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Insurance Thoughts Knowledge Base

Be Wiser Guide To 4x4 Insurance
Tuesday 19th June 2018

4x4 vehicles are increasing in popularity, and the variety of vehicles on the market proves this.

Be Wiser Guide To No Deposit Car Insurance
Tuesday 8th May 2018

For drivers who don’t want to pay for their entire annual car insurance policy in one lump sum, paying in monthly instalments is a good alternative.

What Are Your Family’s Car Insurance Options?
Tuesday 20th March 2018

If you need to insure more than one person in your family or household, it may be worth taking out multi-car insurance (if there is more than one car involved), adding a named driver to your policy, or taking out short-term car ins

Should You Always Choose the Cheapest Car Insurance?
Thursday 14th December 2017

When comparing car insurance quotes, it may be tempting to simply go with the cheapest option. However, while cost is an important factor, you need to make sure that you are buying the right cover for you.

Should Older Motorists Be Subjected To A Health “MOT”?
Tuesday 25th July 2017

Almost 90% of drivers believe compulsory eye tests for motorists would make our roads safer, according to a surve

Nearly 60% of motorists are concerned that “car hacking” will become a problem to concern the average driver in the future, according to a survey. The biggest fear amongst respondents was their car being stolen through hacking, with 46% worried about car hacking theft.  But is car hacking a real concern for the average motorist? And is there any way for us to protect ourselves, and our cars, from unwanted technological intruders?  How Could Hackers Compromise Your Car?  With cars becoming more connected and
Tuesday 20th June 2017

Nearly 60% of motorists are concerned that “car hacking” will become a problem to concern the average driver in the future, according to a survey.

Driving Rules For Passengers: How to Be A Helpful Passenger
Tuesday 25th April 2017

In 2006, a study showed that on average, a driver engages in distracting activity once every six minutes, and 21% of crashes were attributed to driver distraction.

Protected No Claims – Is It Worth It?
Monday 18th August 2014

No claims discount (NCD) is one of the biggest rating factors when it comes to motor insurance and building it up can lead to large discounts from insurers.

Is an Independent Insurance Broker Better Able to Deal With Your Insurance Requirements?
Monday 21st July 2014

There are over 34million registered vehicles and 25million homes in the UK, which means that at some point in the near future it will be that time of the year when you have to think about renewing your insurance.

“Why Don’t Insurance Companies Just Share Data With Each Other?”
Monday 18th August 2014

It’s a question which is often asked by purchasers of insurance and one which doesn’t really have a definitive answer.