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Be Wiser Insurance Knowledge Base

Be Wiser Guide to Learner Driver Insurance
Tuesday 29th January 2019

Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be a daunting prospect and, despite the subsequent cost, getting as much practice behind you before your test can be the best way to fine-tune your skills.

Car Insurance for First Time Drivers Over 30
Tuesday 22nd January 2019

When you consider the term ‘first-time driver’, you typically think of a young adult passing their test and being handed their driver’s licence.

What is car insurance fronting?
Tuesday 8th January 2019

For young or inexperienced drivers, car insurance premiums can be particularly expensive.

Be Wiser Guide to Motorhome Insurance
Tuesday 4th December 2018

Owning a motorhome provides you and your family the freedom of holidaying pretty much anywhere. With this freedom comes international horizons and unforgettable sights, but also a reliance on your motorhome.

Be Wiser Guide To Multi Home Insurance
Tuesday 27th November 2018

For many homeowners throughout the UK, home insurance is a simple necessity. Your insurance premium often covers both your personal possessions as well as the structure of your home itself.

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Home insurance is an important step towards protecting your property.

Be Wiser Guide To High Value Home Insurance
Tuesday 23rd October 2018

In order to protect your most valuable possessions, home insurance is a simple and encompassing way to safeguard everything under your roof.  There is however a catch for those whose possessions are particularly pricey.

Be Wiser Guide To Mature Driver Insurance
Tuesday 9th October 2018

Expensive insurance premiums have become synonymous with younger drivers, with their inexperience causing insurers to hike up their costs.

Be Wiser Guide To Multi-vehicle Insurance
Tuesday 25th September 2018

Whether you’re in the market for your family or for your business, multi-cover insurance has become a popular slice of the insurance industry.

Be Wiser Guide To Supercar Insurance
Tuesday 18th September 2018

For many motorists, a car is more than just a method of transport for getting you from a to b, it’s an interest and a hobby; an undying love for the rasping sound of a supercharged engine.