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Wednesday 27th February 2013
It’s not quite road tolling, yet; but a new proposal from the Department for Transport has outlined plans to charge an extra tax on drivers who use motorways and drive long distances.

Monday 25th February 2013
Although the mornings and evenings are getting noticeably lighter, which is great; there are still many UK drivers who have to travel on the roads during the hours of darkness.

Thursday 21st February 2013
With winter nearly behind us we can look forward to lighter nights and more holes in the roads. If you have ever accidentally driven over a pothole you cannot help but notice the huge bump and sometimes you car can be thrown off its course.

Wednesday 20th February 2013
We all know are cars are getting safer both for those inside and those outside. And we also know that this is reduce injuries and deaths and this is a good thing. However, the latest new technology to hit the car market seems a little on the extreme side.

Monday 18th February 2013
Last summer was arguably one of the best in the UK. Not for weather but for the spirit of camaraderie and national pride most of us felt during the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

Wednesday 13th February 2013
Drivers in the UK are tightening their belts and cutting costs in every area of their lives.

Monday 11th February 2013
Car safety technology is improving all the time and in some ways our roads have never been safer; especially for those inside the vehicle.

Thursday 7th February 2013
Parallel parking is the bane of many people’s lives, and many travel further to avoid the endless back and forth it takes to tuck in. Now it seems, however, that we may have to get to grips with the dreaded road side shuffle.

Wednesday 6th February 2013
Many of the UK’s motorists find it difficult to keep to speed limits in urban areas where it seems you are crawling along at 30mph. However, soon it may be even worse with some local councils introducing even lower limits of 20mph in some areas.

Monday 4th February 2013
It has been widely reported how expensive it is getting to own and keep a car; and while there are plenty of ways to minimise these costs, often the worst hit are younger drivers who have a lower income.

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