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7 new laws drivers need to know
Tuesday 22nd December 2015

With the New Year comes the prospect of new driving laws – but before anything new is officially announced, it’s worth brushing up on the laws and changes that have been, or are due to be, implemented.

Andrew Brady, Motoring Research, reports:

Motoring driving lesson plans announced by ministers
Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Ensuring that new drivers are fully equipped to drive solo should be a top priority, although it currently stands that new drivers aren’t allowed on motorways until after they pass their test – and there is no further training on motorway driving.  Thankfully, this is due to change, with motorway

Thousands of roads closed a year so that lorry drivers can take a rest
Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Lorry drivers slowing down the roads is the root of many motorist's road rage, but what we fail to see if the rules, regulations and time constraints of their job.  Being behind the wheel is a difficult and tiring occupation, and needing to take regulated breaks is an important factor of their jo

Heavier fines to be introduced in clampdown on drivers using mobile phones at the wheel.
Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Using a mobile phone whilst driving has remained common place, despite campaigns showing the dangers of taking your eyes off the road – and possibly more importantly – that it's illegal!

MSN news reports:

Drink-drive? Then so will your kids.
Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Being aware of the example you set for your children couldn’t be more vital than when it comes to drink driving, according to a new study.

Automated cars ‘legal by 2017’
Tuesday 22nd December 2015

We've seen the eventual shift from gear sticks to automatics, from maps to sat navs, and the introduction and cruise control and automatic headlights.

Friday 18th December 2015

Have you done any of your Christmas shopping yet? And if you have, then where have you put them to hide them from prying eyes?

Will we ever get a truly car-free European city? - Oslo Opera House
Wednesday 16th December 2015

Cars, pollution, traffic and the danger that congestion brings seems to be the norm in the majority of cities across Europe. Striving to achieve a car-free city may feel completely out of reach, but there are plenty of cities making advances towards this exact goal.

New Year’s Resolutions For Motorists: Happier Commuting For 2016
Tuesday 15th December 2015

It’s nearly the end of the year again, and after we sit wondering where on earth the last twelve months have gone, many of us start looking towards the future.

Top Tips to help you stay out of trouble when driving over Christmas
Monday 14th December 2015

Many of us will be travelling to and from festive get-togethers and travelling further afield to see family between now and the New Year.  Bad driving conditions can make these journeys hazardous, but have you stopped to think whether you are fit to drive yourself?

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