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Monday 23rd December 2013
Be Wiser Insurance is honoured to be listed as one of the 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain, in a report compiled by London Stock Exchange Group.
The list features the 1,000 most inspiring small and medium sized companies in the UK, giving recognition to companies that

Monday 23rd December 2013
With storms predicted this week are you prepared if the roads in your area are flooded? Some drivers in the UK often have fords or roads that get flooded regularly and are probably used to a bit of ground water.

Friday 20th December 2013
Be Wiser Insurance warns motorcyclists to take care in putting their bike away this winter to avoid springtime spills.
Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance, comments:
"Anyone who rides a motorbike will have enjoyed the relatively dry and wa

Thursday 19th December 2013
Christmas time means parties and visits to the pub after work for many UK workers and we all deserve a break at Christmas; we have worked hard all year.
But what if you had to spend those two weeks, and possibly more, in hospital watching over a loved one or in a prison ce

Wednesday 18th December 2013
While the idea of cars that drive themselves may put many off their lunch cars rolling off the production line now are already half robot.

Monday 16th December 2013
It’s that time of the year again, every drive home from work sees more and more houses joyfully bedecked in glittery Christmas lights. Festive trees are popping up all over the place and soon Santa will be arriving with presents for all the good little girls and boys.

Friday 13th December 2013
For anyone that has driven on the continent you will know that sometimes the road signs can be confusing. Not only because they are in a different language but because their format and layout are also unfamiliar.

Wednesday 11th December 2013
Buying or selling a car via the internet can be easy but be wary of scammers and dodgy deals:
1. Fast Sale Needed – the old adage “if it seems too good to be true...” are good words to live buy especially when dealing with transactions over the internet.

Monday 9th December 2013

Be Wiser Insurance is proud to announce that it has once again been featured in The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100. 

Monday 9th December 2013
We have been hearing in the press over that last couple of months more and more about cars that drive themselves.

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