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Wednesday 29th June 2011

We all like to think we are the best driver on the road and never make mistakes; however, a recent survey by a well known online motoring magazine has shown that we may not be as great as we believe.

Wednesday 29th June 2011

Driving in the UK can be frustrating for many people however, it seems we Brits are unable to curb our tempers abroad either as we come out top of a poll of uptight drivers.

Wednesday 29th June 2011
As the summer is set to be another scorcher, many motorcyclists will be keen to get out on the road.

However, with summer and beautiful riding conditions comes the problem of staying cool in the heat.
Mark Bower-Dyke, chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:

Wednesday 29th June 2011

Holiday-makers are possibly losing out on big savings by choosing the apparently "easy" option for their travel insurance according to a poll conducted by Be Wiser Insurance.

Tuesday 28th June 2011

Almost half of all drivers expect to be filling up their cars with alternative fuels by 2020 says a recent poll by a leading motor trade magazine.

Thursday 23rd June 2011

Famous ex jockey Joe Mercer OBE joined Be Wiser Insurance and 100 guests at Newbury Racecourse on Thursday 9 June to help mark the company’s 4th birthday celebrations.

Tuesday 21st June 2011

There is nothing like that new car smell, unfortunately new research has revealed that the interiors of our cars could be awash with toxic chemicals which manufacturers use to make our vehicles.

Monday 20th June 2011

Many of the county’s drivers are now carpooling, partly to meet rising costs of car ownership. However, a recent report from a leading motor insurance provider claims that car sharing can also reduce the risk of having an accident.

Saturday 11th June 2011

The congestion charge in London may result in some used cars suffering from a loss in value, it has been claimed.

Thursday 9th June 2011

In recent years business fleets have shrunk due to cost cutting and employees using their own vehicles for work purposes. However, recent research, by a leading auditing firm, has revealed that the company car is set to make a major comeback.

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