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22 Sep 2014
A recent report by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has revealed that in 2013 more than 180,000 fraudulent insurance applications were made.In a news report by Yahoo cars prevalent untruths were listed:..Read more

17 Sep 2014
A recent survey by a leading road rescue firm has revealed a shocking lack of knowledge of what goes where under the bonnet by UK drivers.The Independent has a news report with the figures:..Read more

15 Sep 2014
Currently, UK motorists are required to renew their licence every 10 years and this would seem like the ideal opportunity to get an eye test too. Especially as many drivers seem to agree...Read more

10 Sep 2014
It seems UK drivers prefer Spiderman to any other superhero when their car breaks down.The results of a survey were covered in a news article by BT lifestyle cars:..Read more

08 Sep 2014
Buying a car can be a vaguely traumatic business at the best of times, and the process is not always helped by the some of the sweet talk the car salesman might ply you with...Read more

04 Sep 2014
Apple are currently developing an app that will help drivers find their car...Read more

03 Sep 2014
According to a survey by the AA almost 40 % of their members say they have been "significantly distracted" by other people in the car – and it's not just bored children!The AA has reported its findings in a news article:..Read more

01 Sep 2014
The DVLA are abolishing the paper vehicle tax disc after 93 years...Read more

29 Aug 2014
The latest new gadget designed to help keep drivers safe on the roads has been developed by a team at Nottingham Trent University.ITPro reports the story:..Read more

28 Aug 2014
It has only been a just over a year since legislation making it illegal for drivers to “hog” the middle lane on a multi-lane road, but a survey has revealed the reasons behind this annoying behaviour...Read more

27 Aug 2014
The DVLA are coming right up to date and offering even more online services...Read more

21 Aug 2014
During a recent visit to Sweden a group of UK ministers were treated to a display of brand new technology that could help lorry drivers in the future.A news report in the International Business Times takes up the story:..Read more

20 Aug 2014
The used car market is thriving across the UK but is it worth travelling up north to buy and car or driving down south to sell one?..Read more

19 Aug 2014
The DVLA has said that, from January 2015, paper counterparts to driving licences will no longer be issued. Instead there will be a new online service where all the details held on the paper counterpart will be available...Read more

13 Aug 2014
The Prime Minister has announced that new laws could soon be in place which would mean local councils could allow motor racing on Britain’s roads.The Telegraph covered the announcement in more detail:..Read more

11 Aug 2014
Set to buy almost 300 plug in vehicles for use across the public sector including Whitehall, the NHS, police forces and councils the Government has taken the first steps to leading the way in the electric revolution...Read more

06 Aug 2014
Almost three quarters of drivers who get behind the wheel as part of the everyday job have not been offered any formal training according to a recent survey by a leading motoring organisation...Read more

04 Aug 2014
Whether UK drivers are planning to travel in Britain or are heading abroad there’s always the concern of hitting a traffic jam at the worst possible time...Read more

30 Jul 2014
The UK has been enjoying so fantastic weather in recent weeks, but with the sun also comes swift summer storms...Read more

28 Jul 2014
A recent survey, by an online warranty firm, asked 500 motorists in Britain about what they thought was the most dangerous driving offence. Surprisingly, the dangers of speeding was only recognised by a small percentage...Read more

23 Jul 2014
Some hospital trusts in the UK are netting almost £4million per year solely in car parking charges. The NHS has had to reveal this information after a freedom of information request was made last year...Read more

21 Jul 2014
Learning to drive can be scary for younger drivers, and often a minor problem can cause a test failure.Sun Motors has reported a helpful top ten tips on how to relax pass your test:..Read more

17 Jul 2014
Even though recent statistics have shown that overall road deaths in the UK are falling the Government ..Read more

14 Jul 2014
A proposal to allow a 10 minute “grace period” for parking on double yellow lines in town centres has been dropped by the Government after a public consultation.The BBC reported the story:..Read more

09 Jul 2014
A recent report by road safety charity, Institute of Advanced Motorists has revealed that the number of serious accidents on 20mph roads has increased by over a quarter last year.The news was reported by Yahoo Cars:..Read more

07 Jul 2014
A worrying trend has been revealed that many learner drivers already have points on their licence before they even pass their driving test.The figures were in a news report by the online magazine Motors:..Read more

04 Jul 2014
Recent accident statistics from the Department for Transport have shown a decrease in road deaths on the UK’s roads. Other figures showed positive trends such as a decrease in pedestrian deaths...Read more

03 Jul 2014
With many sources now claiming the UK is in economic recovery a new report has shown that there has been an increase in young people learning to drive...Read more

30 Jun 2014
UK Councils are to be stripped of a “secret weapon” in new Government legislation. So-called “Spy Cars” which catch unsuspecting drivers parking illegally using CCTV are to be banned...Read more

25 Jun 2014
The government has announced new plans to increase fines for some motoring offences. Shockingly this includes a massive maximum fine of £10,000 for speeding on the UK’s motorways.A BBC news report gives the details of the increases:..Read more

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