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Wednesday 28th July 2010

Three law lords have backed a truck driver prosecuted for obstructing the police because he warned other drivers of a speed trap. A Somerset court originally convicted the truck driver of wilful obstruction after police claimed that he had waved a warning to oncoming traffic.

Tuesday 20th July 2010

Car insurance customers who may be worried about financial pressures at the moment could benefit from car-sharing, it has been suggested.

Tuesday 20th July 2010

Be Wiser Insurance are pleased to announce a major new initiative aimed at all UK motorcyclists. 

Monday 19th July 2010

A new advanced driving test has been launched purely for business drivers. Due to the amount of time people who drive for work spend at the wheel, they have accident rates between 35 to 50 per cent higher than average drivers.

Sunday 18th July 2010

An insurance body has commented that a cheap deal is not always the best option for people looking for home cover.

Thursday 15th July 2010

British car finance dealerships that have been handing out payment protection insurance (PPI) have been warned to make sure they are doing so in the correct and proper manner.

Wednesday 14th July 2010

SmartWater is being used by local police forces across the nation to ‘trap’ car thieves. The substance, which is forensically-encoded, enables stolen goods to be 'recognised' and recovered, as information concerning models is stored in a database.

Monday 12th July 2010

More than a third of 16-19 year-olds have been passengers in cars being driven by an unlicensed driver, claims research from the Brake Road Safety Campaign and FedEx.

Tuesday 6th July 2010

A road crash is twice as likely to kill a boy as a girl, according to new statistics. The Department for Transport has carried out research which has found that around 64 per cent of people under 16 killed in crashes in 2006 were boys.

Sunday 4th July 2010

Petrol station operators have reported increasing numbers of criminals fixing fake plates to their cars and driving away from pumps without paying. The scam is becoming more and more worthwhile, as fuel prices continue to rise.

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