs cut could be a big incentive...Read more

12 Mar 2015
Ford Branching Out On Two Wheels
Classic car and van company Ford are looking at new ways to make a profit involving ‘Smart Transport Systems’. Ford is bringing out an e-bike which will come in two models, one for commuters and the other as a commercial bike for couriers...Read more

09 Mar 2015
Aston Martin Are Going For A New Look
Rumour has it that the classic car company Aston Martin are looking to radically change their audience...Read more

05 Mar 2015
The Department for Transport has revealed shocking figures regarding the numbers of accidents involving cyclists over the last 5 years in the country’s capital.The details were reported in a news article by the BBC:..Read more

03 Mar 2015
Be Wiser Insurance is offering you the rare opportunity to win tickets to the 2015 British Superbike Championship...Read more

02 Mar 2015
It is one of those subjects that often polarises conversation – parking charges on private land...Read more

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