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Be Wiser’s Guide to Summer Motorcycle Riding
Motorbike Knowledge
Thursday 2nd July 2020
How should you prepare your motorbike for the summer, and what checks should you make or what maintenance should you carry out to ensure your bike is roadworthy if you’ve kept it off the road for a while? What safety issues should you consider while riding in the summer? In this guide we will cover all aspects of riding your motorcycle safely in hot weather.
Be Wiser’s Guide to Bike Helmets and Leathers
Motorbike Knowledge
Thursday 7th May 2020
Every motorcyclist knows the importance of wearing a helmet and leathers. In this article we explain how to choose the right equipment and what to wear while riding your motorcycle. We will also explore what helmet and leathers insurance covers and why this is a beneficial add-on to your motorbike insurance.
Be Wiser Guide to Superbike Insurance
Motorbike Knowledge
Tuesday 23rd July 2019
We have put together a comprehensive guide to superbike insurance, in which we explore the most important aspects of this type of policy and how to get the best premium.
What Is Covered On My Motorbike Policy?
Motorbike Knowledge
Wednesday 11th July 2018
Much like choosing a car insurance policy, there are a lot of things to consider when buying your motorcycle insurance. What do you need to be covered for, who needs to be covered, and do you need any additional extras?
Be Wiser Guide To Motorbike Insurance
Motorbike Knowledge
Tuesday 17th April 2018
If you own a motorcycle - whether you use it all year round or only in the summer - it always needs to be insured. As with any other insurance, it’s important to make sure you’re covered for everything you need in the event of an accident.
Observed Trial (Trial)
Motorbike Knowledge
Tuesday 29th March 2016
Observed Trial competitions, or Trial for short, have been popular in the UK for almost as long as motorcycling has been around. The precursor to Scrambles and Motocross yet still a thriving sport in its own right, Trial riding is the ultimate test of a rider’s skill in handling a motorcycle.
What is Enduro Riding?
Motorbike Knowledge
Friday 18th March 2016
The differences that separate Motocross from the world of Enduro may be subtle, but those differences transform the riding into a completely different sport!
Motorbike Knowledge
Monday 7th March 2016

Originally known as Scrambles in the UK, Motocross evolved from trials riding in the early part of the 20th century when delicate balancing and strict scoring lost favour to

Preparing Your Motorbike for Winter
Motorbike Knowledge
Wednesday 28th October 2015
Winter is fast approaching and for many it will soon be time to store away their motorbike and wait for the rain and snow to pass for another year. For others though, this isn't an option and now is the perfect time to prepare your bike for winter riding.