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26 Nov 2013
Motorists are more likely to trust their sat nav in the bad weather and dark evenings of winter than during the lighter months of the year...Read more

26 Nov 2013
Be Wiser Insurance, one of the biggest and fastest growing employers in the Andover area, has been crowned Employer of the Year at this year’s Inspire Business Awards...Read more

25 Nov 2013
There are many types of vehicle on the country’s roads and some are more vulnerable than others...Read more

21 Nov 2013
With the help of sites like eBay and Gumtree items as large as cars and even houses can be bought and sold using the magic of the internet...Read more

20 Nov 2013
In a couple of weeks it will officially be winter. Are you and your car ready? With the colder weather approaching many motorists may not realise that their battery is actually physically affected by the temperature outside...Read more

19 Nov 2013
There has been much recent discussion concerning parking outside schools but Be Wiser Insurance would instead like to stress the need for greater safety outside the school gates, with stringent speed reductions and introducing a "no overtaking" ru..Read more

15 Nov 2013
With more and more drivers on the roads because of company business there is a real likelihood of an increase in incidents and accidents involving company vehicles...Read more

13 Nov 2013
Every week, it seems, there is a new warning from the Police about what opportunist thieves will take from cars...Read more

13 Nov 2013
We often hear about the North/South divide for all sorts of things like wages, house prices and jobless numbers. Now, however, there is a grimmer subject that seems to be worse in parts of the North of England – crash statistics...Read more

08 Nov 2013
Be Wiser Insurance is proud to announce the winner of the first Be Wiser Insurance and Reading FC competition. ..Read more

07 Nov 2013
You have waited for this holiday for ages and you are all packed and out the door for some well earned time off. One of the last things you do is post a joyous message on Twitter or FaceBook...Read more

06 Nov 2013
If you decide to buy a new car chances are you will be looking at a second hand one. Many drivers in the UK happily buy used cars from garages and private owners and go on to have an enjoyable experience.  ..Read more

04 Nov 2013
Many UK drivers have such hectic schedules that often it seems we live in our cars more than our homes...Read more

30 Oct 2013
Be Wiser Insurance are delighted to showcase their new TV adverts (scheduled to go on air in late 2013 and early 2014).  ..Read more

30 Oct 2013
Last time we covered some top tips on how to make sure your car is ready for the changing seasons. So now we can offer you some great advice about how to stay safe on the road:  ..Read more

29 Oct 2013
Just under half of Britons (48%) do not treat their car as well in winter as they do in summer, a recent Be Wiser poll has found.  ..Read more

28 Oct 2013
With the recent huge storm hitting the UK the season of autumn finally seems to have made its presence felt. The best start to safe autumn driving is to make sure you car is ready for it...Read more

25 Oct 2013
With the clocks going back this week Be Wiser Insurance want to remind everyone to check that their headlights and fog-lights are in working order – so that you can see where you are going and, just as importantly, other road users can see you...Read more

24 Oct 2013
There is no denying that the pockets of British motorists have been hard pressed in recent years by rising fuel costs, bogus insurance claims artificially inflating premiums and road tax price hikes...Read more

23 Oct 2013
A parking ticket is usually more of a nuisance than a problem to most people and you can even get a discount if you pay early. However, what if you feel you were wrongly charged?..Read more

21 Oct 2013
For many UK drivers there are fond memories of their dads and granddads tinkering on the family car in the garage at the weekend...Read more

16 Oct 2013
In 1963 the Worboys report recommended a cohesive and comprehensive system for road signage and what appeared was so good that it still exists in almost its original form today...Read more

14 Oct 2013
It is not a new story with UK drivers forking out left, right and centre for increasingly expensive bills just to keep on the road...Read more

10 Oct 2013
With winter once again looming on the horizon UK drivers may be concerned about the state of the roads...Read more

08 Oct 2013
It happens to the best of us, old age is slowly creeping up around the corner. But nowadays it does not mean that life stops...Read more

08 Oct 2013
Be Wiser Insurance, one of the biggest and fastest growing employers in the Andover area, has taken on 15 new students to its Surestart undergraduate career scheme and is looking to recruit 20 more in the coming months. The..Read more

07 Oct 2013
Drivers across the country seem to have different attitudes towards getting points depending on where they live...Read more

30 Sep 2013
From minor bumps at roundabouts to head on collisions – road accidents are at best a small inconvenience at worst at an insurance nightmare...Read more

25 Sep 2013
You have picked up your shiny new car from the garage and are gingerly driving it around town with pride to get the feel...Read more

25 Sep 2013
Over half (57%) of British motorists believe that the legal age of driving should be increased, according to a recent Be Wiser Insurance poll.  ..Read more

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