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08 Mar 2012
Most drivers have to negotiate at least one roundabout or another during their daily vehicle journeys and some always seem worse than others...Read more

08 Mar 2012
Car security is a topic close to the hearts of the majority of the UK’s drivers. Car thieves are becoming more and more sophisticated and are now using computers to effectively hack their way into our vehicles...Read more

05 Mar 2012
While most drivers will say they would never 'knowingly' drink and drive it seems that plenty believe it is OK to have one drink before getting behind the wheel...Read more

29 Feb 2012
Despite the general drop in the sales of new cars the high price of fuel is driving buyers to superminis and more fuel efficient cars new figures reveal...Read more

27 Feb 2012
Motorists in the UK are paying over the odds for car servicing compared with our European neighbours...Read more

23 Feb 2012
Government statistics recently reported have shown that more than 1000 young people under 25 years of age are killed on our roads every year...Read more

22 Feb 2012
Most motorists in the UK will admit to getting their car serviced probably only once a year at the same time as the MOT and then really do nothing with their cars apart from top-up the washer bottle...Read more

20 Feb 2012
Many motorists across the country are feeling the pinch and are trying to hold on to their independence by keeping their car on the road, sometimes at the expense of other essentials...Read more

15 Feb 2012
The thought of driving in certain counties conjures up romantic images especially in places like America with its classic Route 66 or Australia with the Great Ocean Road...Read more

13 Feb 2012
We are all aware of road cameras but the police may have another secret source of information about the roads and the traffic on it...Read more

09 Feb 2012
Despite the current economic downturn, there are still people out there buying new cars. If you are buying a second hand or used vehicle it is vital that you make sure the car really belongs to the seller a recent report has shown...Read more

08 Feb 2012
For those drivers who have small children or are registered disabled getting out to the supermarket has been made slightly easier by the appearance of specialist parking bays in recent years...Read more

01 Feb 2012
The vast majority of parents in the country would most likely claim that they drive more carefully when they have the kids in the car with them...Read more

30 Jan 2012
Whether it is your little run about for shopping or your working 4x4 Landrover for when you are out in the fields everyone needs their car. It seems we are reluctant to part with our cars despite the increasing costs of driving...Read more

26 Jan 2012
Crashing your car is one of the most horrendous experiences that can happen, even if it just a minor bump there is still a degree of inconvenience involved...Read more

25 Jan 2012
Many parents feel more like a taxi service than a loved family member these days with children often having a busier social life than adults; all the birthday parties and after school clubs can mean driving the little cherubs and..Read more

23 Jan 2012
It is now official Sean Connery, as James Bond, has been voted the coolest on screen driver. He has just overtaken close rival Steve McQueen with his Ford Mustang in Bullitt...Read more

18 Jan 2012
With our hectic lifestyles these days it is no wonder that often we are forced to snack while behind the wheel of our car. However, a recent news item has shown that this action could increase the risk of accidents...Read more

16 Jan 2012
Despite many of us up and down the country feeling the pinch we still need to change our cars for one reason or another. While quite a few may see a new car as an unnecessary expense it is possible to get a good price from car dealers...Read more

12 Jan 2012
The spiralling cost of motoring is putting young adults off purchasing their first car, according to a survey...Read more

11 Jan 2012
Cars are becoming more and more complicated under the bonnet and inside and it seems this is causing confusion to the average motorist...Read more

09 Jan 2012
Traffic Wardens are just doing a necessary job to remove vehicles illegally parked, and this is true in most cases...Read more

04 Jan 2012
In the event of a collision on the road the vast majority of cars nowadays have airbags fitted which help minimise injury...Read more

03 Jan 2012
It is well known that married couples often receive better rates with insurance companies when both partners are on the same policy and this can be up to a fifth off the price of the premium...Read more

28 Dec 2011
A recent study has revealed the frightening fact that more than a third of drivers who are under the influence of drugs are able to pass current road side sobriety tests...Read more

21 Dec 2011
With new legislation and recommendations about road safety and use changing all the time, some of the country’s motorists could probably do with a refresher course on how to drive...Read more

21 Dec 2011
For most a night out on the town is an enjoyable experience. However, many find the expense of a taxi home, especially late night bumped up charges, too much to take and are taking to the roads after having a few drinks...Read more

19 Dec 2011
Many drivers in the UK are interested in helping to save the environment and cut down on emissions from their vehicles. This can easily be done nowadays by driving more carefully or investing in a new small car...Read more

14 Dec 2011
The winter weather can make the roads treacherous for many drivers even those with plenty of experience...Read more

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