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22 Jul 2015
Common Motoring Issues - BeWiser
In a recent survey of motorists living in UK summer holiday hotspots, nearly 40% said the biggest motoring problem in their area is tourists not driving appropriately for the local roads...Read more

22 Jul 2015
Men in the Road, Delays - BeWiser
Despite the improvements to our roads, more than half of 2,000 motorists polled feel that the state of British roads are declining.  It has been shown that a third of all journeys are being delayed by roadworks.  This is a catch 22, as the reason ..Read more

20 Jul 2015
Supercar - BeWiser
Fiat Chrysler’s SRT engineering team have created an astonishing car based on their predictions for future racing – sadly you're not likely to have the chance to drive it in the flesh any time soon!  Fiat are calling it a ‘concept’ car because the..Read more

16 Jul 2015
Union Flag - BeWiser
This month has seen the introduction of a Union Flag, in addition to the existing European Union emblem, on UK driving licenses.  A more patriotic approach has been welcomed by Brits, hopefully demonstrating that we are proud of our country, and p..Read more

13 Jul 2015
Vauxhall - BeWiser
The different options available with car finance can seem a little overwhelming, and it seems the majority of the population feels just as confused and a little unsure, despite 75% of Brits buying cars on Finance...Read more

10 Jul 2015
Lotus Badge - BeWiser
The new Lotus 3-Eleven was unveiled on the 26th June this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and it’s the fastest road-going Lotus ever.Car Magazine tells us more:..Read more

08 Jul 2015
Pothole - BeWiser
Potholes are an increasing problem on Britain’s roads, causing damage to vehicles and presenting a potential safety hazard.RAC News explains:..Read more

07 Jul 2015
Fuel - BeWiser
A recent AA fuel price report revealed that the cost of petrol has risen by 10p a litre since the start of February, which is the equivalent of £5 per tankful.  Motoring Research have put together 13 ways that you could save fuel:..Read more

03 Jul 2015
Lexus operated by Google - BeWiser
Two self-driving cars from different companies have been involved in a close call on the roads of California, US. This raises the question of their safety, practicality and ability to self-correct if necessary...Read more

29 Jun 2015
The Aston Martin DB9 GT Revealed
Despite its hefty price tag, most of us can still appreciate the design and motoring genius of those at Aston Martin.  The new Aston Martin DB9 GT is not the most bespoke-looking of Aston Martins, the visual changes are..Read more

29 Jun 2015
Should You Be Proud To Stay In The Middle Lane?
Should those that ‘hog’ the middle lane be considered some of the safest drivers on the road, instead of being accused of being the source of annoyance for most motorists?  Instead of breaking the speed limit in the out..Read more

25 Jun 2015
Toyota's Idea Of Future, The Mirai is focused more on efficiently and how eco-friendly it is
Toyota has decided to create a car of the future, a clean and efficient vehicle which runs of hydrogen. The car is called the Mirai, meaning future in Japanese...Read more

23 Jun 2015
Should We Own The Road Outside Our Homes?
Over half of motorists believe residents should "own" the road outside their homes for the purposes of parking...Read more

16 Jun 2015
Parking Permits Priced By Postcode
Residents have been paying for on-road residential parking for many years now, but who knew there was such a price difference between locations?..Read more

16 Jun 2015
Stay Safe On The Roads This Summer
We often think of winter as the time when we should take the greatest care on the roads, with snow, ice and other dangers to contend with. But summer comes with its own reasons to be cautious...Read more

15 Jun 2015
Italy To Make Lamborghini's First SUV
Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann has signed a deal with Italian Leader Matteo Renzi to create Lamborghini an SUV in the heart of Italy. Other countries such as Slovakia wanted to build the car on their turf but Italy had beaten the bid...Read more

12 Jun 2015
Making The Classic Old The Stylish New
Rolls Royce, famous for naming their cars after supernatural beings (the Phantom, Ghost and Wraith for example) has broken its tradition with a new car that is named something unrelated. The new car is named Dawn...Read more

04 Jun 2015
Drive-by Accident Snaps Lead To Prosecutions
On May 28th a four lorry pile up occurred on the A14 between Histon and Girton. The accident was captured on the mobile phone cameras of passing drivers, and 15 of them are to be prosecuted...Read more

03 Jun 2015
A seriously desirable Bentley was discovered in a garage in Surrey and estimated to be worth £300,000 – to the surprise of the owner! The car was built in 1929, was taken off the road in 1985 and left in a garage for the past 30 years...Read more

28 May 2015
Takata Faulty Airbag Recall Reaches 34 Million
Takata, the Japanese airbag maker, has revealed that over 34 million cars have defective airbags installed; causing  safety concerns, and the biggest recall in US automotive history...Read more

28 May 2015
Driverless cars could potentially offer a wealth of benefits and more functions than we expec
Over 70% of motorists would not trust driverless cars, a recent survey has found...Read more

26 May 2015
Tax Disc Reminder Entrepreneur Saves Your Tax Disc Holder
Now that tax discs are abolished, some are forgetting to renew their car tax. Schoolboy Harvey Millington, aged 13, decided this was the opportunity to start a business selling tax disc reminders that fit into your old tax disc holder...Read more

19 May 2015
Survive the Stress of Bank Holiday Driving
Stress-free driving is safe driving, and there’s one time of year that can make a road trip particularly stressful – bank holidays...Read more

18 May 2015
Is The Front Passenger Seat Essential?
In China Volvo has unveiled a concept car featuring no front passenger seats but instead a mobile office. The idea has been met with enthusiasm in Asia but may not be appreciated by European consumers.The Telegraph reports:..Read more

12 May 2015
Petrol Prices Hit Six-Month High
Petrol prices have risen to a six-month high. While the price at the pump isn't anywhere near the dizzy heights of 2014, fluctuations like this can put an extra burden back on the motorist that many could do without...Read more

08 May 2015
30 Year Old Motoring Festival In Danger
A 30 year old motoring festival is in danger of getting cancelled. Three years ago the Festival of Motoring event got moved from Coventry’s war memorial park to Stoneleigh park...Read more

05 May 2015
Car Theft Is At Lowest Since 1968
Tracker, the tracking device company, has reported that car theft in 2014 was lower than any other year since 1968. Thankfully car theft is becoming less common, with a 70% decline in the last ten years...Read more

01 May 2015
Car Trackers To Be Installed For "Safety"
Tracking devices have been in mobile technology for a while now. With GPS tracking and people ‘checking in’ on social media it’s easy to know where your friends may be...Read more

29 Apr 2015
Car Registrations 16 Year Hit High
There were 492,774 cars registered in March 2015 -  the most ever since 1999, when the twice-a-year number plate changes were first introduced...Read more

28 Apr 2015
"Carbon Neutral"  Fuel May Be Making Its Way to the Consumer
Audi have made a renewable, sustainable fuel that is in effect a synthetic diesel. The synthetic diesel is made up of water, carbon dioxide and renewable energy sources – and is considered "carbon neutral"...Read more

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