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Monday 30th January 2012
Whether it is your little run about for shopping or your working 4x4 Landrover for when you are out in the fields everyone needs their car. It seems we are reluctant to part with our cars despite the increasing costs of driving.

Thursday 26th January 2012

Crashing your car is one of the most horrendous experiences that can happen, even if it just a minor bump there is still a degree of inconvenience involved. What if you could avoid driving at the worst times and steer clear of having the knock in the first place?

Wednesday 25th January 2012

Many parents feel more like a taxi service than a loved family member these days with children often having a busier social life than adults; all the birthday parties and after school clubs can mean driving the little cherubs and their friends all over town.

Monday 23rd January 2012

It is now official Sean Connery, as James Bond, has been voted the coolest on screen driver. He has just overtaken close rival Steve McQueen with his Ford Mustang in Bullitt.

Friday 20th January 2012

A quarter (25%) of drivers put a drop in fuel prices at the top of their Be Wiser Insurance Motoring Wish List for 2012.

Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:

Wednesday 18th January 2012

With our hectic lifestyles these days it is no wonder that often we are forced to snack while behind the wheel of our car. However, a recent news item has shown that this action could increase the risk of accidents.

Monday 16th January 2012

Despite many of us up and down the country feeling the pinch we still need to change our cars for one reason or another. While quite a few may see a new car as an unnecessary expense it is possible to get a good price from car dealers.

Thursday 12th January 2012

The spiralling cost of motoring is putting young adults off purchasing their first car, according to a survey.

Wednesday 11th January 2012
Cars are becoming more and more complicated under the bonnet and inside and it seems this is causing confusion to the average motorist. A recent survey by a leading motoring company has revealed that many UK drivers cannot understand the dashboard of their car.

Monday 9th January 2012

Traffic Wardens are just doing a necessary job to remove vehicles illegally parked, and this is true in most cases. However, it seems there are some traffic wardens out there who are intent on mischief according to a parking ticket appeals website.

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