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Motoring Events 2017
Driving Knowledge
Tuesday 20th December 2016
If one of your new year’s resolutions is to take better care of your car, you may want to treat yourself to a day out at a motor show or car meet to really get in the mood.
A Guide To Safe Winter Driving
Driving Knowledge
Tuesday 13th December 2016
Adverse weather conditions such as snow, fog, ice, and cold weather in general can all have an impact on your vehicle and your daily journeys, so it’s important to be prepared for a cold snap. If you’re going to be out and about a lot during the Christmas period, take a look at our top tips to help you stay safe on the roads this winter.
Your Guide To Hiring A Van
Van Knowledge
Tuesday 22nd November 2016
Many of us will at some point need to hire a van, to move house, transport large items, or to use temporarily instead of our regular vehicle. But what do you need to know before you turn up at your local rental firm and get behind the wheel?
Can’t Drive, Won’t Drive: Why Are Some Young Adults Not Getting Their Licence?
Driving Knowledge
Tuesday 15th November 2016
44% of the UK’s first time drivers are over the age of 25, research from earlier this year has suggested. The number of 17 to 20 year olds taking driving lessons has dropped by 21% in the past nine years, meaning just a third of today’s first time drivers fall into this age bracket. But why has there been such a decrease in young adults learning to drive?
How Safe Are Our Road Junctions?
Driving Knowledge
Tuesday 25th October 2016
As motoring think-tanks call for traffic lights to be scrapped, and several towns experiment with switching them off entirely, the safety of our road junctions is being called into question.
The Hidden Dangers of Being A Motorist
Driving Knowledge
Tuesday 18th October 2016
According to a report by the Harvard Health Watch, the average American spends 101 minutes per day driving. That’s quite a lot of time for anyone to spend sitting behind the wheel, but isn’t very much compared to HGV drivers, who in the UK can drive for up to nine hours per day.
Low Deposit Car Insurance
Car Insurance Knowledge
Tuesday 11th October 2016
Low deposit car insurance is a way to spread the cost of your car insurance premium across a number of months. It appeals to motorist who would prefer not to pay out a larger lump sum for their insurance all at once.
The Truth About Speeding In The UK
Driving Knowledge
Tuesday 4th October 2016
We don’t talk about it very much, but speeding is still a big problem on British Roads. While it’s easy to forget about the dangers of speeding, it’s clear that it’s a contributing factor to road deaths and injuries.
Are Electric Cars Really The Future?
Vehicle Buying Knowledge
Tuesday 4th October 2016
Electric cars are often touted as the answer to many of our road-related problems – including cheaper fuel, lowing overall CO2 emissions, and ensuring our air is cleaner locally. But are these vehicles really finding their place on our roads?