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Research has ranked your top 10 automotive icons
Driving Safety
Wednesday 29th April 2020
Jeremy Clarkson landed the ‘greatest automotive screen icon’ accolade this week, beating the likes of Steve McQueen and Jason Statham. But who else was in the running? And what did Brits vote as their favourite car film?
The UK car industry response to the coronavirus
Driving Safety
Monday 27th April 2020
In the UK, new car sales fell to a 44.4% year-on-year decline in March. However, there are some positive stories to report on amidst the coronavirus. Many of the UK-based automotive players have been playing an active role in making a difference during these uncertain times.
Motorists warned they may have to travel further for their fuel as demand plummets
Friday 24th April 2020
Motorists are advised to check whether their local petrol station is open before leaving to fill up. This is because independent fuelling stations face staff shortages through illness and self-isolating employees, as well as increased competition from supermarkets enjoying higher footfall and offering record-low prices at the pumps.
Slow down, save lives – even during lockdown
Driving Safety
Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Government data has shown that road traffic levels have dropped significantly since the social distancing and enforced lockdown began. However, road safety is just as important as always. Lower traffic volumes shouldn’t be seen as an excuse for drivers to break the speed limit; neither should drivers be lulled into a false sense of security that they don’t need to pay as much attention to the road as they would do normally.
The government has provided clarity on whether you should be car sharing
Driving Laws
Monday 20th April 2020
It has been decided that drivers and passengers with no option but to travel in the same car as their colleagues can now do so with people from other households. These guidelines have been put in place to ensure key workers can get to work as safely as possible and have replaced Public Health England’s previous message that those travelling to work together should be at least two metres apart in a vehicle.
Short, essential journeys could lead to flat batteries
Driving Safety
Friday 17th April 2020
There has been a level of uncertainty when it comes to the best course of action to keep your car running as usual following the coronavirus lockdown being lifted. Leaving a car unused can lead to a flat battery, but starting your car occasionally isn’t likely to help this problem. So, what should we do so that our cars are in good condition when we return to normal life and need to make our usual journeys?
Coronavirus causes the largest drop in fuel prices in 12 years
Wednesday 15th April 2020
The fuel price drop over the last month has been enormous and there is still scope for forecourts to come down even further, if retailers pass on the savings they are making to drivers.
Land Rover loans 160 vehicles to emergency response units globally to support COVID-19 fight
Driving Safety
Tuesday 14th April 2020
Any form of support is beneficial for everyone when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, and we can see support being provided in many ways from a lot of companies. One company that has taken action to provide some help is Land Rover, who have provided vehicles to be used by the Red Cross to help emergency teams reach people living in isolated communities.
MOT exemptions allow critical workers to continue with essential travel
Driving Safety
Friday 10th April 2020
From 30th March, owners of cars, motorcycles and vans will be granted a six-month exemption from MOT testing. The move aims to help NHS staff and critical workers to get to work and keep the capital functioning.