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06 Feb 2014
The news is filled with stories of woe at the moment; the increasing rainfall and flooding are leaving householders and drivers in the wet. Unfortunately, many drivers are taking chances with flooded roads and becoming stuck...Read more

05 Feb 2014
While many Britons would agree having a car nowadays is essential for trips like the school run, shopping and getting to work...Read more

03 Feb 2014
There have been few parts of the UK not affected by the intense rainfall this winter...Read more

29 Jan 2014
Car manufacturers are coming up with new ways to help drivers on the road and the dashboard in many new cars are stuffed with high tech gadgets like built in sat nav, blue tooth and even dual air conditioning controls. Smar..Read more

29 Jan 2014
It's impossible not to notice the increasing size of the average car on British roads...Read more

28 Jan 2014
Two Thirds (67%) of British drivers have used their breakdown cover at some point - so why do some motorists persist in not having annual breakdown cover? Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:..Read more

27 Jan 2014
We have all heard of Road Rage, now it seems in the USA there is a new category of road rage called “Charge Rage”. Electric and hybrid cars are increasingly popular with environmentalist consumers across the Atlantic and ac..Read more

22 Jan 2014
UK Drivers have plenty to worry about already with ever increasing fuel prices, garage bills and road tax hikes but now it seems there is another big bill to add to the list...Read more

20 Jan 2014
While this winter so far, for much of the country, has been relatively mild, the roads are still taking the brunt of the weather...Read more

15 Jan 2014
Winter is not generally a favourite time of year for many UK motorists; what with the darker mornings and evenings plus more hazardous road conditions...Read more

13 Jan 2014
With the weather heading into a big freeze this month it is vital that UK motorists know how to cope on the road in icy conditions...Read more

09 Jan 2014
The weather forecasters are predicting a big freeze next week so we have put together some tips on how to stay safe when the roads are icy: 1. Starting the car – turn off any electrical items in the car before attempting to..Read more

08 Jan 2014
We have all done it - looked away from the road for a second to change the CD, get something out of the glove compartment or something catches your eye out of the side window...Read more

07 Jan 2014
Cheaper petrol and diesel tops the annual Be Wiser Insurance Motoring Wish-list 2013. Nearly two-thirds (58%) of British motorists put cheaper fuel at the top of their list above all else. Each year Be..Read more

06 Jan 2014
Along with New Year’s Resolutions a popular pastime in January is to predict what will be happening in the year ahead...Read more

03 Jan 2014
We are forever being warned about the importance of the condition of our tyres. They are the only bit of the vehicle that actually touches the road and so should be in peak shape every time we drive...Read more

23 Dec 2013
Be Wiser Insurance is honoured to be listed as one of the 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain, in a report compiled by London Stock Exchange Group.   The list features the 1,000 most inspiring small and medium sized compani..Read more

23 Dec 2013
With storms predicted this week are you prepared if the roads in your area are flooded? Some drivers in the UK often have fords or roads that get flooded regularly and are probably used to a bit of ground water...Read more

19 Dec 2013
Christmas time means parties and visits to the pub after work for many UK workers and we all deserve a break at Christmas; we have worked hard all year. But what if you had to spend those two weeks, and possibly more, in ho..Read more

18 Dec 2013
While the idea of cars that drive themselves may put many off their lunch cars rolling off the production line now are already half robot...Read more

16 Dec 2013
It’s that time of the year again, every drive home from work sees more and more houses joyfully bedecked in glittery Christmas lights...Read more

13 Dec 2013
For anyone that has driven on the continent you will know that sometimes the road signs can be confusing. Not only because they are in a different language but because their format and layout are also unfamiliar...Read more

11 Dec 2013
Buying or selling a car via the internet can be easy but be wary of scammers and dodgy deals: 1. Fast Sale Needed – the old adage “if it seems too good to be true...” are good words to live buy especially when dealing with ..Read more

09 Dec 2013
We have been hearing in the press over that last couple of months more and more about cars that drive themselves...Read more

04 Dec 2013
Police forces across the country have started getting their anti drinking and driving campaigns off to a flying start this week...Read more

04 Dec 2013
Driving with poor eye-sight used to be seen as a preserve of the elderly...Read more

02 Dec 2013
How far would you be willing to walk to avoid paying a parking fee; a few hundred yards, half a mile, more?..Read more

27 Nov 2013
The daily commute is a common cause for a good old moan around the water cooler in offices and workplaces up and down the country...Read more

26 Nov 2013
Motorists are more likely to trust their sat nav in the bad weather and dark evenings of winter than during the lighter months of the year...Read more

26 Nov 2013
Be Wiser Insurance, one of the biggest and fastest growing employers in the Andover area, has been crowned Employer of the Year at this year’s Inspire Business Awards...Read more

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