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Be Wiser Insurance Knowledge Base

Whiplash Claims: The Cost
Thursday 12th June 2014

The largest cost to insurance companies is the cost of claims. Motor insurers have not made an underwriting profit (a profit on the actual insurance they sell) since 1994.

“Why Don’t Insurance Companies Just Share Data With Each Other?”
Monday 18th August 2014

It’s a question which is often asked by purchasers of insurance and one which doesn’t really have a definitive answer.

Passing Your Driving Test Can Be Costly
Monday 18th August 2014

We can all remember that wonderful moment when the driving examiner informs you that you have passed your test and you are now free to drive your car whenever and wherever you wish to.

What is a Crash for Cash Scam
Thursday 12th June 2014

Insurance fraud is very often seen as a victimless crime against a faceless corporation that is more than capable of paying out any amount of money.

What is a ‘Flash for Cash’ Scam?
Thursday 12th June 2014
This is a type of insurance fraud that is similar in nature to that of a ‘Crash for Cash’ Scam. It involves vehicles at a junction in the road.

Discrimination and Motor Insurance
Thursday 12th June 2014

Discrimination is defined as the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people.

‘Dashboard cameras’ and Car Insurance
Thursday 12th June 2014

Dashboard Cameras are becoming a lot more popular in the UK of late.

A Look into the Future: Car Insurance for Electric powered vehicles
Thursday 12th June 2014

The world’s supply of fossil fuels is apparently continuing to dwindle and a growing consensus amongst motorists is to choose ‘eco-friendly’ cars with an increasing number of car manufactures  beginning to look into produ

Are Diesel Car Owners Receiving A Rough Deal?
Tuesday 9th May 2017

Diesel engines were first used in cars in the 1930s, when Citroen developed the Rosalie in 1933.

The Hidden Dangers of Being A Motorist
Tuesday 18th October 2016

According to a report by the Harvard Health Watch, the average American spends 101 minutes per day driving.