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New cars sold from December must be fitted with a DAB radio
Driving Laws
Monday 31st August 2020
Any new car that’s sold from December 2020 must be fitted with a DAB radio. Currently, only 5% of all new cars don’t have DAB, so this is only a slight change but should be considered a significant milestone in UK radio updates.
Favourite car colour in Britain revealed
Car Insurance
Friday 28th August 2020
What colour are the cars on UK roads? The data showing the colours of every car registered for road use in Britain as of March 2020 has been revealed.
One of Britain’s worst drivers is still on the road despite clocking up 68 points on their licence
Driving Laws
Wednesday 26th August 2020
Although motorists are usually banned from driving after collecting twelve penalty points within three years, many plead ‘exceptional hardship’ to allow them to continue driving.
Warning issued for motorists with poorly positioned sat-navs
Driving Safety
Monday 24th August 2020
How you position your sat-nav on the windscreen can have a significant impact in visibility, research shows. A sat-nav may seem like a minor obstruction, but it has the potential to be dangerous depending on where you sit and the distance you are from it.
New drivers are starting to learn to drive with their parents following lockdown ease
Driving Safety
Friday 21st August 2020
Research has found that many new drivers are opting to learn with another family member, this trend perhaps in part fuelled by a long backlog of students wanting to learn to drive with an instructor.
Motorists are being urged to prioritise their safety on motorways this summer
Driving Safety
Wednesday 19th August 2020
Motorists are being urged to stay safe on motorways this summer as they head off to staycations.
Drivers overpaid for fuel in the weeks after lockdown began in March
Monday 17th August 2020
There are no rules surrounding the mark-up that retailers can set when selling fuel, but it appears that in March retailers chose to raise profit margins rather than setting a fair price.
Prime Minister asks drivers to be respectful and courteous towards cyclists
Friday 14th August 2020
Department for Transport figures show there has been a surge in cycling following the coronavirus outbreak. Due to this, Boris Johnson announced that he would like more work done to get motorists to be more respectful as we all share the roads.
Deaths among older people on Britain’s roads up by 8%
Driving Safety
Wednesday 12th August 2020
Provisional figures from the Department for Transport (DfT) have shown that the number of older people who died while driving last year increased by 15%, while those who lost their lives as passengers climbed by a worryingly high 24%.