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Wednesday 30th March 2011

 Many home owners are not updating their home insurance as often as they should, according to a poll conducted by Be Wiser Insurance.

Thursday 17th March 2011

Although none of us want to be involved in a road accident sometimes it happens. Insurance companies often find the fault with one or other driver. However, they are now starting to find another set of shoulders to place blame.

Wednesday 16th March 2011

It is not surprising due to the amount of miles they do that some business drivers have the odd dent or ding in their vehicles.

Tuesday 15th March 2011

 With the weather warming up, motorcyclists are keenly watching road conditions to be safe enough to get out on to the open roads again.

However, there is more to enjoying the first ride of the year than good road conditions, warns Be Wiser.

Monday 14th March 2011

Many motorists have had the unfortunate experience of having their car broken into or even stolen. There is nothing worse than the sinking feeling upon realisation that someone else has been in your private space.

Monday 14th March 2011

Motorists in the UK risk being hit three times if they are caught smoking behind the wheel, it has been claimed.

Wednesday 9th March 2011

The amount of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere due to daily road transport needs to be reduced, it has been claimed.

Tuesday 8th March 2011

Many motorists are feeling the pinch as the recession stretches on. However, new research has indicated that people in the UK are paying more to use their cars.

Tuesday 8th March 2011

The government needs to stop its "ageist" approach to road safety and instead target those whose skills behind the wheel are lacking, according to a motorist body.

Monday 7th March 2011

Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is saying that too many motorists believe that it is safe to drink up to the limit. Motor insurance companies have also lent their voices to a call for the drink drive limit to be lowered.

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