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Does The Number Of Seats in Your Car Affect Your Insurance Cost?
Car Insurance Knowledge
Thursday 18th June 2020
While the number of seats in your car may not affect the cost of your premium, the size, performance and cost of your car may all be factors, which we will explain in this article. We will also discuss the safety of large cars compared to smaller cars, and what you should consider while driving them.
How Long Should Your Tyres Last?
Car Maintenance Knowledge
Thursday 4th June 2020
Tyres are a highly important part of your car as they affect your grip on the road, steering ability and fuel efficiency. Due to their importance, they can be costly to repair or replace, so it is best to do all you can to extend their useable life. In this article, we’ll explain how long car tyres should last, how you can look after them so that they last longer, and why you shouldn’t drive with worn tyres.
Buying and Selling a House: What are Your Insurance Obligations?
Home Insurance Knowledge
Thursday 21st May 2020
In this article, we will answer questions such as “Why do you need buildings insurance in place right from the time when you exchange contracts?”, “Can you transfer insurance when you move house?”, and “Will your contents be insured during the move?”
Be Wiser’s Guide to Bike Helmets and Leathers
Motorbike Knowledge
Thursday 7th May 2020
Every motorcyclist knows the importance of wearing a helmet and leathers. In this article we explain how to choose the right equipment and what to wear while riding your motorcycle. We will also explore what helmet and leathers insurance covers and why this is a beneficial add-on to your motorbike insurance.
Who Is Eligible for Discounted Car Insurance?
Car Insurance Knowledge
Thursday 23rd April 2020
Can you get a discount on your car insurance due to your profession? NHS workers, firefighters, police, and the military are often eligible for discounts on a range of products and services provided by establishments such as shops and restaurants, but can you add car insurance to this list of perks?
Be Wiser’s Guide to Taking Your Driving Test
Driving Knowledge
Monday 6th April 2020
Taking your driving test can be very daunting – so much so, that less than 50% of drivers pass their test on the first attempt. In this article we will provide you with advice on what to expect during your driving test, and tips for boosting your confidence and passing. We will also explore how the driving test has changed over the years.
Be Wiser’s Guide to Towing and Caravan Insurance
Van Knowledge
Thursday 26th March 2020
In our guide to towing and caravan insurance, we look at some key questions such as ‘Do I need insurance for my caravan?’, ‘Will my car insurance cover my caravan?’ and ‘Do I need a special licence to drive a motorhome?’. Keep reading for all the information you need when it comes to getting your caravan on the road.
Be Wiser's Guide to Buying a Car On Finance
Vehicle Buying Knowledge
Thursday 12th March 2020
Part of the challenge of finding the right car for you can be deciding how to pay for it. Here we will delve into the details behind buying a car on finance to help you feel better informed about purchasing your next car.
How Do Storms Affect Your Home Insurance
Home Insurance Knowledge
Friday 21st February 2020
Here we will explore what you can do to protect your home from storm damage and we’ll discuss the impact on your home insurance if you do need to make a claim.