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Friday 27th May 2011

The annual summer holiday season is upon us but among all the planning of where to go, where to stay, what to take and how to get to the airport, some time does need to be spent considering adequate security precautions before you jet off on your holiday.

Friday 27th May 2011

Driving abroad can be the perfect way to see a foreign country. A car gives you the freedom to travel at any time and can take you places that public transport can't.

Monday 23rd May 2011

Nearly two-thirds (60%) of British motorists intend to holiday by car this year, according to a recent poll conducted by Be Wiser Insurance.

Monday 23rd May 2011

 A third (33%) of British motorists place the miles per gallon (mpg) a car can achieve above any other factor when it comes to buying a new car, according to a poll by Be Wiser Insurance.

Comparatively, less than a fifth (17%) put safety ratings at the top of their list.

Thursday 19th May 2011

Most drivers have had a breakdown of one sort or another over the years. Whether it is a relatively simple, yet embarrassing, matter of running out of fuel or something more serious like the head gasket blowing, nothing says fear and expense like the check engine light coming on.

Tuesday 17th May 2011

Usually motorists would expect a newer car to be safer and probably sturdier than an older model, and in the vast majority of cases this is true.

Tuesday 17th May 2011

It takes a moment's inattention and you could be involved in a road accident, it may not be serious, it may not be your fault but at the very least it a huge inconvenience.

Saturday 14th May 2011

Many motorists are feeling the pinch – prices in all areas are rising, fuel, tyres and taxes. So it is welcome news to hear that one major cost of owning and running a vehicle may soon decrease.

Thursday 12th May 2011

Never trust a used car salesman that is how the saying goes, well it seems there may be more truth in it than we might prefer. A recent report by a leading industry body claims that around thirty per cent of the vehicles on the roads in Britain are not what they seem.

Tuesday 10th May 2011

Many motorists are feeling the pinch and not least of which are the running costs of their car. new research has shown that almost a third of the cost of running a car is swallowed by the treasury.

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