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Thu, 18/06/2020
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Does The Number Of Seats in Your Car Affect Your Insurance Cost?

While the number of seats in your car may not affect the cost of your premium, the size, performance and cost of your car may all be factors, which we will explain in this article. We will also discuss the safety of large cars compared to smaller cars, and what you should consider while driving them. 

Insurance companies calculate your premium based on perceived risk and many factors can play a part in increasing or decreasing your risk score in the eyes of an insurer.

An important consideration is always safety. Larger cars, such as 7 seaters, are renowned for being safer, purely because their larger design and frame makes them more shielded. However, there are benefits for both small and larger cars depending on your lifestyle and preferences, and there are factors besides the size of your car that can affect your premium.

The Benefits of Bigger Cars

  • Off-Road Capabilities 

Bigger cars are renowned for their off-road capabilities, enabling drivers to travel on different types of terrain with greater ease. Smaller cars are not designed for driving up hills or on fields, making them a riskier choice if you intend on using your vehicle in this way. 

  • Space 

It is obvious that a larger car will have more space for people and their belongings. For many, this is ideal if you have children, use your cars for holidays or you need to load up the car on a regular basis. Compared to a smaller car, a larger car tends to be more comfortable for families.

  • Improved Safety 

The general consensus is that an accident in a large car is often safer purely because larger vehicles have more sheet metal to protect the driver and passengers. If a large car and a small car were involved in a crash, the larger car would have more of an impact on the smaller vehicle.


The Benefits of Smaller Cars

  • Better Economy 

Put simply, a smaller car is likely to get better economy and performance from the same size engine as there is less weight to carry around. This difference may not be as large as you think as some manufacturers are renowned for their economical cars no matter the size of the vehicle.

  • Cheaper 

Overall, smaller cars are more affordable than bigger cars in terms of outright purchase, tax, insurance and fuel costs.  

  • Parking 

Many would say that small cars are easier to park than larger ones and often smaller cars usually handle with more agility making them a little easier to drive on busy roads. For an individual commuter, a smaller, economical car may be a safer option. 

  • Car Changeability 

It's often easier to swap from a small car up to a big car, as opposed to the other way around. This is worth considering if you like to change your car often or if you are a young driver looking for your first car.

What Can Affect The Price Of Your Insurance Premium?

Insurance companies look at individual risk/rating factors that affect the probability of you placing a claim. Each factor is weighted differently, but the main rating factors are:

  • Geographical location
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Years of driving experience
  • Driving record
  • Claims history
  • Credit history
  • Previous insurance coverage
  • Vehicle type (size and performance)
  • Vehicle use
  • Miles driven annually
  • Modifications

Which Modifications Increase Risk? And Which Don’t?

In terms of premiums, more risk often equates to higher prices. Therefore, it’s worth knowing what will and won’t affect the risk-factor of your car.

  • Tow Bars - A tow bar is another modification that may lower your insurance premiums by as much as 20% as it signals that the car would be travelling at slower speeds.
  • Tinted Windows – Car windows must let in at least 70% of light to be legal, otherwise they restrict your vision too much. Some insurers will increase your insurance price for this type of modification.
  • Alloy Wheels - Standard alloy wheels may not impact your insurance, but if you upgrade them or even paint them a different colour, your premiums could rise. This is because better alloys may increase the likelihood of your wheels being stolen, which is a common insurance claim.

Need Insurance? 

Here at Be Wiser we know the best thing for our customers is to quote wiser – that means giving you an insurance quote completely tailored to your needs. The number of seats in your car shouldn’t affect the price of your insurance, but inevitably, a larger car will usually cost more due to many other factors.

We understand that everyone values getting more for your money. Therefore, all our clients enjoy free breakdown cover, free claim assistance and free legal expenses cover.  Finding the right 7 seater car insurance for you is something that we can help you with. Start your search for the perfect policy with us!