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Thursday 29th October 2009

It has been revealed that trendy supersized handbags are becoming a threat to the safety of women motorists.

Female drivers spend an average of 416 hours in a lifetime rummaging through handbags in search of "buried" car keys.

Monday 26th October 2009

Motorists are changing their driving habits for the better due to the recession, a poll conducted by car insurance specialists indicates.

Monday 26th October 2009

Research has found that 5 million motorists have eyesight which is so bad they are a hazard on the road and to other motorists.

Friday 23rd October 2009

According to motorcycle accident statistics last year, 21,550 motorcyclists were reported casualties on UK roads. Of these unfortunate incidents, 6,049 motorcyclists were killed or seriously injured.

Wednesday 21st October 2009

The ongoing credit crunch crisis has meant that many people in the UK are cutting back on their spending resulting in reduced number of people taking out car insurance, according to an expert.

Tuesday 20th October 2009

A new study has revealed that high heels are making driving dangerous for over 12 million women.

Wednesday 14th October 2009

According to statistics, drivers under the age of 25 and over 75 are the most dangerous motorists on the road. Each year, they are involved in more car accidents than other age groups.

Tuesday 13th October 2009

In the midst of a recession it may not seem the best time to buy a new car. However, insurance experts Be Wiser suggests now may be the best time to buy ahead of the end of the scrappage scheme and VAT hike.

Monday 12th October 2009

A surprising 30% of UK drivers give false information to car insurance companies.

Friday 9th October 2009

32% of motorists have said they have avoided adding extras to the insurance policy such as Motor Legal Protection or breakdown cover.

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