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Thu, 07/02/2019
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Be Wiser Guide to Any Driver Car Insurance

Your typical car insurance policy limits you as a driver to only being covered when you are driving the car which the policy has been taken out for. It does not however cover you if you get behind the wheel of another vehicle unless you have a Driving Other Cars extension. Although they may not be as commonplace as your comprehensive single-car policies, some insurers do offer motorists what is known as any driver car insurance cover.

Despite the fact that this insurance type offers a convenient and time-saving solution, it can be difficult to find. It would aid those who plan to be taking a long-haul drive or own a multitude of cars which are used by various family members from day to day. To lend a helping hand to those in search of personal insurance of this type, we have put together a comprehensive guide to any driver car insurance.

What is any driver car insurance?

Any driver car insurance is a specific type of policy which covers any person who meets specific criteria and has your permission to drive your car. Many of these policies have strict rules which regulate what type of driver would be covered by the policy. For example, some insurers may not allow any drivers under the age of 21 to be one of these drivers. Typically, this could be close family and friends.

Any driver car insurance therefore provides a significant level of convenience for those motorists whose vehicle is often used by a variety of different people, under the knowledge that each driver will be insured. There is however a cost to this convenience. These policy types tend to be significantly more expensive than your generic, single car insurance policies. This is primarily due to the fact that your insurer essentially does not know who is driving your vehicle at any one time.

Why would a business need an any driver car insurance policy?

Due to the expense associated with taking out any driver insurance, these policies are not typically taken out for personal use. However, the flexibility offered by this type of insurance can offer an invaluable benefit for businesses who are more likely to take out this kind of policy. An any driver policy provides a business an unrivalled level of ease in ensuring that its employees are always covered no matter what business vehicle they may be driving.

A delivery company would use this policy for example so that any new employee can get going straight away, or to allow employees to drive different delivery vehicles. This will improve the company’s efficiency by ensuring that employees would not have to wait for their assigned vehicle to be available to drive, in addition to reducing the paperwork associated with taking single-vehicle policies out for each employee. These policies are also frequently used by driving schools for the same reasons – learner drivers would be able to drive their instructor’s car during their first lesson.

How do I keep my any driver insurance premium low?

Keeping your insurance premium as low as possible is one of the most fundamental reasons for choosing a certain policy. The reasons for choosing an any driver policy should not therefore be based on cost, as this insurance type is notoriously expensive. If cost is your primary influence for policy choice, then you should consider the simpler alternatives to any driver insurance. For example, most insurers will allow you to add a number of named drivers to your policy. Ensuring that the most frequent driver is the individual who originally took out the policy, all other named drivers will be insured when they drive the car. Another alternative could be taking out a short-term insurance policy.

If, however you value the flexibility offered by any driver insurance, then there are some aspects you should consider if you are intent on reducing your premium. An any driver insurance premium is influenced by the same generic insurance factors as any other: the safer you are deemed to be, the less likely you are to be in an accident or make a claim and therefore will be offered a cheaper premium. Although some of these factors may be out of your control, like your age, there are some factors which you can influence. The most important of these is the type of car you are insuring and what insurance group it is in; the higher the insurance group, the higher your premium.

By ensuring you shop around, you can find a competitive premium price for your any driver insurance policy, matched with the great flexibility this insurance type offers.