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Tue, 04/12/2018
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Be Wiser Guide to Motorhome Insurance

Owning a motorhome provides you and your family the freedom of holidaying pretty much anywhere. With this freedom comes international horizons and unforgettable sights, but also a reliance on your motorhome. Should something unfortunately happen to your motorhome, whether you breakdown on the road or it is burgled in your absence, ensuring you are comprehensively insured before you set off should be a crucial part of your preparation.

With this in mind, we have put together the complete guide to insuring your motorhome, including some top tips on how to reduce your policy’s premium.

What is motorhome insurance?

Like any other vehicle which takes to UK roads, motorhome insurance is a legal requirement. However, unlike insuring a car or a van, there are unique differences when it comes to insuring a motorhome. This is primarily down to the fact that occupants of the motorhome will be able to sleep in their vehicle, and therefore insurers must take into account their contents and the specific high-value equipment which comes with the vehicle. In addition to the internal considerations, motorhome insurers must also consider the context in which the motorhome may be. A primary example is the fact that being involved in an accident here in the UK, may be a very different process to being involved in an accident in the EU.

Although the policies are similar to that of covering a car, in terms of the importance of the number of miles you tell your insurer you will drive, other unique questions arise such as how will you get back to the UK if your motorhome breaks down abroad? In this vein, motorhome insurance policies may set a limit to the time you are covered abroad. This generally ranges from 90 days to a year. These considerations result in motorhome insurance offering unique policy add-ons in order to be able to meet such requirements and ensure the policy holder is completely covered for each trip.

What is included in motorhome insurance?

The aspects included in your motorhome insurance will depend on the policy provider. As with taking out any kind of policy, shopping around is the best starting point in getting the most comprehensive coverage for the best price. Typically, motorhome insurance policies will cover the vehicle itself and to an extent the contents inside. As most of the contents in the motorhome are brought from your home however, most of your personal belongings should be covered under you home insurance policy.

There may also be a price limit on the valuables within your vehicle which your motorhome insurance will cover, and so high value items are unlikely to be insured on your motorhome’s policy. This is extended to non-fixed equipment such as TV’s and kitchen utensils. It is therefore crucial that your first check with your home insurance provider to get a clear understanding of what contents they will cover, and then enquiring into what your motorhome insurance will protect.

There are also many similarities in terms of what is offered for a typical car insurance policy. Accidental damage, vehicle accident and legal fees can all be offered with your motorhome insurance policy. It is also important however, that you ensure you are covered if you plan to travel further afield. This can include breakdown and vehicle recovery in the EU, break-in and theft of personal items cover, and even covering your motorhome if it is vandalised.

How is my insurance premium calculated?

Another unique difference between insuring a motorhome and a car, is that there may be multiple drivers of a motorhome. It is therefore very important that your motorhome policy covers everyone who is travelling with you and especially those who may get behind the wheel. The youngest or least experienced driver on the policy will affect the price of your premium, even if they are only driving occasionally.

Another important element to calculating your premium, as with any insurance policy, is the model of the motorhome itself. Typically, there are two types of motorhome, the classic, manufactured models, and the self-converted motorhomes. Depending on which type it may be, and in extension your motorhome’s specific model, you may need a tailored motorhome insurance provider to ensure your vehicle is comprehensively covered. In extension, if breakdown cover is an important part of your policy, you should consider whether the cover on offer to you has any size restrictions in being able to recover your motorhome.

The most important advice if you are in the market for motorhome insurance is to shop around, and Be Wiser motorhome insurance is a fantastic place to find your perfect quote.