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Car Headlights - BeWiser
Car Insurance
Monday 30th November 2015

Knowing whether your headlights are on should be quite a simple task, but with newer cars having automatic headlights, and daytime running lights, this can be a little trickier than

Switzerland Road - BeWiser
Car Insurance
Friday 27th November 2015

A bus in Switzerland, albeit a small one, has been designed to be completely driverless. Its nine passengers will be taken to places that are not served by public transport

Parking Fine - Be Wiser
Car Insurance
Wednesday 25th November 2015
Anyone who has been subjected to a parking fine should be able to relate to their seemingly high pricing strategy. One particular man took the matter to court to contest his £85 fine, although the court eventually ruled against him.
Concentrating Driver - BeWiser
Press Releases
Tuesday 24th November 2015

Less than one third of motorists focus all of their attention on the road while driving, a recent survey by Be Wiser Insurance has found.

Just 32% of drivers stated that

BeWiser - Teen Learner Driver
Car Insurance
Monday 23rd November 2015
With roads getting busier, and learner drivers taking their test multiple times in order to pass, it has been suggested that rewarding those who pass first time by giving their money back will encourage drivers to delay taking their test until they are ready.
Happy Driver - Be Wiser
Car Insurance
Friday 20th November 2015
Are you content with the car you drive? It seems you location and age has a direct impact on how happy you are as a driver, according to recent research.
Heavy Traffic Problems - BeWiser
Car Insurance
Wednesday 18th November 2015
With lower fuel costs comes more traffic, as more people choose to travel to work by car.
Green Car - BeWiser
Driving Safety
Tuesday 17th November 2015
Yet again, Green has been voted the unluckiest colour for cars, racking up 36% of votes in a recent poll conducted by Be Wiser Insurance.
Road Safety - Be Wiser
Car Insurance
Monday 16th November 2015
Sometimes road safety campaigns can come from unusual sources, like this farmer in Eggleston who launched a road safety campaign...with his sheep.