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08 Aug 2013
The vast majority of UK households have at least one car and the numbers of drivers on the road is increasing every day...Read more

07 Aug 2013
There is nothing like that “new car smell”, and driving away your brand new car from the garage. Many drivers in the UK are still buying new cars and increasingly these are eco type models...Read more

06 Aug 2013
We have all seen the signs on the country’s motorways “take a break, tiredness kills”. And this is a serious message as it seems excessive sleepiness appears to cause up to 20% of motorway traffic accidents according to the DVLA...Read more

31 Jul 2013
While many of the UK’s drivers are law abiding and wouldn’t dream of driving home after a few drinks, there are still quite a few that seem OK with the idea...Read more

29 Jul 2013
The tyres are probably one of the most important parts of your car, and yet we seem to be ignorant of how to look after them. The only bit of the car that actually touches the road should be one of our prime concerns...Read more

25 Jul 2013
It is no surprise that the price of fuel is slowly creeping up again...Read more

23 Jul 2013
Many UK drivers pop into the pub for a quick after work pint or an evening out with the other half...Read more

17 Jul 2013
The summer holidays are almost upon us and many UK drivers will be taking a trip across the Channel with their cars this year...Read more

15 Jul 2013
It seems that where you live can influence what type of punishment you get for speeding, according to a new report by a leading insurance company...Read more

11 Jul 2013
Despite the long running economic downturn, UK drivers are still changing their cars. If you are buying second hand especially from a private vendor how can you be sure the car is as the seller says it is?  ..Read more

10 Jul 2013
The days of cars being able to drive themselves is one step closer with the development of some amazing new technology. One of the biggest car manufacturers has hit on the idea of being able to ‘see’ around a corner.  ..Read more

08 Jul 2013
Drivers in the UK, while great at getting their cars serviced and MOT’s on time, seem to be notoriously forgetful when it comes to the little things that can help them keep on the road...Read more

03 Jul 2013
It is a proud moment for many parents when their little ones become all grown up and one of the final stages is the passing of the driving test...Read more

01 Jul 2013
Shortly the government will introduce legislation which will make it an offence to “hog” the middle lane, and tail-gate other road users. Be Wiser Insurance welcomes the new laws...Read more

01 Jul 2013
Half (49%) of road users still don't trust their sat navs, and spend much of their time trying to second guess them, according to a recent Be Wiser Insurance poll. Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:..Read more

01 Jul 2013
The vast majority of UK drivers know that they have to renew their car insurance, pay car tax and get an MOT every year. But what about other bits of driving documentation?..Read more

27 Jun 2013
Notwithstanding the few scare stories we hear about in the papers of HGV Lorries stuck in tiny alleyways and hapless cars directed onto bridleways to get to their desired destination, sat navs are a great leap forward in car technology...Read more

26 Jun 2013
The new photocard licenses are very popular with drivers in the UK. They are small enough to fit snugly in your wallet or purse with your credit cards. Handy for a quick ID check if you are picking up a parcel at the Post Office or hiring a car...Read more

24 Jun 2013
Many drivers in the UK have so much mobile technology in their cars they are almost driving themselves...Read more

19 Jun 2013
The UK summer is notorious for it quixotic nature; one minute its glorious sunshine next then you know the heavens have opened and it feels like Noah’s flood...Read more

17 Jun 2013
It is hardly surprising that a recent survey by a leading motoring organisation has found that many Brits behind the wheel are feeling a bit stressed...Read more

13 Jun 2013
The weather looks like it is finally starting to perk up from the depths of winter we have been labouring in for the first few months of 2013. And while this is great, for many UK drivers it can cause untold problems.  ..Read more

12 Jun 2013
Another hot topic with UK drivers is road tolls. While the Government have said they are looking at the numbers, but will not introduce anything right now, perhaps it is inevitable...Read more

10 Jun 2013
The bane of many UK Drivers’ lives is the little yellow box on the side of the road, forcing a seemingly unnecessary cut in speed and supposedly lengthening travel times...Read more

05 Jun 2013
In the first part of our quick guide to driving abroad this summer we dealt with documentation and different country rules. This time the emphasis is more on your car and yourself.   1. Get Your Car Serviced..Read more

04 Jun 2013
Be Wiser's chairman, Mark Bower-Dyke talks to Insurance Age about telematics insurance...Read more

03 Jun 2013
With the summer holidays fast approaching and belts still fairly tightened many Brits will be looking to take their cars on holiday with them...Read more

31 May 2013
It's impossible to deny the usefulness of some smartphone apps for when you’re out and about on the road. Here are some of our favourites, and remember not to use these whilst driving:  ..Read more

29 May 2013
A recent poll by Be Wiser Insurance has found 67% of UK motorists insure their cars separately - despite savings offered by multi car insurance policies.  ..Read more

29 May 2013
Parking is a contentious issue in the UK. With everything from lurking parking wardens and CCTV to the cost of legitimate parking and fines for breaking the rules being discussed in family home up and down the country...Read more

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