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Car Insurance
Thursday 26th March 2015

US motoring mammoth General Motors (GM) have avoided potential friction with key shareholders by mentioning the fact they will be buying back their own shares.

The story was reported by

Government To Go Electric
Car Insurance
Wednesday 25th March 2015

Government ministers are to be catapulted into the future with the first fleet of electric cars to replace their old fuel run motors. Only four of the ministers will receive

Press Releases
Tuesday 24th March 2015

With the release of new car registrations this month, many motorists will be visiting the forecourt to pick up a new vehicle, and many of those will also be using

Car Insurance
Monday 23rd March 2015

We are sure everyone is aware of our favourite car programme’s situation at the moment. Jeremy Clarkson is once again getting media attention after a “fracas” with producer Oisin Tymon

Thursday 19th March 2015

Oil imports could be cut by 40% due to a surge in electric vehicles on the roads. Motorists could be reaping the benefits by 2030 as more drivers are predicted

Small Relief For Pet Owners
Car Insurance
Wednesday 18th March 2015

It can be devastating when your beloved pet goes missing, especially if, as happens occasionally, no trace of the animal is ever found. Now, however, new rules will give some

Car Insurance
Monday 16th March 2015

If more UK drivers decide to buy an electric car then the country could save billions in fuel costs. While it requires a massive investment in infrastructure by the Government

Be Wiser Insurance
Friday 13th March 2015

Recently a shock admission by Ministers that encouraging uptake of diesel cars may have been a mistake, due to their unexpectedly high nitrogen oxide emissions, has caused a backlash

Ford Branching Out On Two Wheels
Thursday 12th March 2015

Classic car and van company Ford are looking at new ways to make a profit involving ‘Smart Transport Systems’. Ford is bringing out an e-bike which will come in two