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Wednesday 28th December 2011

A recent study has revealed the frightening fact that more than a third of drivers who are under the influence of drugs are able to pass current road side sobriety tests.

Wednesday 21st December 2011

With new legislation and recommendations about road safety and use changing all the time, some of the country’s motorists could probably do with a refresher course on how to drive.

Wednesday 21st December 2011

For most a night out on the town is an enjoyable experience. However, many find the expense of a taxi home, especially late night bumped up charges, too much to take and are taking to the roads after having a few drinks.

Monday 19th December 2011

Many drivers in the UK are interested in helping to save the environment and cut down on emissions from their vehicles. This can easily be done nowadays by driving more carefully or investing in a new small car. In addition, the money savings can be huge if you do your research.

Wednesday 14th December 2011
The winter weather can make the roads treacherous for many drivers even those with plenty of experience. However, recent research by a leading high street insurance firm has revealed that around a third of the UK’s motorists are unsure of what to do when their car goes in to a skid.

Wednesday 14th December 2011

Car insurance customers may be paying more by choosing not to shop around for a new deal once their current one expires, a personal finance site has claimed. Once a cover policy runs out, a number of motorists simply accept renewal payments and stay as they are according to the firm.

Monday 12th December 2011

Worrying news from motor insurances companies has revealed that the illegal act of “clocking” used vehicles is still on the rise. Evidence of tampering with the tachometer to indicate a false mileage or “clocking” has been found in almost 1.5 million cars in the past 20 years.

Friday 9th December 2011

Many drivers can get caught out during Christmas time by relying on some dangerous drink driving myths and as the police step up their stop-check policy during the festive period it's all too easy to get caught out.

Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:

Friday 9th December 2011

According to a recent poll by Be Wiser Insurance only one in ten British motorists are worried about being stranded on the roads this winter despite reports that we could be in for another big freeze.

Thursday 8th December 2011

Andover based Be Wiser Insurance has been ranked as one of Britain’s most successful private companies by The Sunday Times.

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