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Byrne Sensationally Crowned Champion At Brands
Sunday 15th October 2017

In one of the most dramatic finishes to the season in many years, Shane ‘Shakey’ Byrne claimed the 2017 title in the most dramatic style at Brands Hatch today when he overcame a 33 point deficit to win his sixth MCE British Superbike Championship title.

First Blood To Shakey At Brands Finale
Saturday 14th October 2017

Shane ‘Shakey’ Byrne kept his hopes of landing a sixth MCE British Superbike Championship very much alive when he romped to his sixth race victory of the season at his local Brands Hatch circuit today.

Do motorists need help with smart motorways?
Friday 13th October 2017

Smart motorways do not have a hard shoulder, so what does that mean if you break down?

Richard Aucock, MSN news, reports:

Independent watchdog Transport Focus has called on Highways England to up its game in educating motorists how to use smart motorways.

Down’s Syndrome And PBM Team Up At Brands Hatch
Wednesday 11th October 2017

Paul Bird Motorsport Ltd has teamed up with the Down’s Syndrome Association whereby team owner Paul Bird is proud to be an ambassador and as one of the most successful teams in British motorsport, they are offering some superb prizes to coincide with the final round of the MCE British Superbike C

All new cars to come with 'eCall' technology
Wednesday 11th October 2017

If you’ve involved in an accident and you’re unable to call the emergency services, you will undoubtedly rely on members of the public to step in and take control. But what if you have an accident in a more remote location? This is where ‘eCall’ technology really can save lives.

Shakey Plans Final Round Fight
Tuesday 10th October 2017

The final round out of the 2017 MCE British Superbike Championship takes place at Brands Hatch this forthcoming weekend with defending champion Shane ‘Shakey’ Byrne still well in the hunt to land his sixth crown.

The 30 UK postcodes where drivers have suffered the most car-shunt insurance scams - so does your area feature?
Monday 9th October 2017

Being involved in a car crash can be a scary and unnerving experience. It can also be costly. Unfortunately car-shunt insurance scams have become a more common problem, making a car crash an even more stressful experience.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Do you have a fear of driving?Driving without due care and attention: motoring offences explained
Friday 6th October 2017

If you are unfortunate, careless or irresponsible enough to be caught on the wrong side of the law when driving, you will face a motoring offence.

James Wilson, AutoExpress, reports:

Smoking in a car can stub out up to £2,000 of its value
Wednesday 4th October 2017

Smoking is a dangerous habit. It has numerous health risks including lung cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer and coronary heart disease – to name just a few. But did you know it could damage the value of your car too?

Ryan Hirons, Yahoo! News, reports:

Do you have a fear of driving?
Monday 2nd October 2017

Many of us feel uneasy driving certain routes,  or perhaps driving at a particular time, or during heavy rain. But what if that fear was about driving in general?

Gemma Briggs, The Telegraph, reports:

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