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06 Aug 2012
Everyone is feeling the pinch nowadays and the cost of everyday living seems to be rising more and more each week...Read more

02 Aug 2012
For many Brits the car is an extension of our home and thus is a source of pride and joy. However, sometimes we can get a bit lazy when it comes to cleaning out the car and probably don’t do it as often as we should...Read more

25 Jul 2012
Many of us love social media sites like FaceBook and twitter, they are great for keeping in touch with friends and letting the world know what you had for lunch...Read more

23 Jul 2012
In an unusual step by the Government, to reduce “Red Tape” the roads minister has announced that from November many older cars will not have to take an MoT test. Cars manufactured before 1960 are the focus of this new move...Read more

19 Jul 2012
While many would agree getting on two wheels is a great idea to save money and help the planet; however, some cyclists seem to be taking advantage of cars and not obeying the rules of the road just to get ahead...Read more

16 Jul 2012
This is a jubilee year and many people are looking back at 1952 to see how much the British Isles have changed under the benevolent rule of Queen Elizabeth II. One area that seems to have made a big change over the years is road safety...Read more

12 Jul 2012
Britain has some truly lovely countryside and one of the pleasures for many of us is to take a leisurely drive down a leafy lane or rural side road and admire the view...Read more

11 Jul 2012
It may not seem surprising that millions of cars fail their annual MoT as there are an estimated 34 million on the roads of Britain today. However, a recent report has shown that some cars are more susceptible than others to problems...Read more

09 Jul 2012
A recent report by the Institute of Highway Engineers (IHE) and the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation (CIHT) has blamed poor planning for the escalating problem of parking wars in some areas of the country...Read more

04 Jul 2012
Safety cameras are often a sore point for Britain’s drivers as many of us have been caught out and had to pay a fine for a seemingly minor incident...Read more

02 Jul 2012
Many of us have come to a junction and thought we have looked both ways but then are surprised to see another vehicle bearing down on us, of course, it is almost always the other guy’s fault...Read more

29 Jun 2012
It makes sense that as the average age of the UK’s population is increasing then the average of the drivers on the roads is also increasing...Read more

28 Jun 2012
With many British drivers taking their cars on the continent this year the cost of fuel is high in everyone’s mind...Read more

28 Jun 2012
It seems that drivers in the UK are keen to punish those who cause accidents that result in serious injuries for victims...Read more

20 Jun 2012
For many drivers the last time they read the Highway Code properly was around the time they took their driving test. And while many of us feel we know the rules of the road we are still not checking frequently enough...Read more

18 Jun 2012
Road Tax is a constant source of irritation to many drivers...Read more

14 Jun 2012
A huge proportion of drivers are now relying on modern technology to help them get from A to B...Read more

14 Jun 2012
For younger people once they have passed their test it can be a great feeling to go out and buy their first car. However, the sky high insurance premiums can mean that many will not be able to drive their own wheels for several years...Read more

11 Jun 2012
As anyone knows who has been on a long journey recently fuel prices are still continuing to rise and if you happen to have to stop at the motorway services this is especially true, with prices sometimes in excess of 10p more than at regular petrol..Read more

06 Jun 2012
Many drivers and driving instructors understand the need for experience of driving in many different situations to make a well rounded motorist who does not panic or startle at the slightest hint of trouble...Read more

06 Jun 2012
Driving holidays are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. For many the easiest route is to catch a ferry or drive on to the train and hop across the channel to France...Read more

28 May 2012
A significant number of drivers in the UK are choosing not to protect their No Claims Discount (NCD), a price comparison and switching company has found...Read more

23 May 2012
Over the years many drivers have had to make an insurance claim of one sort or another...Read more

21 May 2012
People in the UK may have the best intentions when it comes to the environment, but they do not always act upon them...Read more

17 May 2012
Increasingly technology is taking over our driving experience...Read more

16 May 2012
More than one million drivers will have ditched their cars by 2016 because they will no longer be able to afford to run them; it has been claimed by a leading car sharing company...Read more

14 May 2012
While most drivers in the UK own a mobile phone mixing the two activities can be deadly...Read more

09 May 2012
There can be almost nothing more frustrating than sitting in a traffic jam for most UK drivers; especially if you are in a hurry. Unfortunately, a recent report has revealed that Britain has some of the worst congestion in Europe...Read more

08 May 2012
Hybrid vehicles are increasingly popular as UK drivers are thinking about long term cost to the planet of getting around. However, the energy savings of these cars are not as great as has been claimed says some findings...Read more

03 May 2012
Many drivers are now considering ride sharing as an option to save money on car expenses, however, there could be hidden irritation if fellow passengers are not thoroughly researched beforehand...Read more

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