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Hit and run drivers ‘don’t know it’s illegal’
Monday 25th April 2016

Horrifyingly, 50% of hit and run motorists don’t realise the legal requirement to stop if you’ve been involved in an incident. Presumably this applies to less serious offenses, and not when the person who’s been hit is in a critical condition.

Richard Aucock, Motoring Research, reports:

Blue car sales surge in Leicester as fans get behind their table-topping team bidding to make Premier League history.
Friday 22nd April 2016

How into your football are you? For some, the colour of your car should match the colour of your team. This had led to a surge of blue cars across Leicester, in a trend that’s typical up and down the country.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Have you ever experienced that heart-wrenching moment when you hear that awful metal on metal scrape of your car against another? Whether it’s a lapse of concentration, opening your door onto someone else’s car, or an oversight of how tight that space really was, many of us are either guilty, or know someone who’s guilty, of accidentally scratching or clipping another vehicle. But what do you do next? It seems many choose to ‘hit and run’ instead of leaving an apology. Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports: •
Thursday 21st April 2016

Have you ever experienced that heart-wrenching moment when you hear that awful metal on metal scrape of your car against another?

Revealed: How long you really spend waiting at traffic lights
Monday 18th April 2016

Late again! Jump in the car… turn the key in the ignition, handbrake! Let’s go! But turning round the corner shows a familiar sight. Another red light. It feels like you have spent most of your driving life sat at a red light.

Triplets’ experiment reveals shocking truth of driving tired
Friday 15th April 2016

Are you a busy parent? Or do you simply struggle to get a full night’s sleep? In an interesting study, the effect of sleep deprivation has been studied when driving, and the results are quite surprising.

Yahoo! News reports:

Jaguar F-Pace review 2016
Thursday 14th April 2016

If you’ve been waiting for more information on the Jaguar F-Pace, then your wait is over! Andrew English, The Telegraph, is on hand to give a comprehensive overview:

Petrol Prices are on the up – but it’s not all bad news for motorists.
Monday 11th April 2016

The cost of fuel is notorious for frustrating fluctuations, and this can lead to uncertainty amongst motorists as to how high, or how low, fuel prices will get, and how long they might stay like that for.

Petrified of parallel parking? As its revealed how much drivers hate it, we find out how much it costs to get a car that parks itself.
Friday 8th April 2016

Forward a bit, back a bit, hard left… oh wait, make that a right… brake! Parallel parking is a pain at the best of times – couple that with traffic, or a newer (longer) car, and you have a recipe for disaster, or at least a little embarrassment.

Children as young as five to be offered driving lessons
Wednesday 6th April 2016

How young is too young when it comes to getting behind the wheel? Well, according to Young Driver Motor Cars the answer is under 5 years old! Don't worry though, you might not be pulling up to the lights with a pint-sized commuter just yet! Chris Knapman, The Telegraph, reports:

Top Gear: first Trailer for all-new Chris Evans led series released
Monday 4th April 2016

There has been much focus on the new series of Top Gear, and it was only a matter of time before the trailer was to be released. Well, it’s finally here!

Richard Aucock, Motoring Research, reports:

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