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28 Nov 2014
British drivers are the worst for road rage according to a recent survey. The survey asked over 3,000 drivers from 20 countries about road rage and driver aggression...Read more

27 Nov 2014
According to a survey by the RAC the country’s motorway service stations are seen as a big turn off. With more than half of those asked saying they had not enjoyed their visit at all...Read more

25 Nov 2014
For those who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s the Green Cross Code Man was a familiar sight on our TVs and helped to make crossing the road safer for many children...Read more

21 Nov 2014
A recent survey carried out by a leading insurance company has revealed many drivers would find it difficult to pass the written portion of the current driving test.The results were reported by the Telegraph:..Read more

19 Nov 2014
On a quiet road in South Yorkshire the Police netted a whole bunch of speeders caught out by a fake speed limit sign. Jokers had put up the signs reading “40” while the actual limit was “30”...Read more

13 Nov 2014
According to a survey by a leading insurance company more than half of UK motorists would see younger drivers forced to affix Green "P Plates" on their vehicles from when they have passed their tests until they are 21...Read more

12 Nov 2014
Rather predictably, car crime has proven to be most prevalent in London, according to recent research. The research, carried out by a leading motor leasing firm has also found outside London most car thefts happen in densely populated areas...Read more

10 Nov 2014
The government have announced a little bit of extra help for cash strapped UK drivers with a reduction in the price of the driving licence.The details are covered in a news report by the Guardian:..Read more

05 Nov 2014
It is no longer compulsory to display a paper tax disc on your car, so what are UK drive..Read more

04 Nov 2014
There is already lots of in car technology that could save your life, like seatbelts, airbags and anti-lock brakes, but future cars could even detect if the driver was having a heart attack according to new research by motoring manufacturer Ford...Read more

29 Oct 2014
Its official British Summer Time has gone. The clocks have gone back an hour and the country is back to GMT. This means that many drivers will now be travelling home from work in the dark with the increased risks this can bring...Read more

27 Oct 2014
The technology behind hybrid cars is improving every year and so is the awareness of British drivers about the impact their vehicle has on the environment...Read more

22 Oct 2014
Hurricane Gonzalo has recently been pounding the UK with high winds and squally rain showers so now is a good time to review autumn driving and how to keep safe.The motoring.co.uk website has some helpful tips:..Read more

16 Oct 2014
Thousands of drivers on the country’s roads are not being prosecuted for speeding because their foreign driving licences are not registered with the DVLA, a leading motoring organisation has revealed...Read more

15 Oct 2014
Younger drivers in the UK are increasingly turning to telematics to reduce their insurance costs. Electronic devices including accelerometers and GPS trackers are fitted to cars to monitor and encourage good driving behaviour...Read more

13 Oct 2014
The Government is warning UK drivers to be wary of copycat websites charging for free services such as driving licence renewal and driving test applications. These services can be done safely and for free on the official site...Read more

10 Oct 2014
An independent research group has found a huge discrepancy between official MPG figures and those in the real world, and that this difference can mean that downsizing might not save you money – as conventional wisdom suggests...Read more

06 Oct 2014
According to a recent survey of 2,000 women, by a well-known car rental company, many see their perfect man as driving a convertible.The results were reported in an article on BT lifestyle:..Read more

02 Oct 2014
As autumn rolls in many UK drivers are looking to get their annual MoT for another year’s safe motoring. It is worth checking things like lights, tyres and wipers yourself as these are easily fixed and often cause MoT failures...Read more

01 Oct 2014
From today, 1st October 2014, it is no longer necessary to display a paper tax disc in the windscreen of your vehicle...Read more

29 Sep 2014
Unexpected results from a poll by a leading credit expert firm has found that almost half of those buying a new car are doing so because they "just fancy a change".The Carsite has provided more information in a news report:..Read more

24 Sep 2014
Today’s parents are more worried about their offspring being in a car crash above anything else, even getting involved with drugs according to a new poll by the Association of British Insurers (ABI)...Read more

22 Sep 2014
A recent report by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has revealed that in 2013 more than 180,000 fraudulent insurance applications were made.In a news report by Yahoo cars prevalent untruths were listed:..Read more

17 Sep 2014
A recent survey by a leading road rescue firm has revealed a shocking lack of knowledge of what goes where under the bonnet by UK drivers.The Independent has a news report with the figures:..Read more

15 Sep 2014
Currently, UK motorists are required to renew their licence every 10 years and this would seem like the ideal opportunity to get an eye test too. Especially as many drivers seem to agree...Read more

10 Sep 2014
It seems UK drivers prefer Spiderman to any other superhero when their car breaks down.The results of a survey were covered in a news article by BT lifestyle cars:..Read more

08 Sep 2014
Buying a car can be a vaguely traumatic business at the best of times, and the process is not always helped by the some of the sweet talk the car salesman might ply you with...Read more

04 Sep 2014
Apple are currently developing an app that will help drivers find their car...Read more

03 Sep 2014
According to a survey by the AA almost 40 % of their members say they have been "significantly distracted" by other people in the car – and it's not just bored children!The AA has reported its findings in a news article:..Read more

01 Sep 2014
The DVLA are abolishing the paper vehicle tax disc after 93 years...Read more

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