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17 Oct 2011
Some new superminis are easy targets for thieves, according to a survey by Which? Despite their green and economic reputation these small cars could cost more in insurance payments due to break-ins...Read more

11 Oct 2011
New research has revealed that white vehicles have a lower risk of being involved in collisions than others, according to the Royal Automobile Club Foundation...Read more

09 Oct 2011
European driver habits are being shaped by high fuel prices, with motorists reconsidering the benefits of multi-litre fuel guzzlers...Read more

06 Oct 2011
Four out of five new cars come fitted with air conditioning today, yet the likelihood of an expensive failure has jumped by well over half recently. Drivers in the UK pay approximately £177 million each year in order to keep cool while they drive,..Read more

04 Oct 2011
Time-delayed double speed cameras that will capture a photograph of the person who is at the wheel as well as the number plate are being trialled by the police...Read more

03 Oct 2011
When doing research for motor information, whether it is to buy a new car or looking for a part or comparing performance figures, it seems most of us now use the web first...Read more

28 Sep 2011
An improved physical condition could lead to better driving skills among the elderly, according to a new study...Read more

26 Sep 2011
The stereotype that women are helpless in the event of a breakdown has been negated by new research. An increasing number of women are car-savvy enough to take care of their own vehicles instead of calling in experts, according to the report...Read more

22 Sep 2011
Concentrating resources on high-risk routes could reduce the number of deaths on the roads, according to a new report...Read more

20 Sep 2011
More than a fifth of all parking tickets – a total of over 1.4 million – were cancelled last year, the Commons Transport Select Committee has found...Read more

19 Sep 2011
The speed at which younger motorists drive may be influenced by computer driving games, new research has revealed...Read more

14 Sep 2011
Many suburban houses are now built with drives and garages that provide ample off road parking, however, for those residents who live on older streets where the houses front straight onto the road parking can sometimes be a problem...Read more

12 Sep 2011
Motorists in the UK are wasting millions of pounds through dodgy driving on the way home from shops, it has been claimed...Read more

08 Sep 2011
Buying a new car is a big investment and most sensible motorists would do extensive research before making a commitment. But what do most people look for when making a purchase of this sort?..Read more

07 Sep 2011
With the prevalence of vans and lorries on the road nowadays it is a worrying fact that recent research has revealed at least one in 100 drivers of these vehicles have no licence to legally drive...Read more

05 Sep 2011
Car insurance customers have been warned that - beautiful as they may look - autumn leaves are a danger to cars...Read more

30 Aug 2011
A new website has been set up in order to help people avoid fines for disposing of their cars in an inappropriate manner, according to an industry source...Read more

24 Aug 2011
Many travellers have become aware in recent years of the problems of sitting for extended periods during long haul air flights, due to the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)...Read more

22 Aug 2011
Buyers beware! That's the message from car history check firm HPI, which has launched an industry-wide crackdown on businesses which are exploiting its name...Read more

16 Aug 2011
Drivers in the UK have been warned of the dangers of fronting by a leading price comparison service...Read more

15 Aug 2011
For many drivers the daily grind of sitting in traffic jams and feeling trapped by lights and junctions can only be relieved by a big release of tension. For some this means watching beat up old cars perpetually crashing into each other...Read more

11 Aug 2011
A proportion of motorists across the UK are filling their cars up with an illegal fuel substance, it has been claimed...Read more

10 Aug 2011
With opportunist car crime on the increase industry experts are saying they would like to see all windows in all new cars fitted with toughened glass...Read more

08 Aug 2011
Those motorists who live in areas controlled by congestion charges are increasingly coming under threat from a new breed of criminal menace...Read more

04 Aug 2011
Despite the prevalence of speed limit signs and traffic calming measures it seems that many drivers are still not clear about what the legal speed limit is for their vehicle...Read more

02 Aug 2011
It is a common belief amongst drivers that they are the best on the road, and while this is patently untrue a recent study has shown how badly wrong we all are...Read more

25 Jul 2011
Everyday countless UK drivers are delayed and frustrated by roadworks. Sometimes it is only a minor pothole repair and the disruption is gone the following day, however, many roadworks seem to carry on forever...Read more

21 Jul 2011
It is a common belief among motorists of all ages and types that they are good drivers and that it is other people who are at fault...Read more

19 Jul 2011
For many couples, even those with children, the weekend away can be a special, much looked forward to treat. Unfortunately for many motorists taking the car on a romantic getaway could be a mistake a recent poll has revealed...Read more

19 Jul 2011
Many drivers have taken the car to work whilst feeling a little under the weather and usually this is acceptable. However, it seems that many motorists are getting behind the wheel when they are not medically fit...Read more

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