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27 Aug 2015
Smart Phone - BeWiser
It is most definitely illegal to use your phone whilst you are driving, but downloading particular apps before your journey and implementing them before you turn the ignition could add to your driving experience...Read more

04 Jun 2015
Drive-by Accident Snaps Lead To Prosecutions
On May 28th a four lorry pile up occurred on the A14 between Histon and Girton. The accident was captured on the mobile phone cameras of passing drivers, and 15 of them are to be prosecuted...Read more

22 Jan 2014
UK Drivers have plenty to worry about already with ever increasing fuel prices, garage bills and road tax hikes but now it seems there is another big bill to add to the list...Read more

15 Jul 2013
It seems that where you live can influence what type of punishment you get for speeding, according to a new report by a leading insurance company...Read more

17 Sep 2012
It is a question that surfaces again and again: "what is or what is not the safe alcohol limit for driving a motor vehicle"...Read more

04 Jul 2012
Safety cameras are often a sore point for Britain’s drivers as many of us have been caught out and had to pay a fine for a seemingly minor incident...Read more

23 Apr 2012
Shockingly the majority of UK drivers speed on the roads, according to a recent study. The survey looked at how speed cameras affected driver behaviour...Read more

04 Oct 2011
Time-delayed double speed cameras that will capture a photograph of the person who is at the wheel as well as the number plate are being trialled by the police...Read more

18 Apr 2011
Motorists in the UK are not happy with the current system of points for speeding a recent report has revealed. Almost two thirds of those asked said penalty points for speeding are unfair and are not sufficient to stop people speeding...Read more

20 Sep 2010
Drivers who do not report the details of who was behind the wheel at the time of a speeding offence will face a six-point penalty as part of new regulation...Read more

08 Jun 2010
Police officers across the UK are being given targets in a bid to catch speeding motorists. Chiefs in Norfolk have told the county's police force to focus on speeding drivers and those caught without seatbelts...Read more

27 Apr 2010
The government is to massively expand the nation's network of speed cameras into 20mph residential areas as an alternative to speed bumps...Read more

18 Mar 2010
Traffic congestion wastes drivers’ time and fuel, pollutes the atmosphere, reduces employment, and pushes businesses and shoppers away from cities...Read more

15 Mar 2010
Every year in the UK over 16,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents, including around 2,500 who are killed or seriously injured...Read more

12 Mar 2010
The epidemic of illegal number plates is sweeping the country with motorists altering the spacing, changing the font and moving screws to change the characters so they look like a different one, which makes it difficult to identify the vehicle...Read more

11 Mar 2010
One in six of all deaths on Britain's roads are alcohol-related. This means that, in this country, approximately 11 people are killed each week by drunk drivers...Read more

07 Mar 2010
Motorists who are at risk of being caught up in the latest blitz on the uninsured on our roads should act now if they want to keep their cars, the motor insurance industry has warned...Read more

23 Feb 2010
UK Motorists are being urged to stay vigilant to car crime, especially due to the economic climate, which could lead to an increase in vehicle crime...Read more

17 Feb 2010
The European Commission is pushing ahead with plans to have every car equipped with an aircraft-like "black box" that will record the vehicle's behaviour immediately before and after a crash...Read more

03 Feb 2010
Rocketing petrol and diesel costs have contributed to a 17% increase in the overall cost of motoring in the UK...Read more

26 Jan 2010
Motorists have faced a significant increase in the cost of parking fines under new laws giving councils the power to issue tickets of up to £120...Read more

15 Jan 2010
'White Van Man' became a term for rude and reckless drivers of white transit vans after it was apparently coined by other motorists as an issue in UK roads...Read more

04 Jan 2010
Britain has become the speed camera capital of Europe with the number of cameras almost trebling in six years...Read more

03 Dec 2009
Five million UK cyclists may be putting themselves and others at risk because they do not have basic third party insurance cover...Read more

06 Nov 2009
Boy racers and drivers who don’t say thanks when you’ve let them out are the two most annoying types of road user for British motorists, with a survey revealing there is a need for better manners on UK roads...Read more

04 Nov 2009
It has recently been revealed that more than half of UK motorists think the driving test is too easy. With as many as 89% of those who have passed the test in the last two years saying the test should be tougher...Read more

23 Oct 2009
According to motorcycle accident statistics last year, 21,550 motorcyclists were reported casualties on UK roads. Of these unfortunate incidents, 6,049 motorcyclists were killed or seriously injured...Read more

15 Jul 2009
A gadget designed to reduce the likelihood of traffic accidents and subsequent car insurance claims recently received recognition from Toyota...Read more

20 Apr 2009
More drivers could be asked to pay fines if new speed limits are introduced, it has been claimed...Read more

25 Jan 2009
As many as 73,000 disqualified novice drivers could have returned to the road illegally over the past decade...Read more

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