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Tuesday 29th September 2009

More than half of all road users have purchased online car insurance in recent years, an unsurprising trend considering the competitive nature of the internet.

Monday 28th September 2009

Anti Car-Crash Technology Unveiled

New “Anti-Crash” technology was unveiled in Stockholm this week, and is set to change the world of motoring forever.

Friday 25th September 2009

An unscrupulous minority of travellers are abusing travel insurance by making fraudulent claims, resulting in rising premiums for the honest majority, according to Be Wiser Insurance.

Thursday 24th September 2009

New TV Ad Shows the Dangers of Drug-Driving

Thursday 24th September 2009

Car owners will be fined for uninsured cars, even if they’re off the road

Tuesday 22nd September 2009

Checking your home for fire hazards can reduce insurance costs

Many families and homes are destroyed each year due to horrific house fires, but by making regular checks you can make sure that your family and home are safe.

Monday 21st September 2009

Traffic Signs Cause Accidents

Traffic signs intended to inform motorists about speed limits, road conditions and upcoming hazards are now being blasted as ‘dangerous’ by some experts.

Friday 18th September 2009

Important Advice for parents of Student Drivers from Be Wiser Insurance

Wednesday 16th September 2009

Young Drivers Continue to Pay the Price for ‘Boy Racers’

Young drivers’ are being severely punished for the actions of a few law breaking motorists, dubbed by many as ‘Boy Racers’.

Wednesday 9th September 2009

Speed Bumps are Eco Friendly

Speed bumps, or sleeping policemen as they’re often known, have been the bane of many motorists’ lives, but thanks to advances in energy technology they can now help the environment.

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