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16 Sep 2013
More than 30,000 people die on the roads in Europe with a further 1.5 million injured. The time has come to slow down says EU with a bid for new legislation that would mean cars are fitted with devices to stop speeding. The estimate is that around 6... Read more

11 Sep 2013
It is a familiar sight to anyone who has to commute into a large city every day; long queues of cars, vans and buses waiting at lights or junctions with their engines running. And while most of us are safe in our cars the likes of cyclists and... Read more

04 Sep 2013
The glorious summer is now coming to a close, the nights are starting to draw in and it is that time again when the UK’s darlings head back to school.   A leading motoring safety organisation has issued a warning to parents and carers about the... Read more

29 Aug 2013
Car insurance prices fell by nearly 10% this year; mostly attributed to the industry cracking down on fraudulent claims.   Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:   "We'd like to congratulate the insurance companies and the... Read more

29 Aug 2013
Over half (51%) of British motorists believe the current driving test is not difficult enough, with many claiming it is "too easy". Many respondents claimed the current test is inadequate,  as it does not include motorway or night driving. Mark... Read more

29 Aug 2013
Across the country well over a million drivers are chased through the courts for minor parking fines every year. Many are summonsed and didn’t even know they had an infringement because they have moved house or bought a car with an outstanding... Read more

27 Aug 2013
It’s a common problem; you have to drive into London, or another big city, regularly on business. You have no idea whether there is a handy and cheap car park nearby. What do you do? It seems that many motorists in the UK are renting out space on... Read more

22 Aug 2013
With ever spiralling fuel costs, plus car tax, insurance premiums on the rise because of fraud and general tightening of the UK belts it may be no surprise that the country’s motorists are leaving the car at home.   Figures released have shown that... Read more

21 Aug 2013
Ever parked your car for a couple of hours then gone back to find the window smashed or even worse than it has gone all together? It’s a horrible situation to be in but apparently it is more likely to happen in some areas of the country than others... Read more

19 Aug 2013
We have all heard of the Crash for Cash scam that has been plaguing the UK’s roads now for a few years. Where unscrupulous drivers cause an accident and then claim for outrageous whip lash injuries, inaccurate car repair bills and exorbitant car... Read more

14 Aug 2013
Despite the continuing economic downturn drivers in the UK are still out there replacing their cars and many are in fact buying new. However, there appears to be a disparity between the sexes as to how they choose to pay for their new car.   A... Read more

12 Aug 2013
The current driving test has been in the news a bit recently and now another important aspect of driving has come to light. A leading motoring safety organisation has highlighted the need to allow learner drivers access to the country’s motorways... Read more

08 Aug 2013
The vast majority of UK households have at least one car and the numbers of drivers on the road is increasing every day. And with today’s hectic lifestyle there is no doubt that each and every car is needed for getting the kids to school, driving to... Read more

07 Aug 2013
There is nothing like that “new car smell”, and driving away your brand new car from the garage. Many drivers in the UK are still buying new cars and increasingly these are eco type models. But are the car manufacturers doing enough to make our new... Read more

06 Aug 2013
We have all seen the signs on the country’s motorways “take a break, tiredness kills”. And this is a serious message as it seems excessive sleepiness appears to cause up to 20% of motorway traffic accidents according to the DVLA.   While most... Read more

31 Jul 2013
While many of the UK’s drivers are law abiding and wouldn’t dream of driving home after a few drinks, there are still quite a few that seem OK with the idea. Now the government has now added a new stipulation to the test for regaining their license... Read more

29 Jul 2013
The tyres are probably one of the most important parts of your car, and yet we seem to be ignorant of how to look after them. The only bit of the car that actually touches the road should be one of our prime concerns. A leading tyre retailer has... Read more

25 Jul 2013
It is no surprise that the price of fuel is slowly creeping up again. But what may be a shock is that it seems the price of diesel at the pump is rising a little faster than the cost of petrol according to a report from a leading motoring... Read more

23 Jul 2013
Many UK drivers pop into the pub for a quick after work pint or an evening out with the other half. However, the vast majority would never think of having an alcoholic drink and then getting behind the wheel and stick to the orange and lemonades.  ... Read more

17 Jul 2013
The summer holidays are almost upon us and many UK drivers will be taking a trip across the Channel with their cars this year. The driving holiday has never been more popular but it is important to remember that while we are friends and neighbours... Read more

15 Jul 2013
It seems that where you live can influence what type of punishment you get for speeding, according to a new report by a leading insurance company. They found that across the country there was a variation of around 10% between counties as to which... Read more

11 Jul 2013
Despite the long running economic downturn, UK drivers are still changing their cars. If you are buying second hand especially from a private vendor how can you be sure the car is as the seller says it is?   One major problem that seems to crop up... Read more

10 Jul 2013
The days of cars being able to drive themselves is one step closer with the development of some amazing new technology. One of the biggest car manufacturers has hit on the idea of being able to ‘see’ around a corner.   Many drivers have been caught... Read more

08 Jul 2013
Drivers in the UK, while great at getting their cars serviced and MOT’s on time, seem to be notoriously forgetful when it comes to the little things that can help them keep on the road. There are quite a few easy jobs that motorists can do that will... Read more

03 Jul 2013
It is a proud moment for many parents when their little ones become all grown up and one of the final stages is the passing of the driving test. However, there has been some concern expressed in the media recently about how suitable the current... Read more

01 Jul 2013
Shortly the government will introduce legislation which will make it an offence to “hog” the middle lane, and tail-gate other road users. Be Wiser Insurance welcomes the new laws. Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments: "While it'... Read more

01 Jul 2013
Half (49%) of road users still don't trust their sat navs, and spend much of their time trying to second guess them, according to a recent Be Wiser Insurance poll. Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:   "Sat navs have got a... Read more

01 Jul 2013
The vast majority of UK drivers know that they have to renew their car insurance, pay car tax and get an MOT every year. But what about other bits of driving documentation? Did you know that you need to get you photocard licence renew every 10 years... Read more

27 Jun 2013
Notwithstanding the few scare stories we hear about in the papers of HGV Lorries stuck in tiny alleyways and hapless cars directed onto bridleways to get to their desired destination, sat navs are a great leap forward in car technology.   However,... Read more

26 Jun 2013
The new photocard licenses are very popular with drivers in the UK. They are small enough to fit snugly in your wallet or purse with your credit cards. Handy for a quick ID check if you are picking up a parcel at the Post Office or hiring a car. But... Read more

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