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Be Wiser Insurance Knowledge Base

Be Wiser’s Guide to Boat Insurance
Tuesday 30th April 2019

Will you be messing about on the river this year?  Or taking to the high seas in search of new adventures?  After investing in a luxury investment like a boat, it is important to have the right insurance cover in place to protect your hobby, new l

Tuesday 16th April 2019

‘Congratulations, you’ve passed’ would normally bring a smile to anyone’s face after passing their Driving Test.  Say ‘goodbye’ to your L Plates and ‘hello’ independence as you brave the open road!  Then reality hits, you’re on your own, navigatin

Be Wiser Guide to Listed Building Insurance
Tuesday 19th March 2019

Your listed building deserves nothing less than a tailored policy to make sure you have everything covered.  Mainstream insurers can provide you with protection but it’s worth taking out specialist cover for your listed property.

Can New Technology Help Keep Our Roads Safe
Tuesday 12th March 2019

From the arrival of the first traffic light system in the UK in 1868, to the invention of the speed camera in the 1960s, the

Driving in the European Union after a no deal Brexit
Tuesday 5th March 2019


In the event of a no-deal Brexit you will still be able to travel in the EU with valid insurance but you need to bear in mind the following information before you travel.

Be Wiser Guide to Over 60s Car Insurance
Tuesday 19th February 2019

For many motorists, age is but a number. When you find yourself approaching retirement your car can be a god send, allowing you to take advantage of your free time, to more frequently visit family and friends for example.

Be Wiser Guide to Any Driver Car Insurance
Thursday 7th February 2019

Your typical car insurance policy limits you as a driver to only being covered when you are driving the car which the policy has been taken out for.

Be Wiser Guide to Learner Driver Insurance
Tuesday 29th January 2019

Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be a daunting prospect and, despite the subsequent cost, getting as much practice behind you before your test can be the best way to fine-tune your skills.

Car Insurance for First Time Drivers Over 30
Tuesday 22nd January 2019

When you consider the term ‘first-time driver’, you typically think of a young adult passing their test and being handed their driver’s licence.

What is car insurance fronting?
Tuesday 8th January 2019

For young or inexperienced drivers, car insurance premiums can be particularly expensive.