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14 May 2012
While most drivers in the UK own a mobile phone mixing the two activities can be deadly...Read more

09 May 2012
There can be almost nothing more frustrating than sitting in a traffic jam for most UK drivers; especially if you are in a hurry. Unfortunately, a recent report has revealed that Britain has some of the worst congestion in Europe...Read more

08 May 2012
Hybrid vehicles are increasingly popular as UK drivers are thinking about long term cost to the planet of getting around. However, the energy savings of these cars are not as great as has been claimed says some findings...Read more

03 May 2012
Many drivers are now considering ride sharing as an option to save money on car expenses, however, there could be hidden irritation if fellow passengers are not thoroughly researched beforehand...Read more

02 May 2012
Despite the risks many drivers in the UK do not have adequate breakdown cover and so could spend fruitless hours on the roadside waiting for rescue...Read more

30 Apr 2012
Company car drivers are more likely to have received speeding points than other road users, claims a leading vehicle hire firm...Read more

25 Apr 2012
People who travel with their pet in the vehicle should look into installing harnesses in order to keep themselves and the animal safe, it has been claimed...Read more

23 Apr 2012
Shockingly the majority of UK drivers speed on the roads, according to a recent study. The survey looked at how speed cameras affected driver behaviour...Read more

19 Apr 2012
Motorists who use the country’s extensive motorway network are aware of the 70mph speed limit...Read more

18 Apr 2012
Britons hate driving on the continent and nearly two-thirds admit that they lose all confidence as they roll off the ferry; despite many choosing a driving holiday as a way to save money...Read more

18 Apr 2012
We have all seen the parking bays reserved for Blue Badge holders, usually at the supermarket or in the local municipal car park and the vast majority of us will leave well alone thinking that someone who really needs it should use it...Read more

11 Apr 2012
A driver who has installed tinted windows on his vehicle can be pulled over and fined by police, it has been reported...Read more

10 Apr 2012
Police are becoming increasingly worried over the number of young people drinking and driving, it has been claimed...Read more

05 Apr 2012
British motorists planning a driving holiday have been advised to be more vigilant in order to avoid pitfalls abroad...Read more

04 Apr 2012
Since they were first introduced more than 20 years ago have speed cameras had an impact on traffic safety?..Read more

02 Apr 2012
Increasingly the country’s drivers are using their sat nav instead of their regular maps...Read more

28 Mar 2012
It has been well documented that young drivers, particularly young men aged 17-25 are the most hazardous on the road causing more accidents per person per mile than any other age group...Read more

25 Mar 2012
Often drivers in the UK find most road signs helpful; like there is a round about coming up, or a hidden junction, or the speed limit changes...Read more

22 Mar 2012
The vast majority of drivers on the road in the UK are law abiding citizens who have fully paid up their motor insurance and this is how it should be...Read more

21 Mar 2012
Having a convertible in time for the summer weather may leave some people short financially, it has been claimed...Read more

19 Mar 2012
Britain's roads have continued to get safer but some remain up to ten per cent more risky than others says new research...Read more

14 Mar 2012
Most people will agree that owning their own car is a sign of freedom and flexibility, but what if you only needed a car occasionally?..Read more

12 Mar 2012
A large amount of accidents on UK roads are caused by immigrants, according to a council official...Read more

08 Mar 2012
Most drivers have to negotiate at least one roundabout or another during their daily vehicle journeys and some always seem worse than others...Read more

08 Mar 2012
Car security is a topic close to the hearts of the majority of the UK’s drivers. Car thieves are becoming more and more sophisticated and are now using computers to effectively hack their way into our vehicles...Read more

05 Mar 2012
While most drivers will say they would never 'knowingly' drink and drive it seems that plenty believe it is OK to have one drink before getting behind the wheel...Read more

29 Feb 2012
Despite the general drop in the sales of new cars the high price of fuel is driving buyers to superminis and more fuel efficient cars new figures reveal...Read more

27 Feb 2012
Motorists in the UK are paying over the odds for car servicing compared with our European neighbours...Read more

23 Feb 2012
Government statistics recently reported have shown that more than 1000 young people under 25 years of age are killed on our roads every year...Read more

22 Feb 2012
Most motorists in the UK will admit to getting their car serviced probably only once a year at the same time as the MOT and then really do nothing with their cars apart from top-up the washer bottle...Read more

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