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Tuesday 23rd February 2010

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has completed its first major investigation into insurance sales since it assumed regulatory powers over the industry.

Tuesday 23rd February 2010

UK Motorists are being urged to stay vigilant to car crime, especially due to the economic climate, which could lead to an increase in vehicle crime.

Tuesday 23rd February 2010

A Third Of UK Motorists Want To Save On Car Insurance

33% of British motorists would like to save on their car insurance this year according to a poll conducted by car insurance experts Be Wiser Insurance.

Thursday 18th February 2010

There’s a reason why women’s car insurance is cheaper, and that’s because they are safer drivers.

Wednesday 17th February 2010

The European Commission is pushing ahead with plans to have every car equipped with an aircraft-like "black box" that will record the vehicle's behaviour immediately before and after a crash.

Tuesday 16th February 2010

Surveys have revealed that over a third of UK motorists have been dissatisfied with the service they received when taking their car to a garage for an MOT or service in the last five years.

Tuesday 9th February 2010

Statistics show that motorists over the age of 70 have more, serious accidents than any other sector of the population.

Monday 8th February 2010

The AA has released fresh research suggesting that the environmental impact of a vehicle is growing in importance amongst the factors considered by motorists.

Friday 5th February 2010

Research has suggested that listening to loud music while driving can seriously hamper reaction times and cause accidents.

Thursday 4th February 2010

A fairer way of judging traffic offences is being suggested by car insurance experts Be Wiser Insurance.

The proposed system would consider the number of years a clean licence has been held when making judgements on any traffic offences.

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