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Driving Anthems - BeWiser
Car Insurance
Thursday 30th July 2015

We all have a favourite playlist, or the best ‘driving’ CD that we kept hidden until we’re alone on the open road – windows slightly open, sun high in the

Tesla Roadster - BeWiser
Car Insurance
Tuesday 28th July 2015
The emphasis on eco-friendly cars has long been a popular topic in the world of motoring. Yet it continues to carry the stigma of slow and slightly unreliable vehicles that simply can’t live up to the petrol head’s dream of ‘fast and furious’.
Lake District Road - BeWiser
Press Releases
Monday 27th July 2015

The UK is packed full of beautiful beaches, countryside, lakes, villages and other tourist destinations for you to visit on four (or two) wheels this summer. We’ve rounded up the

McLaren - BeWiser
Car Insurance
Thursday 23rd July 2015
Despite signing a two year contract, the future for Button on the McLaren team is looking a little uncertain.
Common Motoring Issues - BeWiser
Press Releases
Wednesday 22nd July 2015
In a recent survey of motorists living in UK summer holiday hotspots, nearly 40% said the biggest motoring problem in their area is tourists not driving appropriately for the local roads.
Men in the Road, Delays - BeWiser
Car Insurance
Wednesday 22nd July 2015
Despite the improvements to our roads, more than half of 2,000 motorists polled feel that the state of British roads are declining. It has been shown that a third of all journeys are being delayed by roadworks.
Supercar - BeWiser
Car Insurance
Monday 20th July 2015
Fiat Chrysler’s SRT engineering team have created an astonishing car based on their predictions for future racing – sadly you're not likely to have the chance to drive it in the flesh any time soon!
Union Flag - BeWiser
Car Insurance
Thursday 16th July 2015
This month has seen the introduction of a Union Flag, in addition to the existing European Union emblem, on UK driving licenses.
Vauxhall - BeWiser
Car Insurance
Monday 13th July 2015
The different options available with car finance can seem a little overwhelming, and it seems the majority of the population feels just as confused and a little unsure, despite 75% of Brits buying cars on Finance.