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27 Sep 2010
All drivers caught on mobile phones should be charged with dangerous driving, according to a former police traffic expert...Read more

07 Sep 2010
If drivers were to perform more efficient safety checks on their Lorries, roadside prohibitions and roadworthiness issues would be curbed, it has been claimed...Read more

05 Sep 2010
A road safety group has claimed that the police should be given the power to breathalyse drivers at random...Read more

31 Aug 2010
Companies, whose drivers use their phones while driving could be held liable for their behaviour and prosecuted, say police...Read more

28 Jul 2010
Three law lords have backed a truck driver prosecuted for obstructing the police because he warned other drivers of a speed trap...Read more

14 Jul 2010
SmartWater is being used by local police forces across the nation to ‘trap’ car thieves...Read more

04 Jul 2010
Petrol station operators have reported increasing numbers of criminals fixing fake plates to their cars and driving away from pumps without paying. The scam is becoming more and more worthwhile, as fuel prices continue to rise...Read more

08 Jun 2010
Police officers across the UK are being given targets in a bid to catch speeding motorists. Chiefs in Norfolk have told the county's police force to focus on speeding drivers and those caught without seatbelts...Read more

06 Jun 2010
The Arrive Alive road safety scheme is branching out by targeting other offences...Read more

25 May 2010
Motorists are still using mobile phones at the wheel of their cars, Auto Express magazine has reported...Read more

24 May 2010
Motor insurance claims across the country could be reduced as the result of a new initiative. The Community Safety Partnership and local garages have teamed up in a bid to cut car crime in the locality...Read more

19 May 2010
There are a number of reasons people risk getting behind the wheel without car insurance, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI). The group claimed around one in 20 motorists hit the road without the necessary cover...Read more

19 Apr 2010
The RAC Foundation has praised younger drivers for their "good effort" in improving their safety on the road, but also said they must try harder to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities caused by car accidents...Read more

15 Apr 2010
The Department for Transport (DfT) has launched a campaign to show the safety advantages of wearing a seatbelt. The risk is the same wherever you sit in a vehicle, and whatever kind of vehicle it is – on whatever sort of journey...Read more

12 Apr 2010
The government has proposed new plans to tackle the problem of uninsured drivers in the UK, according to the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA)...Read more

23 Mar 2010
The Governments ‘Watchdog’ has broadcast their view that motorists should be forced to pay to drive on the busiest roads to slash greenhouse gas emissions...Read more

19 Mar 2010
Incorrect pressure in your tyres can have a multitude of effects, from decreased fuel efficiency to increasing stopping distance...Read more

18 Mar 2010
Traffic congestion wastes drivers’ time and fuel, pollutes the atmosphere, reduces employment, and pushes businesses and shoppers away from cities...Read more

15 Mar 2010
Every year in the UK over 16,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents, including around 2,500 who are killed or seriously injured...Read more

12 Mar 2010
The epidemic of illegal number plates is sweeping the country with motorists altering the spacing, changing the font and moving screws to change the characters so they look like a different one, which makes it difficult to identify the vehicle...Read more

11 Mar 2010
One in six of all deaths on Britain's roads are alcohol-related. This means that, in this country, approximately 11 people are killed each week by drunk drivers...Read more

23 Feb 2010
UK Motorists are being urged to stay vigilant to car crime, especially due to the economic climate, which could lead to an increase in vehicle crime...Read more

17 Feb 2010
The European Commission is pushing ahead with plans to have every car equipped with an aircraft-like "black box" that will record the vehicle's behaviour immediately before and after a crash...Read more

05 Feb 2010
Research has suggested that listening to loud music while driving can seriously hamper reaction times and cause accidents...Read more

04 Feb 2010
UK laws state that if motorists use or keep a vehicle on a public road, they must display a valid tax disc - As the registered owner of a car, it’s their responsibility to tax it...Read more

03 Feb 2010
Rocketing petrol and diesel costs have contributed to a 17% increase in the overall cost of motoring in the UK...Read more

02 Feb 2010
Women motorists are twice as likely as men to resort to asking another driver to park their car for them...Read more

27 Jan 2010
Drivers who tailgate other motorists while at the wheel are one of the most dangerous threats on UK roads. Recent surveys reveal that 60% of women regard tailgating as dangerous, whereas only 47% of men believe this to be the case...Read more

26 Jan 2010
Motorists have faced a significant increase in the cost of parking fines under new laws giving councils the power to issue tickets of up to £120...Read more

18 Jan 2010
It really is extremely difficult these days to undertake a journey and arrive at your destination without having some form of confrontation with, or at least having your blood pressure raised, by another driver...Read more

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