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If you own a motorbike, you’ll need insurance to protect your motorcycle from various unforeseen circumstances. Motorbike insurance usually provides cover if your motorbike is stolen, damaged or if you get involved in a road accident. 

Your motorbike insurance also covers you if you cause injury to members of the public or other road users, or if you cause any damage to their property.  It is illegal for you to ride a motorcycle without insurance.

This depends on the type of insurance policy you choose. There are three types of motorbike insurance cover available: Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft and Comprehensive. Here is a summary of what each insurance policy covers:

Third Party Only 
This is the minimum legal level of insurance you need in the UK to cover your motorbike. With third party insurance you’re covered when:

  • Damaging another vehicle
  • Causing injury to another person
  • Damaging other people’s property

This does not cover or provide any financial assistance for any damage caused to your own motorbike (such as repair costs) or any injury caused to you in an accident. 
Third Party, Fire and Theft
This offers the same cover as third party insurance. However, in addition to that, you’ll also be covered if your motorbike is damaged through fire or if it gets stolen. 
Comprehensive insurance is the most complete level of cover you can get for your motorbike. It provides cover for all levels of protection including third party, fire and theft. Comprehensive insurance also covers:

  • Damage caused to your motorbike, both accidental and vandalism
  • Emergency treatment and expenses when injured in an accident

This usually varies between policies, however, here are some of the common exclusions within your motorbike insurance policy:

  • You won’t be covered if your motorbike is used in racing
  • You won’t be covered if you are riding other people’s motorbikes
  • Depending on the policy, you might also not be covered for loss or damage to helmets and protective clothing

The exact cover you get from your motorbike insurance policy will depend on the level of cover you choose. 

Within some policies, certain extras may be included as standard. If these extra features are optional, you can be charged more for them, but it could be worth it for a policy that perfectly meets your needs.

Additional features which may or may not be covered by your motorbike insurance policy include:

  • Helmet and leathers insurance
  • Sidecar insurance
  • Riding your motorbike abroad
  • Breakdown cover
  • Legal expenses
  • Extra riders

For example, an annual motorbike insurance policy from Be Wiser includes free helmet and leathers cover, gadget cover, misfuelling cover, roadside assistance breakdown cover, claims assistance and three months personal accident cover, all as standard.

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We Offer Wiser Value

We Offer Wiser Value

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We Won't Leave You Uncovered

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