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12 Jan 2012
The spiralling cost of motoring is putting young adults off purchasing their first car, according to a survey...Read more

11 Jan 2012
Cars are becoming more and more complicated under the bonnet and inside and it seems this is causing confusion to the average motorist...Read more

09 Jan 2012
Traffic Wardens are just doing a necessary job to remove vehicles illegally parked, and this is true in most cases...Read more

04 Jan 2012
In the event of a collision on the road the vast majority of cars nowadays have airbags fitted which help minimise injury...Read more

03 Jan 2012
It is well known that married couples often receive better rates with insurance companies when both partners are on the same policy and this can be up to a fifth off the price of the premium...Read more

28 Dec 2011
A recent study has revealed the frightening fact that more than a third of drivers who are under the influence of drugs are able to pass current road side sobriety tests...Read more

21 Dec 2011
With new legislation and recommendations about road safety and use changing all the time, some of the country’s motorists could probably do with a refresher course on how to drive...Read more

21 Dec 2011
For most a night out on the town is an enjoyable experience. However, many find the expense of a taxi home, especially late night bumped up charges, too much to take and are taking to the roads after having a few drinks...Read more

19 Dec 2011
Many drivers in the UK are interested in helping to save the environment and cut down on emissions from their vehicles. This can easily be done nowadays by driving more carefully or investing in a new small car...Read more

14 Dec 2011
The winter weather can make the roads treacherous for many drivers even those with plenty of experience...Read more

14 Dec 2011
Car insurance customers may be paying more by choosing not to shop around for a new deal once their current one expires, a personal finance site has claimed...Read more

12 Dec 2011
Worrying news from motor insurances companies has revealed that the illegal act of “clocking” used vehicles is still on the rise...Read more

07 Dec 2011
Many motorists are taking increasingly longer journeys in their vehicles, whether for work or simply a long weekend the distances travelled can be considerable...Read more

05 Dec 2011
Noisy cars and bikes are the second most irritating neighbourhood noise, says an RAC poll, cruelly refusing to reveal what occupied the number one slot...Read more

01 Dec 2011
It seems that not only are cars at risk of being stolen or broken into while parked, but now a worrying increase in theft when the driver is present is bringing the driving nation to its knees...Read more

28 Nov 2011
Age is not a significant factor when it comes to driving, according to a breakdown organisation that rejects claims that compulsory eye tests should be introduced for over-70s...Read more

23 Nov 2011
The cold winter months bring may extra hazards to drivers in the UK not least of which is the icy weather...Read more

21 Nov 2011
Our cars are becoming more and more filled with new technology designed to help make driving easier; electric windows, air conditioning, power steering all contribute to a better driving experience...Read more

17 Nov 2011
Would you pass your driving test if you had to retake it today? It seems that many drivers feel they would not be able to get through the written and driving tests and pass according to a recent report from a leading online insurance provider...Read more

16 Nov 2011
Every day many of the country’s motorists take some sort of medication; it may be a simple pain killer or a more robust drug like a hay fever remedy...Read more

14 Nov 2011
The Home Office have revealed a “new tax” on motorists which will likely end up costing the British public even more on their car insurance premiums...Read more

09 Nov 2011
With motorists having to pay more and more to keep their cars on the road every potential saving is vital. Recent research has revealed that checking tyres could help ease the financial burden of vehicle owners...Read more

07 Nov 2011
Our car journeys seem to be taking longer and longer nowadays. There is the school run, the daily commute, the shopping trip and that is for those of us who do not drive for our job...Read more

03 Nov 2011
In an attempt to cut down the numbers of accidents and insurance claims involving company vehicles a new scheme may be introduced which will force drivers to pay fines...Read more

02 Nov 2011
Almost 50 per cent of drivers in the UK suffer from a recently diagnosed condition caused by poor driving posture, research commissioned by eBay Motors has claimed...Read more

31 Oct 2011
Young male drivers are the worst offenders when it comes to getting behind the wheel without car insurance, it has been claimed...Read more

25 Oct 2011
Commercial and personal drivers with diesel engines should have greater support from the government on diesel pricing, it has been argued...Read more

24 Oct 2011
A mind-reading computer programme, developed by Cambridge and MIT scientists, could help reduce car insurance premiums...Read more

19 Oct 2011
Many drivers say that they feel safer when behind the wheel of their car than when travelling by train, plane or ferry, despite being substantially more likely to die...Read more

18 Oct 2011
Whether it is brand new or used, the feeling you get when you have purchased a new car can be great. It might seem that men would demonstrate more selfish when it comes to sharing but that is not the case...Read more

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