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24 Jan 2013
If you have recently been caught speeding then you will have been offered a place on a Speed Awareness Course instead of the three points on your licence and a fine of £60...Read more

23 Jan 2013
It is one of the most irritating feelings in the world; when you have just driven past a speed camera and you just know you have been clocked doing more than the limit...Read more

16 Jan 2013
In recent years the numbers of drivers who use their cars or drive for work have been steadily increasing...Read more

14 Jan 2013
Although, on the whole, most UK motorists would agree that road signs are essential, there do seem to be more than the number required in some areas...Read more

10 Jan 2013
The price of parking charges in the UK today is a hot topic with many drivers and recently it has been reported that local councils across the country have reported a record breaking average increase in profit of around 15% in 2011/2012 up to mo..Read more

09 Jan 2013
Whether you are the type of driver who just parks in the nearest car park and pays the price advertised or if you spend hours driving round to get a free space on the street; the cost of parking in the UK’s cities is a continuing hot debate...Read more

07 Jan 2013
Although for the vast majority of drivers driving after drinking is an automatic “NO” there are, unfortunately, a few who would think nothing of getting behind the wheel after a few pints...Read more

02 Jan 2013
Winter is upon us and this often means cold and frosty starts and sessions outside in the morning clearing the car windows...Read more

21 Dec 2012
One of motoring’s classic symbols, the car tax disc, could be phased out according to a recent report from the Department for Transport...Read more

20 Dec 2012
Rubber tyres have helped our vehicles grip the roads for more than 100 years since Goodyear discovered vulcanisation and Michelin thought it would be a good idea to put Dunlop’s pneumatic tyres on his car...Read more

20 Dec 2012
Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of twinkling, festive lights adorning streets full of houses in the evening gloom. With the nights so long and the solstice just around the corner many of us find ourselves driving home after work in the dark...Read more

19 Dec 2012
Many of us are aware of the problems that greenhouse gases seem to be causing for the global climate...Read more

18 Dec 2012
Most people will remember having to read a number plate from across the road during their driving test and for many of us this is likely to be the only eyesight check we have until the need for reading glasses kicks in.  ..Read more

17 Dec 2012
Over half (57%) of British motorists put potholes at the top of their list when it comes to what they dislike most about UK roads, according to a recent poll by Be Wiser Insurance.  ..Read more

17 Dec 2012
British motorists are more likely to accept an increase in the number of tolled roads if they feel the deal is "fair" according to a recent Be Wiser Insurance poll...Read more

17 Dec 2012
Although most people know the basics of where they should and shouldn’t park there are still plenty of situations where although the law is clear drivers are not always sure...Read more

13 Dec 2012
Sat-nav and other GPS systems are here to stay and some say they are a wonderful piece of technology that help drivers get from A to B with the minimum of fuss...Read more

10 Dec 2012
Here are some more helpful tips on how to keep your car and yourself safe while driving in wintery conditions:  ..Read more

05 Dec 2012
Christmas is nearly upon us and that means the weather has been getting steadily worse for weeks now. For much of the country there will have already been a few frosty mornings and wintery showers to deal with...Read more

03 Dec 2012
Even if you haven’t been driving very long, chances are you will have, at one time or another had to pull in for an emergency vehicle...Read more

28 Nov 2012
Having your car stolen is a horrible feeling; you just know where you parked it and now it’s gone. However it seems car thieves are getting more creative in recent years...Read more

26 Nov 2012
Whether you are in the car with the little darlings or are in a different car cursing them there is no denying the school run is a touchy subject with almost everyone...Read more

21 Nov 2012
Although never a good number, figures for road deaths in the first three months of this year have dropped according to a preliminary report from the Department for Transport...Read more

19 Nov 2012
Despite the grim news that the country is only just starting to come out of the recession, it has been reported recently that the October sales figures for new cars has increased since the same time last year...Read more

15 Nov 2012
Parking is a touchy subject for some of the UK’s drivers according to a recent survey that questioned more than 20,000 men and women, by a leading polling company...Read more

14 Nov 2012
It is a heart warming sight to see kids playing in the street out in the sun with their friends on their bikes or scooters. Unfortunately, this can also mean higher risk from injury from collisions with vehicles...Read more

12 Nov 2012
Driving on motorways is notorious for making motorists fall asleep, especially long journeys at night. Well it seems that the M25 has been voted the most boring of the lot in a recent poll of 1,000 UK drivers.  ..Read more

07 Nov 2012
As you sit in your car this morning, fuming at the traffic around you, then spare a thought for drivers in other European cities as it seems here in the UK we are not badly off on the roads...Read more

05 Nov 2012
It is estimated that more than 2 million drivers are on the UK’s roads uninsured without their knowledge...Read more

01 Nov 2012
Almost every motorist on the road in this country does it – store stuff in the boot of the car...Read more

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