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What Is Any Driver Van Insurance?

Tue, 26/09/2017
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If you have a business and own a van that several employees drive, or if several people drive your
own private van, you may need to take out an any driver van insurance, or a multi-driver van
insurance policy.

Who Can Drive Your Van?

As you can guess from the name, any driver van insurance insures multiple people to drive your van.

The people who drive the van will need to be named on the policy, and most policies cover up to
four named drivers. As multiple people are covered, the premiums will be higher than insuring just
one person. It may also be a particularly good option if you have a company that owns several vans
which could all be driven by several different drivers.

Even if your van is only normally driven by one person, you may want to take out an any driver van
insurance policy so that other people can drive the van if necessary. It’s much better to have
multiple people insured than to find yourself in a situation where you need to use the van but the
person who can drive it isn’t available – or worse, to have someone drive the van who isn’t insured.

Any driver van insurance gives your business much more flexibility, and depending on your
circumstances, this could even mean that you will be open to more income opportunities.

How Much Will The Premiums Be?

The cost of your any driver van insurance will depend on a number of factors. For example, how old
are the named drivers, and how much experience have they had? Having drivers under the age of 21
or even 25 could drive up your premiums because statistically this age group is more likely to be
involved in an accident.

The cost of your premiums will also depend on what your van is used for – domestic use tends to be
cheaper than commercial use. And finally, the type of van will also determine the cost. This is not
only because the make, model and age of the van will be a factor, but also because bigger and
heavier vans are more difficult to drive and therefore considered to be a higher risk than smaller

How Can You Lower Your Premiums?

You can lower the premiums of your any driver van insurance by:

  •  Driving a smaller, lighter van
  •  Putting older, more experienced drivers on the policy rather than those younger than 25
  •  Agreeing to pay a larger voluntary excess (as long as you can afford it on top of your mandatory excess)
  •  Securing your van with an alarm and immobiliser
  •  Storing the van in a garage overnight
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