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Josephine Gordon, last year’s Champion Apprentice, in action on the All-Weather.
Tuesday 31st October 2017

As the fifth annual All-Weather Championships swing into week two, top jockey Luke Morris has already made a flying start while leading lady Josephine Gordon has a special milestone in

Clocks going back brings 20% spike in car accidents
Car Insurance
Monday 30th October 2017

Whilst many of us thoroughly enjoyed the extra hour in bed on Sunday, it’s worth noting that it may  be a good idea to be extra vigilant on the roads

Top five most difficult manoeuvres rated by motorists
Car Insurance
Friday 27th October 2017

Driving is much more than simply getting from A to B, it requires a series of manoeuvres that a driver needs to be confident in, should they need to park

Wednesday 25th October 2017

The fifth annual All-Weather Championships, supported by Be Wiser, are underway and horse racing expert Simon Mapletoft, of Sky Sports’ At The Races, will again be bringing you all his

Motorists will make 84 illegal turns, kerb their wheels 66 times and have 51 blazing arguments, all within their ‘life of driving’.
Car Insurance
Wednesday 25th October 2017

When behind the wheel, it’s important to remain focussed and calm. You should have planned your route with plenty of time and be well rehearsed in knowing the rules of

Speed limits for motorway roadworks to be increased from 50mph to 60mph within months to ease congestion and boost safety
Car Insurance
Monday 23rd October 2017

Temporary speed limits to reduce the speed of traffic through roadworks can be frustrating for drivers. However, the 50mph speed limit may be set to increase to 60mph in an

Irwin Retains Sunflower Trophy
Saturday 21st October 2017

Local ace Glenn Irwin retained his title in scintillating fashion as he once again saw off the competition to record victory in the annual Sunflower Trophy Races held at Bishopscourt in

13 thrifty fuel saving tips that every driver should know
Car Insurance
Friday 20th October 2017

Who isn’t on a budget? With Christmas only a few months away, all money saving tips are greatly appreciated, but have you thought about how you could be saving money

Tyre pressures and tread depths: your safety check guide
Car Insurance
Wednesday 18th October 2017

Checking your car tyre pressures and tread wear is important if you want to stay safe on the roads and potentially save money.

Chris Rosamond, Autoexpress news, reports

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