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26 Jan 2016
Are You Well Enough To Drive? Be Wiser Press Release
Is it time to shake off the expectation of coming to work while ill – especially when it risks lives on our roads?..Read more

25 Jan 2016
Drivers abandoning car journeys in residential parking wars
Imagine this, you’ve had a long day at work, and you’re approaching the turn off to your street.  Getting ready to turn off the engine and put the kettle on.  But what’s the first thing that springs to mind when you slow down round the corner befo..Read more

21 Jan 2016
Are Self driving Cars Safe? Google reports self-driving car mistakes
There has been a lot of hype recently about automated cars and how they could improve road safety. However, recent research shows that there are a lot of safety issues that need to be addressed before they become available to the public...Read more

20 Jan 2016
Be Wiser Opening New Swindon Office In Search For New Insurance Talent
Be Wiser Insurance is set to expand further - creating 350 jobs over the course of the next three years...Read more

20 Jan 2016
Have you seen my car keys?
How many times have you searched the house from top to bottom to look for your car keys - which you swear must have been moved – and yet, they're always in the same place, right?..Read more

19 Jan 2016
How Dangerous Is Your Daily Commute?
15% of UK commuters drive for over an hour to get to their workplace, a recent survey has revealed – applying prolonged periods of stress twice a day...Read more

18 Jan 2016
London 2016 air pollution limit exceeded in just 8 days
Air pollution and the need for eco-friendly cars has been in the media now for years, so it’s surprising that London exceeded its 2016 air pollution limit in just 8 days...Read more

15 Jan 2016
Tips to avoid a watery write-off
With the recent flooding, particularly in the north of the country, the potential for damage to cars has been increased, and perhaps unsurprisingly there has been an increase in the sale of flood damaged cars...Read more

14 Jan 2016
Check your car battery isn’t flat today
Monday mornings can be hard enough as it is without facing the surprise of a dead car battery. The cold and damp weather is a recipe for disaster, particularly if your car is a little older...Read more

11 Jan 2016
Ford Focus
2015 saw a number of new cars, and the car industry remained strong. But what were the best selling cars of 2015? This article discusses which ones were the most popular, and why.Martin Saarinen, Auto Express, reports:..Read more

04 Jan 2016
Will Driverless Cars Give You Travel Sickness?
Driverless cars are developing fast and may soon be the seen on UK roads. But, they don’t come without a price. Yes they can be more efficient and environmentally friendly, but what about for the humans inside of the cars?..Read more

22 Dec 2015
7 new laws drivers need to know
With the New Year comes the prospect of new driving laws – but before anything new is officially announced, it’s worth brushing up on the laws and changes that have been, or are due to be, implemented...Read more

22 Dec 2015
Motoring driving lesson plans announced by ministers
Ensuring that new drivers are fully equipped to drive solo should be a top priority, although it currently stands that new drivers aren’t allowed on motorways until after they pass their test – and there is no further training on motorway driving...Read more

22 Dec 2015
Thousands of roads closed a year so that lorry drivers can take a rest
Lorry drivers slowing down the roads is the root of many motorist's road rage, but what we fail to see if the rules, regulations and time constraints of their job.  Being behind the wheel is a difficult and tiring occupation, and needing to take r..Read more

22 Dec 2015
Heavier fines to be introduced in clampdown on drivers using mobile phones at the wheel.
Using a mobile phone whilst driving has remained common place, despite campaigns showing the dangers of taking your eyes off the road – and possibly more importantly – that it's illegal!MSN news reports:..Read more

22 Dec 2015
Drink-drive? Then so will your kids.
Being aware of the example you set for your children couldn’t be more vital than when it comes to drink driving, according to a new study...Read more

22 Dec 2015
Automated cars ‘legal by 2017’
We've seen the eventual shift from gear sticks to automatics, from maps to sat navs, and the introduction and cruise control and automatic headlights...Read more

18 Dec 2015
Have you done any of your Christmas shopping yet? And if you have, then where have you put them to hide them from prying eyes?..Read more

16 Dec 2015
Will we ever get a truly car-free European city? - Oslo Opera House
Cars, pollution, traffic and the danger that congestion brings seems to be the norm in the majority of cities across Europe...Read more

15 Dec 2015
New Year’s Resolutions For Motorists: Happier Commuting For 2016
It’s nearly the end of the year again, and after we sit wondering where on earth the last twelve months have gone, many of us start looking towards the future...Read more

14 Dec 2015
Top Tips to help you stay out of trouble when driving over Christmas
Many of us will be travelling to and from festive get-togethers and travelling further afield to see family between now and the New Year.  Bad driving conditions can make these journeys hazardous, but have you stopped to think whether you are fit ..Read more

11 Dec 2015
At least half of drivers would fail a driving ‘re-test’
How do you think you would fare if you were to take your driving test again? Many of us may still feel confident in the Highway Code and our own abilities, although a recent survey suggests otherwise.Yahoo! News, reports:..Read more

09 Dec 2015
Men are better drivers, one in four women believe.
The age old argument of who are better drivers: men or women, has been discussed over and over, without coming to any sort of conclusion. While it's unlikely the question will ever be answered, but these figures make for an interesting debate...Read more

07 Dec 2015
Up to 750K motorists risk accidents this Christmas, as a shock survey reveals complacency on drink driving.
The temptation to have a drink with family and friends over the festive period is often a difficult one to refuse. However, if you’re the designated driver you need to think twice...Read more

02 Dec 2015
Scrapping of paper tax discs leads to more unlicensed car on UK roads
Even though the paper tax disc was scrapped, there is an electronic record. Claire Evans, Motoring Research, reports: The number of untaxed cars on Britain’s roads has more than doubled since the p..Read more

30 Nov 2015
Car Headlights - BeWiser
Knowing whether your headlights are on should be quite a simple task, but with newer cars having automatic headlights, and daytime running lights, this can be a little trickier than it used to be!Alex Robbins, The Telegraph, reports:..Read more

27 Nov 2015
Switzerland Road - BeWiser
A bus in Switzerland, albeit a small one, has been designed to be completely driverless. Its nine passengers will be taken to places that are not served by public transport, opening up transport links in a technically triumphant way...Read more

25 Nov 2015
Parking Fine - Be Wiser
Anyone who has been subjected to a parking fine should be able to relate to their seemingly high pricing strategy.  One particular man took the matter to court to contest his £85 fine, although the court eventually ruled against him...Read more

23 Nov 2015
BeWiser - Teen Learner Driver
Are driving tests getting easier?..Read more

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