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Thu, 23/04/2020
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Who Is Eligible for Discounted Car Insurance?

Can you get a discount on your car insurance due to your profession? NHS workers, firefighters, police, and the military are often eligible for discounts on a range of products and services provided by establishments such as shops and restaurants, but can you add car insurance to this list of perks?

It’s true that some car insurance providers do offer discounts to those working for emergency services and the military. If you’re not sure whether your provider offers this kind of discount, it never hurts to ask. In fact, during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more likely that companies will be providing discounts or other perks for key workers. It’s vital that our key workers are able to get to work using reliable transportation during this time, and it’s good to see discounts available and services kept open for car repairs, MOTs, and of course, insurance. All motorists have also been granted a six month MOT extension for MOTs due on or after 30th March 2020, providing their cars remain safe to drive.

Not all insurers offer discounts for emergency service workers, and you may find a great car insurance deal even if your chosen provider doesn’t offer these job-related discounts. You shouldn’t rule out a provider just because they don’t offer these discounts, and likewise it’s important to not go with an insurer solely based on the provided discount. Cost is just one element to consider when looking for your perfect cover, and you may find that perks such as breakdown cover, handbag and gadget cover, misfuelling cover or great customer service are equally important to you.

How To Benefit From Cheaper Car Insurance

Regardless of your job title or where you work, it’s possible to find cheaper car insurance that’s ideal for your circumstances, if you know where to look and what to consider. You don't have to simply accept the first quote you get from an insurer - there are plenty of methods you can use to cut the cost of your cover. Here are our tips for finding the right cover for you:


  • It is cheaper to pay annually

When choosing how to pay for your cover, paying monthly may seem like a good way to spread the cost but you may actually end up paying a lot more over the course of the year.

If paying monthly is your only option, a good piece of advice is to shop around and compare insurer premiums by monthly cost as opposed to annually.

  • Be clear and accurate when describing your job title

There may not appear to be a difference to you in terms of your job title by describing yourself as a writer or journalist. Realistically you may feel that either of these descriptions are accurate when it comes to your occupation. However, the option you choose may actually make a difference with your insurer. 

There are many factors that are considered when the cost for your cover is calculated and your job title can be one of them. Of course, you shouldn't lie about your job or title – this is fraudulent and you could be prosecuted. 

It’s worth remembering that there are several factors that will play a part in how much your insurance premium will cost, and your job title will be just one of those considerations.

  • Multi-vehicle discount

If your household has more than one car, it's important to research multi-car insurance. Some insurers will offer policies that will cover more than one car as well as providing you with a discount for insuring multiple vehicles. 

  • Car modifications

The first image that comes to mind when considering car modifications may be a typical boy racer car. But this is not the only type of modification that can change your car; even a small modification such as new alloys can increase your premiums. 

Conversely, any modification that is considered to increase the safety of your vehicle could save you money. Adjustments such as installing an alarm, tracker or immobiliser can cause your premiums to decrease. 

It is important to consider any type of car modifications when it comes to your car insurance.

  • Proving you are a good driver

Premiums are often based on an insurer’s view of drivers who are statistically similar to you. But you may be able to provide some evidence that makes you stand out as a good driver. 

You may think that providing proof that you’re a good driver is a challenge. However, there are some ways that you can demonstrate that you are a better driver. Namely, achieving certificates such as Pass Plus, maintaining a good no claims bonus and a clean driving record can earn you a discount from some insurers. 

  • Use an insurance broker

Compared to going directly to individual insurers, an insurance broker could be a better option. By weighing up your options, you can get the best advice and comparable prices from a panel of leading insurers. 

Why Choose Be Wiser Insurance?

There are three key reasons to choose Be Wiser Insurance:

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Be Wiser is an established insurance broker you can depend on. We work with specialist insurers to provide competitive rates and meet a wide range of insurance needs. Our team of qualified insurance professionals can find the right car insurance cover to meet your specific needs.

We would always advise you to shop around to find the right cover and price for your car insurance – Be Wiser is a great place to start.