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13 Jun 2013
The weather looks like it is finally starting to perk up from the depths of winter we have been labouring in for the first few months of 2013. And while this is great, for many UK drivers it can cause untold problems.  ..Read more

12 Jun 2013
Another hot topic with UK drivers is road tolls. While the Government have said they are looking at the numbers, but will not introduce anything right now, perhaps it is inevitable...Read more

10 Jun 2013
The bane of many UK Drivers’ lives is the little yellow box on the side of the road, forcing a seemingly unnecessary cut in speed and supposedly lengthening travel times...Read more

05 Jun 2013
In the first part of our quick guide to driving abroad this summer we dealt with documentation and different country rules. This time the emphasis is more on your car and yourself.   1. Get Your Car Serviced..Read more

04 Jun 2013
Be Wiser's chairman, Mark Bower-Dyke talks to Insurance Age about telematics insurance...Read more

03 Jun 2013
With the summer holidays fast approaching and belts still fairly tightened many Brits will be looking to take their cars on holiday with them...Read more

31 May 2013
It's impossible to deny the usefulness of some smartphone apps for when you’re out and about on the road. Here are some of our favourites, and remember not to use these whilst driving:  ..Read more

29 May 2013
A recent poll by Be Wiser Insurance has found 67% of UK motorists insure their cars separately - despite savings offered by multi car insurance policies.  ..Read more

29 May 2013
Parking is a contentious issue in the UK. With everything from lurking parking wardens and CCTV to the cost of legitimate parking and fines for breaking the rules being discussed in family home up and down the country...Read more

22 May 2013
Despite the recession UK motorists are still in need of new cars. Whether you are part exchanging yours for a brand new one of are just selling privately to fund your next purchase you want the best price you can get for it...Read more

20 May 2013
The most used excuse by drivers after a collision is a failure to properly look at the road situation. The Institute of Advanced Drivers (IAM) has recently begun giving great advice to drivers about common mistakes and how to avoid them...Read more

16 May 2013
We all need a helping hand with money at the moment. The economy is still wavering around the stable/unstable mark and everyone is keeping those belts tight...Read more

15 May 2013
There is no doubt that road and vehicle safety has improved motoring conditions and saved thousands of lives over the last couple of decades...Read more

13 May 2013
With spring only just here and indeed still faltering it seems this year’s winter has a grip on motorists in the UK...Read more

08 May 2013
Many UK drivers have been caught with the odd speeding ticket or for accidentally driving through a red light...Read more

07 May 2013
Whether it is a cheaper run around for the other half or a shiny new company car the figures for new car sales are on the rise...Read more

01 May 2013
It is a familiar story to many UK motorists, the daily rush hour grind to and from work, school or even just the shops. It seems our natural love of queuing is translating itself into a proclivity for traffic jams.  ..Read more

29 Apr 2013
With spring finally starting to make an appearance and summer just around the corner there is no doubt that many UK motorists will be taking to the roads on the traditional Sunday afternoon drive...Read more

25 Apr 2013
It has been reported recently that the cost of fuel is the number one concern for UK drivers. And while the price may go down for a few weeks it will inevitably go back up again...Read more

24 Apr 2013
We are all feeling the pinch nowadays and the economic climate does not look like it will improve much any time soon. This means the majority of households in the UK have to cut back on non essential items to make ends meet.  ..Read more

22 Apr 2013
It’s that time of year again when you take your beloved vehicle in to the garage to make sure it is road worthy and legal...Read more

18 Apr 2013
If you are of a certain age, then you will remember the cute little red squirrel that helped you learn how to cross the road...Read more

17 Apr 2013
It is one of those things every car owner in the country dreads; hearing on the news of another car recall. If it is your car that is highlighted then you immediately start to worry about whether it is safe to drive...Read more

15 Apr 2013
Batman, Spiderman and Superman are all known for fighting the good fight, combating injustice and protecting the meek. Now, there are real life heroes, NoTo Mob, who are doing just that, albeit on a slightly smaller scale in North London...Read more

10 Apr 2013
With winter still lingering on in the UK we are still out there in the mornings clearing frosted up windscreens and windows. How many of us have started driving even though the windows are not properly cleared?..Read more

08 Apr 2013
Having an accident in your car is bad enough without then having your insurance company scammed out of thousands by unscrupulous criminals...Read more

08 Apr 2013
Over two thirds (68%) of British motorists would be uncomfortable sharing the roads with driverless cars, according to a recent Be Wiser Insurance poll...Read more

02 Apr 2013
Have you ever been caught speeding? If so did you opt for the Speed Awareness Course (or SAC) to avoid points? Many of us do, although as you will know if you have been on the course, you are not allowed to do another one for three years...Read more

27 Mar 2013
We have all heard of the dreaded locust swarms that devastate countries occasionally and the horrific aftermath they leave behind...Read more

25 Mar 2013
Do you have an accident black spot in your area? Is there a certain corner or junction where you frequently have near misses with other road users, or you see a new collision every week?..Read more

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