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Parents warned they are playing 'Russian roulette' with their children's lives after investigation finds just one in seven car seats are fitted properly
Wednesday 14th June 2017

Are you confident that you’re fitting your child’s car seat properly? Well, perhaps you might want to check it again as The Daily Mail Reports that 6 of 7 car seats are fitted poorly!

Ray Massey, The Daily Mail, reports:

7 steps to take when you are a victim of road rage
Wednesday 7th June 2017

Unfortunately, rage road remains a problem on British roads.  Whilst being on the receiving end is intimidating and no doubt infuriating, it’s important to be able to take it down a gear and take the higher road.

Lucy Taylor, MSN news, reports:

Paramedics warn cycle lanes are putting lives at risk by stopping traffic from moving out of the way of ambulances
Tuesday 30th May 2017

Our emergency services work hard to keep us safe, and quite often with ambulances, time is critical in saving lives. So, what if our roads changed to make it more difficult to let ambulances past? People fear that designated, curbed off cycle paths may be doing just this.

New study claims UK drivers have millions of accidents because they take their eyes off the road every nine seconds!
Wednesday 17th May 2017

Getting distracted is part of being human, but when you’re behind the wheel it’s hugely important to remain vigilant for the safety of both yourself and other road users.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

'I didn't see you.'

Driverless cars could cause accidents because they will enable motorists to sleep at the wheel
Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Does ‘driving’ a driverless car really mean you can take your eyes off the road, or will passengers still need to keep an eye out for potential hazards? In which case, what’s the point of a driverless car in the first place?

Steven Swinford, The Telegraph, reports:

Motorist stopped for eating cereal at the wheel during police crackdown
Friday 10th February 2017

Driving whilst using a mobile phone is illegal, it’s a major cause of distraction and this makes it dangerous to both yourself and other road users. Recently, a man has taken this to a whole other level, by eating his breakfast cereal at the wheel!

RAC news reports:

The AA have launched a short film that demonstrates the dangers of texting at the wheel
Wednesday 7th December 2016

The AA has released a short film to highlight the dangers of texting and driving. At over 11 minutes long it’s a longer than normal campaign, but certainly powerful.

Drivers who kill whilst on mobile phones will face life sentences
Monday 5th December 2016

The punishment for using your mobile phone whilst driving is set to dramatically increase if it causes an accident resulting in death.

Drink-drivers are to be taught the dangers of drug-driving.
Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Just when you think drink-driving is of the most dangerous activities you can do behind the wheel; we’re introduced to the growing problem of drug-driving. Research has shown those convicted of drink-driving are more likely to risk drug-driving, prompting a new scheme to try and tackle it.

Lexus operated by Google - BeWiser
Friday 3rd July 2015

Two self-driving cars from different companies have been involved in a close call on the roads of California, US. This raises the question of their safety, practicality and ability to self-correct if necessary.

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