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22 Aug 2011
Buyers beware! That's the message from car history check firm HPI, which has launched an industry-wide crackdown on businesses which are exploiting its name...Read more

15 Aug 2011
For many drivers the daily grind of sitting in traffic jams and feeling trapped by lights and junctions can only be relieved by a big release of tension. For some this means watching beat up old cars perpetually crashing into each other...Read more

11 Aug 2011
A proportion of motorists across the UK are filling their cars up with an illegal fuel substance, it has been claimed...Read more

10 Aug 2011
With opportunist car crime on the increase industry experts are saying they would like to see all windows in all new cars fitted with toughened glass...Read more

08 Aug 2011
Those motorists who live in areas controlled by congestion charges are increasingly coming under threat from a new breed of criminal menace...Read more

04 Aug 2011
Despite the prevalence of speed limit signs and traffic calming measures it seems that many drivers are still not clear about what the legal speed limit is for their vehicle...Read more

02 Aug 2011
It is a common belief amongst drivers that they are the best on the road, and while this is patently untrue a recent study has shown how badly wrong we all are...Read more

25 Jul 2011
Everyday countless UK drivers are delayed and frustrated by roadworks. Sometimes it is only a minor pothole repair and the disruption is gone the following day, however, many roadworks seem to carry on forever...Read more

21 Jul 2011
It is a common belief among motorists of all ages and types that they are good drivers and that it is other people who are at fault...Read more

19 Jul 2011
For many couples, even those with children, the weekend away can be a special, much looked forward to treat. Unfortunately for many motorists taking the car on a romantic getaway could be a mistake a recent poll has revealed...Read more

19 Jul 2011
Many drivers have taken the car to work whilst feeling a little under the weather and usually this is acceptable. However, it seems that many motorists are getting behind the wheel when they are not medically fit...Read more

11 Jul 2011
With the recent harsh winters and hot summers the country’s road are increasing falling victim to potholes. The road surface is frozen and heated which causes it to expand and contract unevenly and any weak parts are compromised and cause cracks...Read more

07 Jul 2011
Despite being an incredibly unpopular issue the government is still considering introducing road charges...Read more

06 Jul 2011
The age old stereotype that women dislike going into garages and car workshops is alive and well according to a recent poll...Read more

04 Jul 2011
In the summer months it is a common site for motorists to have their arm out of an open window in the car, a good way to top up the tan in the sunny weather...Read more

01 Jul 2011
Despite the huge improvements in car safety technology there are still things that could go wrong. A recent report from a leading motor research group has revealed an alarming new problem that many drivers will be unaware of...Read more

29 Jun 2011
We all like to think we are the best driver on the road and never make mistakes; however, a recent survey by a well known online motoring magazine has shown that we may not be as great as we believe...Read more

29 Jun 2011
Driving in the UK can be frustrating for many people however, it seems we Brits are unable to curb our tempers abroad either as we come out top of a poll of uptight drivers...Read more

28 Jun 2011
Almost half of all drivers expect to be filling up their cars with alternative fuels by 2020 says a recent poll by a leading motor trade magazine...Read more

21 Jun 2011
There is nothing like that new car smell, unfortunately new research has revealed that the interiors of our cars could be awash with toxic chemicals which manufacturers use to make our vehicles...Read more

20 Jun 2011
Many of the county’s drivers are now carpooling, partly to meet rising costs of car ownership. However, a recent report from a leading motor insurance provider claims that car sharing can also reduce the risk of having an accident...Read more

11 Jun 2011
The congestion charge in London may result in some used cars suffering from a loss in value, it has been claimed...Read more

09 Jun 2011
In recent years business fleets have shrunk due to cost cutting and employees using their own vehicles for work purposes. However, recent research, by a leading auditing firm, has revealed that the company car is set to make a major comeback...Read more

06 Jun 2011
With many of us working longer hours to make ends meet, especially with the ever increasing costs of running our vehicles it seem we no longer have time or need for our gardens...Read more

06 Jun 2011
It is said that the longer a couple stay together the more they start to look alike and copy each other’s mannerisms, in light of this is should be no surprise to find that they are also likely to drive alike...Read more

05 Jun 2011
An increasing problem in heavily populated urban areas is mindless vehicle vandalism and it seems like there is no way of preventing this sort of petty criminal activity...Read more

19 May 2011
Most drivers have had a breakdown of one sort or another over the years...Read more

17 May 2011
Usually motorists would expect a newer car to be safer and probably sturdier than an older model, and in the vast majority of cases this is true...Read more

17 May 2011
It takes a moment's inattention and you could be involved in a road accident, it may not be serious, it may not be your fault but at the very least it a huge inconvenience...Read more

14 May 2011
Many motorists are feeling the pinch – prices in all areas are rising, fuel, tyres and taxes. So it is welcome news to hear that one major cost of owning and running a vehicle may soon decrease...Read more

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