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Dos and Donts When Your Car Breaks Down
Tuesday 21st November 2017

A car breakdown can ruin your entire day, and it can be dangerous as well as costly. If your car has never broken down before, it’s a good idea to be prepared so that you know what to do.

Car Insurance Excess Explained
Tuesday 17th October 2017

What is car insurance excess?

What Is Any Driver Van Insurance?
Tuesday 26th September 2017

If you have a business and own a van that several employees drive, or if several people drive your
own private van, you may need to take out an any driver van insurance, or a multi-driver van
insurance policy.

How Long Do Points Stay On Your Licence?
Tuesday 19th September 2017

What Are Points and Endorsements?

Business Car Insurance Explained
Tuesday 22nd August 2017

You probably know that when you take out your car insurance policy, you can choose the type of cover you need. But have you considered whether you might need business car insurance?

Be Wiser’s Guide To Road Markings
Tuesday 16th May 2017

Feeling boxed in by boxed junctions? Getting red faced about double red lines? You’re not alone.

When Should You Change Your Car?
Tuesday 18th April 2017

The new number plates came out in March, and new car registrations during that month reached a record high of 562,337 – an increase of

Be Wiser’s Guide to Car Modification
Tuesday 21st March 2017

What Is A Car Modification?

A car modification is any change made to a vehicle that isn’t part of the original manufacturer’s specification.

Low Deposit Car Insurance
Tuesday 11th October 2016

Low deposit car insurance is a way to spread the cost of your car insurance premium across a number of months. It appeals to motorist who would prefer not to pay out a larger lump sum for their insurance all at once.

Motor Insurance – How Rating Factors affect your motor insurance premiums
Thursday 12th June 2014
Young drivers are normally analysed in 2 categories: 18-20 and 21-25, so a 21 year old may see a notable reduction in premium compared to when they were 20 (though age brackets used may vary). These reductions will continue as drivers move into lower risk age groups (though these reductions will become less noticeable). However the decreases in risk eventually reverse (according to the ABI data this occurs at the age of 71) at which point premiums tend to trend upwards.