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Brits choosing to get behind the wheel to reach holiday destination
Wednesday 10th August 2016

Summer is here! And although the weather isn’t doing a great job of reflecting the summer spirit we’re all feeling, we’re excited at the prospect of upcoming holidays, which for many of us means getting behind the wheel.

Yahoo! News reports:

Why you’ll never be late again – if you drive a BMW
Monday 8th August 2016

An extremely common pet peeve is people running late, but that can be a problem of the past with the technology included in new BMWs!

Andrew English, The Telegraph, report:

How should drivers deal with a funeral procession?
Friday 5th August 2016

Knowing how to react when an ambulance is running red is something covered when learning how to drive. Understanding that you need to pull over or slow down safely is a protocol followed by every driver, but what if there was something a little more unusual, such as a funeral procession?

Overtired drivers admit they have dozed at the wheel
Monday 1st August 2016

With 40% of drivers dozing at the wheel, it begs the question as to why we don’t take it more seriously? Driving when tired reduces the speed of your reflexes and can easily lead to a lack of concentration, which behind the wheel can have devastating consequences.

Why self-driving cars aren't safe yet: rain, roadworks and other obstacles
Wednesday 27th July 2016

Driverless cars have been a hot topic in the news for many months, and although developments are being made every day, it seems we still have a very long way to go.

Olivia Solon, The Guardian, reports:

The world’s most powerful diesel SUV is a £70,970 Audi
Monday 25th July 2016

If money is little issue, or you just like to be in the know, the most powerful diesel SUV has now been announced.

Richard Aucock, Motoring Research, reports:

The cost of cleaning up after car litterbugs: Our £4.8m a year bill to remove rubbish from beside motorways and A-roads
Wednesday 20th July 2016

Throwing rubbish on the floor whilst walking around town is something to be frowned upon, and something rarely seen nowadays. However, unfortunately this can’t be said for when we’re behind the wheel.

Rob Hull, The Daily Mail, reports:

Young passengers “too embarrassed” to speak out against dangerous driving
Monday 18th July 2016

Have you ever been the passenger in a vehicle and been subjected to dangerous driving by the person behind the wheel? Research has shown this scenario may be more common than you think, particularly among younger generations.

Yahoo! News reports:

Driving at night: things to consider this summer
Wednesday 13th July 2016

With longer, lighter evenings, the risks of driving at night can easily be overlooked. However, with holiday season approaching, and perhaps late night trips to the airport, the risks should be considered closely.

Yahoo! News reports:

Chris Evans quits BBC Top Gear after just one series
Monday 11th July 2016

The new series of BBC’s Top Gear has had mixed reviews, but no one was expecting one of the main presenters, Chris Evans, to step down so suddenly.

John Plunkett and Jane Martinson, The Guardian, reports:

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