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Be Wiser Insurance Knowledge Base

A Look into the Future: Car Insurance for Electric powered vehicles
Thursday 12th June 2014

The world’s supply of fossil fuels is apparently continuing to dwindle and a growing consensus amongst motorists is to choose ‘eco-friendly’ cars with an increasing number of car manufactures  beginning to look into produ

Are Diesel Car Owners Receiving A Rough Deal?
Tuesday 9th May 2017

Diesel engines were first used in cars in the 1930s, when Citroen developed the Rosalie in 1933.

The Hidden Dangers of Being A Motorist
Tuesday 18th October 2016

According to a report by the Harvard Health Watch, the average American spends 101 minutes per day driving.

Used Van - BeWiser
Thursday 12th November 2015

Buying a used van is much like buying any other used vehicle, but there are a few other things to think about while searching for the perfect van and before you actually go to look at it in person.