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Friday 30th November 2007

Motorists who take to the road for a living should receive extra training and tuition, it has been claimed.

Friday 30th November 2007

It might not fit under the tree, but a sports car rental would make the best present for a motor enthusiast this Christmas, it has been claimed.

Friday 30th November 2007

Road safety organisation Brake has teamed up with Cheshire county council to bring down the number of injuries and deaths involving young people.

According to the body, 222 people aged between 15 and 25 were killed in traffic collision in the region over the course of 2005.

Friday 30th November 2007

A course orchestrated by automobile manufacturer Nissan is attempting to cut down incidents of vehicle crime.

Prison officers Neil Dainty and Dave Phelan are attempting to teach young motorists the implications of a life breaking the law.

Friday 30th November 2007

Motorists in Cheshire are taking advantage of short-term parking rules, an official has stated.

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Julia Short commented that motorists usually take longer in spaces when they know that inspectors are not close by.

Friday 30th November 2007

Motorists in Northamptonshire have been told by police that they will come down hard on those who drink and drive this Christmas, a local news source reports.

Friday 30th November 2007

Motorists in the UK may soon be forbidden from drinking anything alcoholic before taking to the road, it has been claimed.

According to the Glasgow Evening Times, roads safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick has stated that "there is always an argument for zero tolerance".

Friday 30th November 2007

Motorists in an area of Scotland are being urged to keep their headlights shining and reduce road deaths, it has been reported.

According to Shetland Today, Shetland local councillor Laura Baisley would like to see a by-law introduced making it compulsory to use dipped lights.

Friday 30th November 2007

Subaru has announced the price point at which its WRX STI model will hit the market, adding that it's a shock to the industry.

The vehicle will be available to order from March and at £24,995 on-the-road is £1,600 cheaper than had been anticipated.

Wednesday 28th November 2007

Motorists in Maidenhead have been reminded of the need to make sure their vehicles contain no valuable items when they leave them, a local news source states.

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