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London 2016 air pollution limit exceeded in just 8 days
Monday 18th January 2016

Air pollution and the need for eco-friendly cars has been in the media now for years, so it’s surprising that London exceeded its 2016 air pollution limit in just 8 days. This puts people’s health at risk, and has even been compared to the ‘Black Death’.

Tips to avoid a watery write-off
Friday 15th January 2016

With the recent flooding, particularly in the north of the country, the potential for damage to cars has been increased, and perhaps unsurprisingly there has been an increase in the sale of flood damaged cars.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Check your car battery isn’t flat today
Thursday 14th January 2016

Monday mornings can be hard enough as it is without facing the surprise of a dead car battery. The cold and damp weather is a recipe for disaster, particularly if your car is a little older. So how can you ensure that your car is more likely to start in the morning?

Ford Focus
Monday 11th January 2016

2015 saw a number of new cars, and the car industry remained strong. But what were the best selling cars of 2015? This article discusses which ones were the most popular, and why.

Martin Saarinen, Auto Express, reports:

Will Driverless Cars Give You Travel Sickness?
Monday 4th January 2016

Driverless cars are developing fast and may soon be the seen on UK roads. But, they don’t come without a price. Yes they can be more efficient and environmentally friendly, but what about for the humans inside of the cars?

7 new laws drivers need to know
Tuesday 22nd December 2015

With the New Year comes the prospect of new driving laws – but before anything new is officially announced, it’s worth brushing up on the laws and changes that have been, or are due to be, implemented.

Andrew Brady, Motoring Research, reports:

Motoring driving lesson plans announced by ministers
Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Ensuring that new drivers are fully equipped to drive solo should be a top priority, although it currently stands that new drivers aren’t allowed on motorways until after they pass their test – and there is no further training on motorway driving.  Thankfully, this is due to change, with motorway

Thousands of roads closed a year so that lorry drivers can take a rest
Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Lorry drivers slowing down the roads is the root of many motorist's road rage, but what we fail to see if the rules, regulations and time constraints of their job.  Being behind the wheel is a difficult and tiring occupation, and needing to take regulated breaks is an important factor of their jo

Heavier fines to be introduced in clampdown on drivers using mobile phones at the wheel.
Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Using a mobile phone whilst driving has remained common place, despite campaigns showing the dangers of taking your eyes off the road – and possibly more importantly – that it's illegal!

MSN news reports:

Drink-drive? Then so will your kids.
Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Being aware of the example you set for your children couldn’t be more vital than when it comes to drink driving, according to a new study.

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