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22 Jan 2015
The Institute For Advanced Motorist (IAM) has called for traffic education to become a compulsory part of the National Curriculum in the UK...Read more

21 Jan 2015
A recent study has found that around half of drivers asked have found themselves swerving across the road while texting on their mobile phones...Read more

19 Jan 2015
A notorious hotspot for motorcycle theft in London has seen a dramatic U-turn in crime since a new anti-theft initiative by Westminster City Council, the Metropolitan Police and a leading security tagging company...Read more

15 Jan 2015
A shocking 14% of UK drivers have made an illegal manoeuvre on the road after blindly following their sat-nav, a recent survey has revealed.A news report by the Telegraph has more on the results:..Read more

12 Jan 2015
The Government has announced that dangerous and reckless drivers will now be kept off the roads for longer, even after they have completed a custodial sentence...Read more

08 Jan 2015
Since the removal of the toll machines at the Dartford Crossing the number of drivers failing to pay has soared, according to new figures.A news article in Yahoo! Cars reveals the details:..Read more

06 Jan 2015
Increased use of digital cameras are being blamed for a four-year high in speeding fines handed out to motorists. Some areas of the UK saw a three-fold increase in number of fines issued.More details were in a news report by Sky News:..Read more

02 Jan 2015
In 2015 some local authorities in the UK are planning to lower the speed limit around schools to 20mph.One local authority is Durham County Council which was the subject of a news report by the BBC:..Read more

23 Dec 2014
Finally prices at the pump are matching the falling price of crude oil. Recent weeks have seen supermarket forecourts slashing the cost of petrol - sparking another round of price cuts.The news was reported by The Edinburgh News:..Read more

22 Dec 2014
It is easy to forget that whilst most of us are happily looking forward to the festive season, there are others who are out there planning to ruin it for the unlucky few...Read more

18 Dec 2014
From the 5th December the Scottish parliament have passed a law to lower the legal limit to 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood. The rest of the UK will remain at the 80mg limit...Read more

17 Dec 2014
With winter here it is vital that motorists make sure their car is ready to tackle driving in winter weather. However, a recent survey has revealed that many drivers are simply failing to do anything to safeguard their cars...Read more

15 Dec 2014
The new Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has been hit by a shortage of driving examiners with waiting periods for new drivers increasing to eight weeks at points during 2014...Read more

12 Dec 2014
After a full offensive against motor insurance fraud like Crash for Cash the Government are again stepping in...Read more

10 Dec 2014
In the first revision for 20 years the UK driving test may no longer contain the dreaded three-point turn, as well as other possible revisions like reversing around a corner...Read more

08 Dec 2014
From the 30th November the Dartford crossing will no longer have toll booths. In an effort to reduce congestion the bridge and tunnel will now be paid for in advance by motorists...Read more

04 Dec 2014
Michelin claim to have the solution to punctures with their new Selfseal puncture-proof tyre. The new tyre can allegedly drive over three inch spikes unaffected and safely.The story was covered by the Telegraph:..Read more

03 Dec 2014
Shocking numbers of drivers fail to wear their glasses at the wheel. Almost half said they were too vain to wear the corrective lenses while driving, according to a recent survey...Read more

28 Nov 2014
British drivers are the worst for road rage according to a recent survey. The survey asked over 3,000 drivers from 20 countries about road rage and driver aggression...Read more

27 Nov 2014
According to a survey by the RAC the country’s motorway service stations are seen as a big turn off. With more than half of those asked saying they had not enjoyed their visit at all...Read more

25 Nov 2014
For those who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s the Green Cross Code Man was a familiar sight on our TVs and helped to make crossing the road safer for many children...Read more

21 Nov 2014
A recent survey carried out by a leading insurance company has revealed many drivers would find it difficult to pass the written portion of the current driving test.The results were reported by the Telegraph:..Read more

19 Nov 2014
On a quiet road in South Yorkshire the Police netted a whole bunch of speeders caught out by a fake speed limit sign. Jokers had put up the signs reading “40” while the actual limit was “30”...Read more

13 Nov 2014
According to a survey by a leading insurance company more than half of UK motorists would see younger drivers forced to affix Green "P Plates" on their vehicles from when they have passed their tests until they are 21...Read more

12 Nov 2014
Rather predictably, car crime has proven to be most prevalent in London, according to recent research. The research, carried out by a leading motor leasing firm has also found outside London most car thefts happen in densely populated areas...Read more

10 Nov 2014
The government have announced a little bit of extra help for cash strapped UK drivers with a reduction in the price of the driving licence.The details are covered in a news report by the Guardian:..Read more

05 Nov 2014
It is no longer compulsory to display a paper tax disc on your car, so what are UK drive..Read more

04 Nov 2014
There is already lots of in car technology that could save your life, like seatbelts, airbags and anti-lock brakes, but future cars could even detect if the driver was having a heart attack according to new research by motoring manufacturer Ford...Read more

29 Oct 2014
Its official British Summer Time has gone. The clocks have gone back an hour and the country is back to GMT. This means that many drivers will now be travelling home from work in the dark with the increased risks this can bring...Read more

27 Oct 2014
The technology behind hybrid cars is improving every year and so is the awareness of British drivers about the impact their vehicle has on the environment...Read more

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