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Thu, 16/07/2020
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How To Ease The Stress Of City Driving

Driving on busy city roads can be a very stressful driving experience for many as it provides multiple unique challenges. In this article we will explore some ways to ease your stress on this type of journey.

Driving can be daunting, worrying and frustrating at the best of times for many people, but this can often feel worse if you are driving in a city. Traffic tends to be heavy and slow-moving; you can find yourself in a maze of one-way streets with unclear signage and your view is often restricted. Additionally, pedestrians and cyclists often appear out of nowhere and take a different approach to road safety in this type of environment.

Tips For Driving In The City and Easing Driving Stress

1. Prepare For Narrower Roads

City roads weren’t built to accommodate heavy traffic, so knowing the width of your car and how to pull in the wing mirrors is worth considering to ease your stress when tackling narrow streets. Further, it’s best to keep an eye out for high kerbs, because you may be forced to mount the pavement, and this can be tricky.
Something else to think about is to give way, even when it’s your right of way, in order to help keep the flow of traffic moving.

2. Plan Your Route In Advance

It is easy to get lost when driving, so have a good idea where you’re going and allow plenty of extra time for mistakes. It is also useful to try to plan your route beforehand to avoid traffic or construction delays. It is good idea to get yourself a sat nav or a port for your phone to utilise Google Maps, if you don’t have a fitted navigation system in your vehicle. 

Some rules of safety when driving somewhere you unsure of are:
•    If you miss your exit on a roundabout, go around again rather than cut in.
•    If you find yourself on a confusing piece of road or a one-way system, stop in a safe place and calmly work out what you need to do to get back on track. 

3. Stay Vigilant

You need to be on the lookout for cyclists and mobility scooter users as well as other vehicles on the road. This is because they are legally allowed to travel on the pavement and the road, so you need to give them room and be patient.
In terms of pedestrians, you also need to be ready to react if someone steps out into the road.

One way to ensure you are moving slowly and safely is the ‘peep and creep’ method of driving.  Say you are at a busy junction with other vehicles restricting your view, you should try to creep forward very slowly, peeping out as far as you can. 

4. Leave Extra Space

In a city environment brakes get slammed on and doors of parked cars opened into the street all the time so it’s a good idea to leave a cushion of space between you and other cars around you to both help ease the fear of getting into a collision, and to be prepared for anything unexpected. You are in control of the space in front and around you, so keep a clear gap wherever possible. You don’t have control over the space behind you, so if someone is too close keep checking your mirrors: you’ll need to brake extra early to help them avoid going into the back of you

5. Leave Extra Time

Leaving half an hour earlier factors in simple mistakes and avoids stress if you make them. And especially if you are travelling to a new destination, you should give yourself some extra time in case you get lost. 

6. Have The Right Insurance For Your Vehicle 

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