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Mazda Aim For The Top With MX-5 RF
Thursday 31st March 2016

The Mazda MX-5 is a popular car up and down the country, ranking highly for speed, agility and affordability. They have now revealed a retractable hard-top coupe version of its latest MX-5 at the New York motor show.

The Telegraph, reports:

Is The Budget For Road Safety Advertising Better Spent On Traffic Calming Measures?
Tuesday 29th March 2016

87% of motorists have noticed there is less road safety advertising than there once was, causing concern for future generations' road safety education.

Illegal hand-held phone use ‘doubles accident risk’
Tuesday 29th March 2016

Despite worrying statistics, separating drivers from their smartphones is an increasingly difficult task.

How to prepare your motorbike for spring
Wednesday 23rd March 2016

The weather is starting to feel warmer and the roads are staying dry for more than five minutes.

The Effects of Cheaper Petrol
Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Petrol prices were at an average of 102p per litre in February, and have been under £1 per litre on supermarket forecourts since December 2015. Fuel prices have been at their lowest since 2009, which should be great news for long-suffering motorists – in theory.

Worried about getting ripped off when selling your car to a dealer? Former salesman reveals his tips to get the best price.
Monday 21st March 2016

Selling your car and negotiating a decent price can feel like a minefield. How on earth can you be sure you’re getting the right price?

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

When is a pothole not a pothole?
Friday 18th March 2016

Rather frustratingly, just because your car bounced in and out of a hole in the road, making that tell-tell ‘pothole’ noise, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s technically a pothole.

Call for learner drivers to receive first-aid training
Thursday 17th March 2016

This risks of driving are difficult to ignore, and when an accident does occur, having a trained medical professional at the scene quickly can make all the difference. But what if more of us were trained in basic first aid, and confident in the dos and don’ts?

One in ten motorists aren’t confident to fill up with fuel alone
Monday 14th March 2016

We’ve previously discussed the worrying statistics associated with changing a wheel on a car, or rather, not being able to change a wheel. Interestingly, this lack of mo

Company car drivers racking up more parking fines, figures show
Friday 11th March 2016

Are you a company car driver? And do you often find you’re paying off parking fines? New research shows that the two go hand in hand.

MSN Cars reports:

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